More Pumpkin

(If you’re confused, refer to my previous blog post where I explain how I am now a cat dad but this definitely isn’t a cat blog. … yet)

Pumpkin the Highland Fold

This is Pumpkin the guard cat. He discovered that my safe might not be secure enough, so he laid on top of it to provide an extra layer of protection to its contents.

Pumpkin the Highland Fold

Pumpkin the Highland Fold

Pumpkin discovered the shower curtain and seemed incredibly impressed, partially because apparently the outside ruffled portion of the shower curtain was incredibly soft, and partially because he found out that he can walk between the curtain and the vinyl protective sheet and enter a seemingly new dimension of existence.

Pumpkin the Highland Fold

Knock knock … ah yes henlo, how may I help you?

Pumpkin the Highland Fold

In this following photograph, I present something that I found on my kitchen countertop. I am unable to determine whether it is a pumpkin or a loaf of bread. … Or both?

Pumpkin the Highland Fold

In my previous blog post where I already posted a handful of Pumpkin photos, I explained how I ended up with Pumpkin already—his owner is going to be my new roommate, and she dropped him off early to avoid having to juggle three cats at once when she makes the final move. Of course, Pumpkin misses his owner, so I pulled her pajama pants out of the laundry hamper and laid it out for him on his favorite sleeping spot (on top of my gym bag back in a dark corner of the closet), and he seems very happy.

Pumpkin the Highland Fold

That is, very happy until I wake him up.

Pumpkin the Highland Fold




I am now a cat dad

I’m moving again.

I moved to my current condo in March 2019 and vowed to actually stay long-term. Since leaving my hometown of the Chicagoland suburbs in late 2016, I’ve been constantly on the move, clocking in at seven relocations over the span of two and a half years.

I ended up staying at my current high-rise condominium for a bit over a year and eight months. Since leaving Illinois, that’s the longest I’ve spent in a single location. I originally planned on staying longer, but an opportunity came up that I didn’t want to pass on, so now I’m moving again.

Yes, of course I am staying in Las Vegas. I’m not moving too far away—I’m moving into a different high-rise condominium in a different area of the Strip with comparable luxurious amenities and a comparable high-floor view.

So why move then, if it’s basically going to be the same? Well, I’m moving from a studio to a two-bedroom unit with a roommate. And my roommate has three cats.

If you follow my blog religiously, you may remember that I went to visit New York City back in July and posted some cat photos of three different cats: Mochi the Scottish Fold, Pudding the Persian, and Pumpkin the Highland Fold. Well, as you may have guessed by now, the owner of those three cats is my new roommate, and she is moving in with me from New York City to Las Vegas.

She’s obviously made a few trips to Las Vegas to visit me prior to committing to the move. During her most recent trip, she brought Pumpkin with her and moved him into Las Vegas early so she wouldn’t have to juggle three cats at once when she makes the final move. So, not only am I going to be a cat dad to three cats in the near future, but I am actually already a cat dad to Pumpkin.

Pumpkin bundled in blankets

Pumpkin waging war against a lucky bamboo plant

Pumpkin laying down in the corner of the kitchen countertop

Pumpkin laying on top of my gun safe

Pumpkin looking at himself in the mirror

Pumpkin waking up after a good night's rest

I’m not saying that this is a cat blog now… but this might be a cat blog now.

I also took over Pumpkin’s Instagram account, @Pumpkin_owo_, so check that out for more photos.




Hello Dallas–Fort Worth

Less than a week after a personal trip to New York City, I’m already back in the air and on the road, this time for business travel. First stop is the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

Flower Mound, TX

The second leg of my trip to my final destination will be tomorrow. Today, I stopped by Texas to meet up with my travel companion Monica, Tempo‘s mobile esports manager, and my assistant.

I got a rental vehicle for a day so I wouldn’t have to use rideshare to and from my hotel and the airport, and so I could swing by and pick up Monica on our way to the airport tomorrow morning so I wouldn’t have to burden her boyfriend into giving her a ride. Unfortunately, no RAM Rebel this time, though a RAM 1500 Laramie is close enough.

RAM 1500 Laramie

Of course, it wouldn’t be a meet-up of Tempo employees without all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue, so I took Monica and her boyfriend to Gen.

Gen Korean BBQ with Monica and her boyfriend

I swear, it was an enjoyable experience. Don’t let the look on my face deceive you.

After dinner, I stopped by their apartment to meet their two cats, Marvin and Mildred.

Marvin eating catnip

Marvin eating a treat out of Monica's hand

Mildred the cat

Marvin was exceptionally friendly, but Mildred took a little time to warm up.

After spending about half an hour petting cats, I drove off into the sunset back to my hotel in Flower Mound.

Dallas–Fort Worth sunset

The next several days are going to be interesting. I’m hoping that doesn’t end up being an understatement.