The final batch of cat photos (for now)

Last week, I wrote a blog post about how I plan on becoming a nomad for half a year to travel the country. This does indeed mean that my roommate and I will be splitting (i.e., she, and the cats, will not be coming along with me for my journey).

I generally keep my private life fiercely private, so I never actually mentioned who my roommate was in any of my blog posts. Even in scenarios where I do reveal snippets of my private life, it is usually only after the fact becomes no longer relevant, or if it becomes public knowledge at no fault of my own. My roommate situation for the past half year now qualifies under both those scenarios—I’m moving out, and my room­mate has publicly “leaked” our room­mate­ship herself on a handful of occasions (which I didn’t really mind).

My roommate for the past half year is a friend of mine named Winnie. Social media links can change, so I can’t guarantee that these will still be accurate if you’re reading this blog post years from now, but she’s @SmexyRosies on Instagram and @SmexyRosies on Twitter. She also set up Instagram accounts for the cats, @Mochi.and.Pudding and @Pumpkin_owo_.

She’s a freelance social media influencer and content creator currently exploring and working on a handful of her own personal creative projects. She’s the favorite roommate I’ve ever had so far, and still remains one of my favorite people in general.

After my nomadic journey concludes, I will likely be a designated catsitter for Pudding, Mochi, and Pumpkin, but until then, this is the final batch of cat photos that I took from my final month being their adoptive cat dad.


The cats spend a lot of time together, but rarely are they this photogenic and all facing the same direction.

All three cats laying together

While preparing for my move-out, I cleared out a lot of stuff from my side desk and bookshelf and put them into storage containers. Mochi appreciated that there was now an empty spot on top of my bookshelf and promptly climbed up to observe me working.

Mochi on top of a bookshelf

When I wake up in the morning, I head out to the living room to check on the cats. When Mochi and Pudding see me, they promptly walk towards me—they both like getting pets, and Pudding likes to headbutt my leg. Pumpkin, though… he clearly has his priorities straight. Instead of coming to me for affection, he goes straight for the smallest box in the household so he can squish himself inside and go to sleep.

Mochi and Pudding approaching me while Pumpkin goes to steal the box

I recently went to a chiropractor and he told me I need to stretch out my hip flexors so they loosen up and stop crushing my lower back. It looks like Mo­chi wanted to join in on the stretches.

Mochi stretching

I usually don’t have high-quality photos of the cats because, whenever they’re doing something photo-worthy, I don’t have my camera with me and I end up just snapping a picture with my phone. For this instance, though, Pumpkin held his pose long enough for me to go grab my camera. Here he is laying in­side a little cloth cubby box in my roommate’s closet.

Pumpkin inside a cloth box compartment

Pumpkin likes climbing into things in general. Here he is knocking over my roommate’s laundry hamper so he can lay inside (and Mochi looking at me, seemingly upset at missing out on the glory of being inside a laundry hamper).

Pumpkin in a hamper, next to Mochi

And for the final photo, I leave you with something special. Meet Tyson, Mochi and Pumpkin’s son.

Tyson, Mochi and Pumpkin's son