PUBG Pan-Continental 2018

I’m not a huge fan of conventions or events, but our PUBG team came to Las Vegas to compete in the PUBG Pan-Continental, so I figured this would be a good opportunity for me to go out and capture some photos of them during the event.

The event took place at the PokerGO Studio, which is right by the Aria in CityCenter. However, just because I’m a Las Vegas resident now doesn’t mean I know exactly where everything is – especially on the Strip, because I live and always linger around the suburbs. I proceeded to roam around getting lost for a good half hour (nearly accidentally taking the tram to an entirely different area of the Strip) before finally making it to the studio.

This tournament was a multi-day event, and the manager (the one who ate the Fritos a few days ago) let me know that the studio wasn’t really that crowded. Keeping that in consideration, I showed up today… and realized the place was completely packed. After asking the manager why he baited me, he said that today was the final day, which is probably why more people showed up.

I began snapping photos of the venue and our players, and I eventually had to leave the competition area when the games started. The studio was literally so packed that I didn’t even have a place to sit, and I was actually considering leaving early… which I’m glad I did not, because Tempo Storm ended up winning the whole thing.






Full photo album: