Unboxing the Massdrop Jessica GMK Plum Custom Keycap Set & GMK Carbon Add-On Keycap Kit

I haven’t posted a video on my YouTube channel in an extraordinarily long time – over three years, to be exact. Back in early 2015, I actually made my final “annual Buffalo Wild Wings winter trip” vlog, but for whatever reason forgot to upload it, and still haven’t since then (I sort of feel like it’s not really that relevant of a video anymore).

One of my promotional obligations at my workplace involved me unboxing and reviewing a product from one of our sponsors, so I decided to take this opportunity to “revive” my channel by turning this into a video for my channel.

… No, my channel is not actually “revived,” because I won’t be doing this on a regular basis. But here’s the video.

As I mention in the video, the story behind this product is that I wanted Massdrop to send me one keycap with their logo on it, so if my keyboard were to ever appear in a video or a stream, it would essentially act as next-level product placement. But, instead of one keycap, Massdrop decided to send me 186 keycaps.

In the video, I unpackage the keycaps and show what they look like, investigate the double-shot plastic and explain how that ensures quality and longevity, then proceed to install the Massdrop logo keycap onto my Escape key (after filing down the sharp edges off-camera, because that matters on a bezelless keyboard).