Hello, First Original McDonald’s Museum in San Bernardino, California

I’m a fan of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, so I’m making another trip there to explore some more stuff that I didn’t have an opportunity to check out during my previous two visits. On my way there, I decided to take a rest stop in San Bernardino, California to check out the First Original McDonald’s Museum.

This museum is built on the site of the very first McDonald’s. Apparently, the land was bought out by the owner of Juan Pollo and now acts as an un­official hub for preserving the history of McDonald’s. It’s become a meme among my friends about how much I like McDonald’s, so I figured this would be a good spot to tour.

I ate a lot of McDonald’s as a kid, so this was pretty nostalgic. I didn’t really recognize many of the older Happy Meal toys, but it was very fun to see some of the older wrappers and packaging that I remember seeing and eating out of when I was single-digit age.

And for all the car and truck enthusiasts who have been leaving comments in my past blog posts asking if I am still driving the same pickup truck, yes I am. Here it is in the overflow dirt parking lot of the museum.

Unless you’re planning on becoming a McDonald’s franchisee or something, I wouldn’t really consider this to be a must-see tourist hotspot. With that being said, if you’re already passing through the area and have eaten McDonald’s throughout your life, I think this museum is a very compelling rest stop candidate.