My aunt and uncle tried to visit me in Las Vegas yesterday

My aunt and uncle—the ones who live in Southern California and own a farm up in the mountains—tried to visit me in Las Vegas yesterday. They hopped on Interstate 15 to drive north towards Las Vegas, but after a few hours, they called me and said that they had to turn around and go back home because of traffic.

A bit confused, I looked at Google Maps and saw deep, dark red blanketing the traffic map of Cajon Pass and Mountain Pass. Even more confused, I searched on Google News for those areas… to discover that they were apparently completely blanketed in snow, and cars weren’t managing to make it through.


The snowstorm was obviously unexpected, because the only snow that I could see out my window was the snow far up in the mountains. But Cajon Pass and Mountain Pass are 3,776 and 4,728 feet in elevation, respectively, so it’s quite a bit higher than the Las Vegas Valley, and thus a whole lot more prone to snowstorms.

I watched a story post of someone I’m following on Instagram who was also making the drive from Southern California back to Las Vegas; she stuck through the drive, and apparently, she left SoCal at around 3 PM and arrived back in Las Vegas at 1 AM the following day.

… That sounds terrifying.