The only two photos from our road trip back from Minneapolis to Lincoln

Last week, I spent some time looking back to some of my tweets from 2011-2014 and realizing how nostalgic and interesting it was to relive my past, even if it was less than a decade ago. Because of this, I promised myself that I would create more content—both on social media and on my blog—so I can look back in the future and see what I did at any particular point in my life.

Unfortunately, the road trip back from Minneapolis to Lincoln yesterday wasn’t very eventful, and as a result, I forgot to take many photos. But, in the same spirit I had last week about my old tweets, I still wanted to post to maintain continuity in my life timeline for when I inevitably look back at my younger self.

One of the two photos I have isn’t even taken by me—it was taken by Monica Wang, an esports manager from Tempo Storm who was road tripping with us and sitting in the back seat. As you can probably tell, I’m extremely bored, and Jordan King is knocked out and asleep.

Driving from Minneapolis to Lincoln

When I finally did remember to take photos was when we were at one of our final stops before making it back to Lincoln. We stopped at the Flying J Travel Center in Avoca, Iowa, a random place between Des Moines and Omaha. It was actually a pretty nice travel center—it had a bunch of food places, and it sort of reminded me of the Grewal Business Center in Baker, CA, which I visit often whenever I drive back and forth between SoCal and Las Vegas.

Stopping by Wings America