Another round of cat photos

The rate at which I’ve ben posting new cat photos lately has been slowing down because there’s only so many unique ways you can photograph cats in the same ~1,300 square foot condo. But, I’ve been keeping my eye out for some new photo opportunities and trying to catch them when they do in­ter­est­ing things.


Mochi, Pudding, and Pumpkin have all been “housecatted” enough that they’re not exactly nocturnal, but they’re still somewhat crepuscular. Con­sid­ering that I live in a high-rise on the Las Vegas Strip and often leave the blinds in the living room open overnight, the bright lights from the hotels and casinos shine in just enough that it maintains a “twilight” effect throughout the whole night. This obviously pleases the cats, to they like to play among them­selves while I’m sleeping.

This also means that they’ll be eating overnight, so before I go to sleep, I try to make sure they have enough food in their bowls so they won’t wake me up asking me to feed them. However, sometimes, I’m either too busy or distracted and don’t fill their food bowls up all the way before I go to bed, and sometimes my roommate also forgets. If that ever happens, I get woken up by a cat, the methodology of which differs depending on which cat decides to wake me up.

Pudding is the most timid; he sits next to my head, stares at me, and meows until I wake up. Pumpkin is mute and can only hiss, so instead, he takes a more physical approach by nibbling on my fingers until I wake up. Mochi likes to be the most destructive; she jumps on my desk and starts knocking things over and off my desk until I wake up from the ruckus.

Pudding waking me up in the morning

I think Pumpkin gets the most bored out of the three cats. Not only does he tend to be the troublemaker, but he also likes to lay in new places all the time. In previous photos, I’ve shown him using random places like the litter box, my shower, Amazon delivery boxes, and clear plastic storage boxes, among other things, as his bed.

My roommate was doing her laundry, and Pumpkin realized that there was yet again a new bed opportunity. I thought he went missing, but I eventually found him laying inside her laundry hamper.

Pumpkin making his way into the laundry hamper

Pudding likes to spend his mornings with me grooming himself. After I wake up, he likes to jump on my bed at the precise spot where the cool air from the air conditioning vent hits. He sits down like a distinguished gentleman, looks out my floor-to-ceiling windows, and licks himself clean.

Pudding being a distinguished gentleman

Mochi also likes to spend her mornings with me, but she prefers my desk instead. She lays down in front of my keyboard to make sure that she will get enough pets prior to me starting to work.

Mochi ensuring she gets pets before I start to work

Considering that the cat scratching beds are made out of cardboard, once we leave them out long enough, the cats will scratch through them and they’ll get flat, so they need to be replaced on occasion. My roommate recently bought the cats a new cardboard scratching bed. Pudding seems to like it.

Pudding laying on his new scratching bed

Here is Pumpkin taking a smol nap with a smol blep.

Pumpkin taking a nap with a smol blep

I have a desk on the side of my room where I keep my gun safe and some stuffed animals that I receive as gifts from friends and for donating to law en­force­ment charities. Pudding likes to jump on this desk and lay next to the stuffed animals.

This desk is within view of my webcam. With the pandemic happening, my executive organizational leadership courses at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas have been moved online to video conference calls. One day during class, Pudding was laying on that desk and was so still that my instructor thought he was another stuffed animal. She had quite the surprise when he got up and jumped off the desk.

Pudding pretending he is a stuffed animal