The best part of traveling is coming back home

American Airlines - Preparing for departure

Bird's eye view of Chicago after departing O'Hare

Because I had a nighttime flight, there was no meal offered, but I was still given the option of a snack. I opted for the Korean barbecue beef wrap, then discovered that American Airlines has absolutely no idea what Korean barbecue actually tastes like, and proceeded to eat a substance that resembled cold salami.

American Airlines' "Korean barbecue" wrap

I have this thing where, if I know someone is flying over Las Vegas, I will make them wave at me from their plane (or, if I’m flying over a city where someone I know lives, I will wave at them too). Not too long ago, I visited Jordan King in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I noticed that I would be flying in that area on my way back to Las Vegas from Chicago.

Pointing to Lincoln, NE on the flight map

Unfortunately, that flight trajectory wasn’t perfect, and I didn’t fly directly over Lincoln, but we got pretty close to Omaha, the biggest city in the surrounding area.

A southward-facing bird's eye view of Omaha, NE from a plane

(Almost) hello, Jordan