I tried Mr. Beast Burger

Yesterday, Mr. Beast uploaded a video on YouTube titled “I opened a restaurant that pays you to eat at it.” At the end of the video, he announced that he opened 300 restaurants across the United States so everyone can try Mr. Beast Burger. Of course, all the other restaurants didn’t pay you to eat at it—in fact, you actually had to pay quite a bit to buy the food, which I’ll cover later—but I still ordered some anyway so I can say I was a part of Mr. Beast’s restaurant launch.

The Las Vegas location was at 412 East Flamingo Road, which is the address of the Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. That explains how Mr. Beast was able to open so many restaurant locations all at once (and is probably the only possibly way he could’ve realistically done something like this in the first place)—he partnered up with existing restaurants and used their kitchens to make the food. Naturally, this meant that Mr. Beast Burger is take-out only, so it was only available for order on delivery apps.

To place my order, I opened up Postmates and searched for Mr. Beast Burger. I ordered a combo plus an extra entrée, and my total came out to:

Beast-Style Triple Burger Combo w/ Seasoned Fries & Canned Diet Pepsi $ 13.49
Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich $  6.99
Sales tax $  1.72
Postmates service fee $  4.11
Delivery fee $  2.99
Delivery driver tip $  5.00
Total $ 34.30

Before I even get to the food, ordering this on Postmates made me realize/remember how absolutely ridiculous delivery apps are. Having to pay $2.99 to get your food delivered from less than 3 miles away is still palatable, but after you realize that the delivery app charges a 20% “service fee” and you have to tip your driver because Postmates doesn’t pay them enough, the “true” delivery fee ends up being $12.10, which is insane.

Why did I tip my delivery driver $5, which is 24.4% of the order total and considered fairly high? Well, apparently Mr. Beast Burger was backed up with so many orders, and the app didn’t account for the actual food prep time of the over-capacity restaurant, that Postmates made my delivery driver go to the restaurant way too early, and she had to wait literally 50 minutes before my food was ready.

I put in my order around noon, and Postmates’ “latest arrival time” estimate was 12:40 PM (meaning, if everything possible goes wrong, I can still expect my food by 12:40 PM)… and my driver showed up past 1:20 PM. Luckily for her, she was able to pick up two other orders in addition to mine from the same restaurant and perform a chain delivery, but still, it’s disappointing that the communication between the restaurant and the app was so bad that she was waiting for 50 minutes.

As for the food… it was passable.

Mr. Beast Burger

It tasted exactly like extremely generic fast food. It wasn’t bad, but there wasn’t anything special about it either.

It’s definitely not better than McDonald’s or In-N-Out, but if I’m feeling fast food but want something different than usual, I would definitely get it again… if there’s ever an option for me to order and pick up myself without having to pay an extra $12.10 in excess costs.




I’m basically a legendary sushi chef now

Back in 2017, I tried making homemade sushi, but it didn’t turn out too well—my California roll looked more like a California taco with a developmental disorder, and my salmon nigiri looked like mounds of shredded fish sitting atop globs of rice.

Well, I have fantastic news. In the past three years, I have improved substantially, especially in the design of “exotic” sushi. … More on that later.

Anyway, while the rice was being made, I got to work cutting the fish. It was a bit difficult because I went over to a friend’s place for this sushi adventure and all of their knives were very dull, but I managed to get some clean slices after putting in some good effort.



At first, we kept it simple with just some tuna and salmon nigiri. We forgot to buy wasabi, so we used teriyaki sauce instead, which was actually sur­pris­ing­ly good.


… Then my friends wanted to get a bit more adventurous.


Yes, that is indeed a corn dog sushi roll.




… And that is a sushi roll containing Pocky biscuit sticks, wafer cookies, and some other cookies, topped with more Pocky and some taro powder.


After we were done making sushi, we taped the butcher knife to the PlayStation controller so we wouldn’t lose the controller in the couch.




How to eat a week’s worth of sugar in one sitting

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older and my metabolism is slowing down, or if the people I spend time with while I travel just eat way too much, but every time I travel, I come back home with a small belly bulge that takes a few additional days of reduced calorie consumption to go away. I’m usually pretty conservative and controlled in my eating when I’m at home, but while I’m traveling, I’m usually at the mercy of those around me, as I generally just join in for meals when they want to eat.

Another significant aspect of why I stay healthy is because I stopped eating sugary products a while back. As I got older and did a bit more research, I learned that it’s not fat that makes you fat, but sugar, and the reason fat was demonized was because the sugar industry paid off a lot of scientists back when initial research study results were being published. Unfortunately, that sort of goes out the window when I’m traveling as well, and I ended up getting way too much dessert.

Jordan wanted to get some ice cream last night. I ended up with this massive thing.

Ice cream

Something I like to do when I go to new restaurants is to try their iconic or signature items. This is usually a good idea because, not only is it more likely to be popular so the food item has a higher chance of being fresh, but it also lets me try different foods made by people who consider it to be their specialty. For lunch today, Jordan and I went to a Cajun restaurant that served alligator. Not having tried alligator before (at least, not that I recall), I decided to order alligator.

Fried alligator strips with potatoes

Close-up of fried alligator strips

When I cook meat, I usually add only salt and pepper, as I personally like the taste of the actual meat and don’t want to overwhelm it with strong or excessive seasoning. Unfortunately, this Cajun restaurant didn’t share my values, and instead of giving me normal alligator, they cooked it in sort of a cross between chicken strips and fish and chips style. It was next to impossible to actually recognize what the alligator itself tasted like because the fried breading was way too overpowering, and the inside just looked like any generic white meat.

With that being said, from what I could tell, alligator had a chewy, fishy taste to it. Once I get the chance, I’ll likely go seek out some alligator prepared like a steak, so I can get a good conceptualization of what the meat itself actually tastes like.




My first whole lobster experience

📍 Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, CA

First time eating whole lobster

Usually, when I have lobster at a restaurant, it’s prepared in one way or another – the meat is either extracted from the lobster and added as an in­gre­di­ent to a dish, or at the very least, it’s cut open and easy to access. Apparently, this buffet I went to with my aunt and uncle at the Pechanga Resort and Casino… just gives it to you. Whole.

… I ate 4 of these lol




Literally Fritos

These are probably the worst photos I’ve taken in a really long time, but I found this to be so hilarious that I had to share it anyway…

One of our managers at Tempo Storm flew into Las Vegas from Los Angeles for a PUBG tournament coming up on the Strip. Before the games started, I met up with him and took him to get dinner at a location of his choice. He ended up picking a place called “Paid in Full,” which I still at this point don’t know what kind of restaurant it actually is. The menu and food options were strange, and I don’t even know what I ate (though I do have an out-of-focus photo of it):


Our manager ordered something that had “Fritos” in the name, so I assumed that it would be a dish that is flavored like corn chips or nachos – something similar to Fritos. I was only partially right, because the dish literally contained Fritos by Frito-Lay.

Below the food, though, I noticed something silver and shiny. I was curious as to what it was… then I realized…


Yes, that is actually a BAG OF FRITOS.