Hello Virginia

I’m back in the air, this time headed to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area for a quick personal trip.

Flying out of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas

Lately, I’ve been sleeping fairly late—usually around 3 AM—because I’ve been going to my condo’s gym past midnight in order to exercise when nobody is around to minimize contact and avoid COVID-19 exposure. Consequently, this means that my schedule is completely broken when I have to do some­thing early in the morning. Unfortunately, today, one of the things I had to do early in the morning was catch a 6 AM flight.

I don’t work well with sleep deprivation, but I had no choice at this point, because I didn’t have enough time to reset my sleep schedule in preparation for travel. I considered staying up all night as to not miss my flight, but every time I try to stay up late, I suffer from an overwhelming wave of drow­si­ness, so I ended up taking two two-hour naps, then slept on the plane.

Once in a while, I woke up from my naps on the plane to look out the window. One of the times, we were flying over what appeared to be the Michigan area, when I saw… a massive blanket of snow covering everything. I took a photograph.

Flying over a blanket of clouds

Shortly afterwards, the snow cleared up, and the view turned into this:

Flying over the Midwest United States

Very confused as to how this section of the country had literally no snow, I looked back to the photograph that I had just taken prior to this. I then dis­covered that I was suffering from severe sleep deprivation and/or stupidity, and that it wasn’t actually a blanket of snow that we were flying over, but rather, a blanket of clouds.

This should serve as proof that you should never interrupt me while I’m sleeping, otherwise I will forget the difference between snow and clouds, among doing other incredibly brain-dead things.

Flying over Virginia

After just shy of five hours of travel time across two flights (with a layover), I finally made it to Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Virginia.

Upon landing, I hopped on the rental car shuttle and got a ride to Enterprise Rent-a-Car, my preferred car rental company. As the shuttle was turning into the rental lot, my face literally turned into the heart eyes emoji. I spotted a Ram Rebel.

I booked a mid-size crossover because I plan on touring Washington, D.C., and I imagined that it will be much more convenient to have a smaller vehicle to find street parking more easily, as opposed to having a full-size pickup truck like I usually get, which basically takes up one and a half street parking spots.

But when you see a Ram Rebel on the lot and Enterprise offers it to you, you cannot say no.

Ram 1500 Rebel

So I have a Ram Rebel now.

I already know I am going to regret this decision.