Hello again, Bullet and Kaya

As part of my week-long visit to the Seattle Metropolitan Area, I had another chance to petsit for my friend and co-worker Erin.

I first met her dogs in September 2021, then petsat a few times since then; I posted more photos of them back in July 2022 and August 2022. I hadn’t seen them in over four months, but I was happy to be reunited and take care of them again while Erin and her husband were out traveling.

Bullet is usually the one who likes to be in front of the camera, while Kaya is generally more shy, but this time around, Kaya was particularly photogenic.

I had to capture this last photo with my phone instead of my camera so I wouldn’t miss the moment, which is why it’s a bit lower in quality; on the day that Erin was returning from her trip, the dogs somehow sensed her impending arrival and perched up by the window waiting for her to come back.