I just finished moving for the 7th time in the past 2.5 years

View from a high-rise condo on the Las Vegas Strip

  1. 2016-11: Hometown in Chicagoland suburbs → Tempo Storm’s 1st SoCal team house, to start my full-time esports journey
  2. 2016-12: → Tempo’s 2nd SoCal team house (I was setting up these team houses while I was living in them)
  3. 2017-01: → apartment in SoCal, because the team houses were full with players
  4. 2018-01: → back to Tempo’s 2nd SoCal team house, after the conclusion of my one-year apartment lease
  5. 2018-03: → penthouse at The Mercer Las Vegas, because I wanted to live in Las Vegas
  6. 2018-08: → Tempo’s Las Vegas team house, because H1PL Split 2 was postponed and the players moved out
  7. 2019-03: → high-rise condominium complex on the Las Vegas Strip, after the conclusion of the team house lease

I’m hoping I’ll be able to stay at my new location for more than just a short duration, because the view out of my unit is pretty amazing. My unit itself is extremely efficient and fits what I need perfectly.

Yes, I realize that if you’re familiar with Las Vegas, I’ve essentially given away exactly where I live, because there’s literally only one building that could possibly have that exact view from the photograph. But, considering just how many units are packed into this building, even if you already know that I live on an upper floor, you’re still looking at a number of possibilities that almost rivals the size of an average American subdivision… so I’m not too concerned.

Right around two months ago, I posted a blog post titled “My desire to live in a high-rise condo has been rekindled,” after my co-worker Jordan King and I went to visit our lawyer’s office in a high-rise building in Los Angeles.

Well, if you know me, you know that there aren’t many things that I want, but when I really want something, I get it. So that’s how I ended up here, and I’m glad I did.