Hello Killdozer, Jones BBQ & Foot Massage, and Tortellini

This past weekend, I took a very quick trip to Southern California to meet up with Doug Wreden while he was in town. While we were there, we visited some of Doug’s friends, and to my joy, I got to meet their pets.

One of the people we visited was his friend Dash, better known online as Altrive. He has two cats, one named Killdozer and another named Jones BBQ & Foot Massage. Yes, I confirmed with him that those were indeed their actual, real names.

Jones BBQ & Foot Massage is apparently only a few months old, and he is a very energetic little kitten. He spent a lot of time entertaining himself by dig­ging through a paper bag lying on the kitchen floor.

As you’d probably expect from trying to take pictures of a black cat, most of the photos I took of Jones BBQ & Foot Massage were big black blobs, and a lot of them were out of focus. I did my best to edit the raw data from my camera sensor to enhance some of the details of his body, while still trying to accurately portray the light-sucking void that was his hair.

Killdozer is a very well-behaved cat who was very curious and friendly within minutes of meeting me. He was fairly active and always on the move, but after about half an hour, he finally calmed down a bit so I could take some still shots of him.

Like a majority of very young kittens, Jones BBQ & Foot Massage didn’t mind getting picked up, so I made Doug take over as the photographer and had a little pho­to shoot.

At our next stop, Doug introduced me to Eric and Abby, better known online as PointCrow and AbbyBagel. Their pet is a goldfish named Tortellini. Yes, just like the pasta.

You can literally feel the 🤌 through his piercing eyes and arching frown.