Hello SoCal

With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Southern California, as well as my recent move taking up a lot of my attention, I haven’t been traveling any­where since mid-November. With an over-two-month-long break, I was getting eager to go somewhere again, so I decided to take a quick trip to South­ern California to check out how Tempo was doing in-person.

Pumpkin decided to help me pack. And by “help me pack,” I obviously mean “lay in my suitcase to stop me from packing.”

Pumpkin the Highland Fold inside luggage

For this trip, I decided to fly instead of drive because the weather hasn’t been too great. It snowed in the outskirts of the Las Vegas Valley, there was trace amounts of snow in central Las Vegas, and there was a ton of snowfall in Mountain Pass, an area with an elevation of nearly a mile above sea level, which you need to travel through in order to get from Las Vegas to SoCal.

I was born in the Chicagoland suburbs and spent over two decades of my life in the Midwest, so I’m personally not too concerned about snow driving, but what I am concerned about are the other people driving in the southwest desert who aren’t used to inclement weather. No matter how safe and skilled of a driver you are, there’s very little you can do to protect yourself from the incompetence of others. I decided the risk wasn’t worth it, so I booked a flight for this trip.

McCarran International Airport

Flying out of Las Vegas

Clouds from a plane

Apparently Terminals 2 and 3 are undergoing massive construction at the Los Angeles International Airport as Delta carries out a $1.9 billion rebuild and renovation. They’re calling it the “Sky Way,” which apparently is going to connect the two terminals for easier access, and also link directly to the Tom Bradley International Terminal. This is great news for me, seeing as my airline of choice is Delta, and I’ll be flying into LAX far more often (as opposed to BUR) now that Tempo moved team houses. In the meantime, this means that not all areas of both terminals are available, so after we deplaned, we had to be shuttled to the gate.

Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 2

Travel day was yesterday. Today was show day for Hivemind, a game show that Tempo’s production division is running in partnership with Twitch Originals. It was an impressive show—a lot more intense and involved than other routine shows that we run—and it was an interesting experience to see it live.