Some thoughts

I always say that the best part of traveling is coming back home. Throughout all my trips, I’m always looking forward to my return flight… being able to shower again in my own bathroom… getting a good night’s sleep on my own bed.

But what if the problem lies not in the travel itself, but the types of trips I take, and the places I go?

What if, sometimes, just maybe, the best part of traveling isn’t coming back home, but rather, the experiences you have and the memories you make?

Last week went by too fast.


If you really think about it, the scope of the world is a bit intimidating.

Think about how complex you are. Think about the relationships you have, the role you play in your community, and even just the fact that you are com­plex enough to think about this very concept.

There are nearly eight billion people on Earth. Nearly eight billion organisms that are just like you, have their own intricate set of thoughts, and have their own life stories.

I think one of the most dangerous things you can do in life is to focus too hard on your own world. When I was younger, my parents regularly told me a Korean proverb about a frog in a well. To the frog in the well, the sky is nothing close to a formidable opponent. But once the frog exits the well, it’s in for an astronomic surprise. Literally.

Once in a while, something comes up that keeps my perspective in check. Sometimes, it’s just a gentle nudge, while other times, it’s a blazing inferno.

Beginning tomorrow, and over the next several days, I’m going to try and put out a blazing inferno.


On a lighter note, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


This upcoming trip that I’m leaving for tomorrow is definitely going to be one of those trips where the best part of traveling is going to be coming back home.

I’ll see you next week, Las Vegas.