I tried Mr. Beast Burger

Yesterday, Mr. Beast uploaded a video on YouTube titled “I opened a restaurant that pays you to eat at it.” At the end of the video, he announced that he opened 300 restaurants across the United States so everyone can try Mr. Beast Burger. Of course, all the other restaurants didn’t pay you to eat at it—in fact, you actually had to pay quite a bit to buy the food, which I’ll cover later—but I still ordered some anyway so I can say I was a part of Mr. Beast’s restaurant launch.

The Las Vegas location was at 412 East Flamingo Road, which is the address of the Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. That explains how Mr. Beast was able to open so many restaurant locations all at once (and is probably the only possibly way he could’ve realistically done something like this in the first place)—he partnered up with existing restaurants and used their kitchens to make the food. Naturally, this meant that Mr. Beast Burger is take-out only, so it was only available for order on delivery apps.

To place my order, I opened up Postmates and searched for Mr. Beast Burger. I ordered a combo plus an extra entrée, and my total came out to:

Beast-Style Triple Burger Combo w/ Seasoned Fries & Canned Diet Pepsi $ 13.49
Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich $  6.99
Sales tax $  1.72
Postmates service fee $  4.11
Delivery fee $  2.99
Delivery driver tip $  5.00
Total $ 34.30

Before I even get to the food, ordering this on Postmates made me realize/remember how absolutely ridiculous delivery apps are. Having to pay $2.99 to get your food delivered from less than 3 miles away is still palatable, but after you realize that the delivery app charges a 20% “service fee” and you have to tip your driver because Postmates doesn’t pay them enough, the “true” delivery fee ends up being $12.10, which is insane.

Why did I tip my delivery driver $5, which is 24.4% of the order total and considered fairly high? Well, apparently Mr. Beast Burger was backed up with so many orders, and the app didn’t account for the actual food prep time of the over-capacity restaurant, that Postmates made my delivery driver go to the restaurant way too early, and she had to wait literally 50 minutes before my food was ready.

I put in my order around noon, and Postmates’ “latest arrival time” estimate was 12:40 PM (meaning, if everything possible goes wrong, I can still expect my food by 12:40 PM)… and my driver showed up past 1:20 PM. Luckily for her, she was able to pick up two other orders in addition to mine from the same restaurant and perform a chain delivery, but still, it’s disappointing that the communication between the restaurant and the app was so bad that she was waiting for 50 minutes.

As for the food… it was passable.

Mr. Beast Burger

It tasted exactly like extremely generic fast food. It wasn’t bad, but there wasn’t anything special about it either.

It’s definitely not better than McDonald’s or In-N-Out, but if I’m feeling fast food but want something different than usual, I would definitely get it again… if there’s ever an option for me to order and pick up myself without having to pay an extra $12.10 in excess costs.