Hello furniture

As of a couple months ago, my friend Doug Wreden finished his move from the Seattle Metropolitan Area to Los Angeles County. In order to furnish his new place, he, Billie Rae, and I decided to go on a furniture shopping adventure.

This is my look of unsettlement when I discovered that a tragically poor-quality plastic cup set was US$60 just because it had some artist’s name print­ed on the label.

Foto graffy…

is my passion.

I’m not sure why both of us look like we were caught doing something highly suspicious.

Hello, Douglas Douglas.

Ah look, it’s Doug, Billie Rae, and Billie Rae’s cup holder.

After looking at enough furniture, we went to get some plants too. It was extremely cold.

Every photo taken after that one either had too much motion blur or was out of focus… except this one.