Hello, Welder Up in Las Vegas, Nevada

I know quite a bit about pickup trucks and like following pickup truck news, but I’m not much of a car fan, and I’m definitely not much of an old car fan. As someone who likes the rapid advancement of technology, I never really saw the magic in classic vehicles.

Considering that my preferences expose me to a fairly pigeon-holed breadth of vehicles, I decided that would be a great reason to go to a rat rod mu­se­um, featuring cars that are intentionally built to look old, unfinished, and worn down—something that I otherwise wouldn’t actively seek out for hob­by purposes. My museum of choice was Welder Up, which apparently also has a television show on the Discovery channel.

They definitely went all-in on the rat rod vibe. There were also a few specially-themed vehicles with incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail.

This museum was unusually light on text and descriptions. There was one placard at the beginning describing the “cancer car,” which was designed to visualize the stages of progressing through cancer. But otherwise, none of the other vehicles on display had backstories, which I found to be unfortunate, because there were some very unique and interesting cars that I would have liked to learn more about.

Admission was US$5.00, which is extremely low for a Las Vegas museum, but the ticket price was proportional to the size of the museum—it was rel­a­tive­ly small, with one warehouse area and a few additional vehicles on display outdoors. It took me a little bit over half an hour to go through every­thing, and I thought it was a nice pit stop between some of my other errands I was running in the neighborhood.