Hello Orlando

After spending a day in Dallas–Fort Worth with my assistant Monica, I headed out with her to our final destination in Florida.

Luckily, The Club DFW was open, so we were able to swing by the airport lounge to grab some food. I did a quick overview of airport lounges during the pandemic in my blog post from when I traveled to New York City, and the idea in Dallas was pretty much the same—a lot of seating areas are blocked off to force social distancing, there’s a lot of plexiglass separating employees from clients, and the buffet area was converted to a restaurant-style ordering process.

The Club at Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport

The Club DFW was also one of the more intriguing airport lounges I’ve been to. The layout was a little strange, and it felt more like it was three micro-lounges in close proximity, rather than an actual real lounge.

Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport

Upon boarding our flight, I discovered that Monica is actually 80 years old when she whipped out her knitting kit and started knitting a scarf for one of her players while on the flight.

Monica knitting on a flight

I opted to do things that were more fitting for our age, like use the in-flight wifi and take pictures out the window.

Flying out of Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport

After just shy of three hours, we made it to our destination, Orlando, Florida.

It was an intriguing sight flying into Florida, because I had never seen so much swampland in my life. Seeing as I call Las Vegas home, and flying into the Las Vegas Valley involves flying over endless barren desert, it was weird looking out the window and seeing so many shades of green and blue.

Flying into Orlando International Airport

Unfortunately, because I’m here for a sensitive human resources matter, I can’t really provide many details on what’s going on. But, in my free time, I tried to do some sightseeing.

If you’ve taken a look at the news lately, you may have heard that Florida is one of the hotspots of the spread of COVID-19. Being here first-hand, I can definitely see why that is. For some reason, Floridians are almost acting as if there isn’t really a global pandemic.

I decided to check out Lake Minneola, which is out in the Orlando suburbs and somewhat near where my lodging is. It actually looked surprisingly similar to Illinois, where I grew up, and Wisconsin, where I went to university.

I saw about 40 people, only two of which were wearing face coverings, both of whom had their masks on their chins, so I opted to just look at things from inside the rental car, and then just flee.

Lake Minneola

Lake Minneola

Florida is wild.