Coco gets reunited with Ed

This was my first time visiting Illinois in a year, which meant it was the first time Ed (“Grainyrice”) saw Coco in a year as well (unless he has been visiting my parents on his own without me being there and I’m not aware of it). As you’d imagine, Coco was pretty excited to see Ed again; here are some photos of their reunion:




After Coco finished being happy, Ed and I decided to go get some food. In an epitome of a first-world problem, Ed wanted to go to both Culver’s and Buffalo Wild Wings, and he couldn’t decide which one. … So we went to both.




I go to Buffalo Wild Wings on occasion in Las Vegas, as there’s one relatively close to my home. I usually only ever go on Tuesdays and Thursdays when they have the wings promotions, so instead of getting even more wings (especially because it was neither a Tuesday nor a Thursday), I decided to try something new on the menu and got nachos with vegetables and pulled pork.

I was originally under the impression that it would be close to an appetizer, but it ended up being more food than Ed had with his wings. Considering I had eaten a Culver’s hamburger shortly prior to that, I ended up bringing like 80% of it back home to-go.