Re: “Daily Post: A Tale of Two Cities”

If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?


It’s been almost one full year since I last responded to a Daily Post prompt.

It’s the weekend, and I feel as if I haven’t really done much today, so I decided that I wanted to write some­thing creative, and looked to the Daily Post for an idea. The Daily Post has been a project that’s been going on since 2011 (and possibly even before that), and I’m impressed that they’ve kept it going for this long.

When I first participated in the Daily Post, it was the blog-everyday challenge in 2011, which I successfully completed. It’s nice to know that the people running the Daily Post are continuing the project, and if I ever want to write but don’t have any topics, I can still look to them for help.

Today’s topic is about living in two places. Unfortunately, because I don’t really like traveling, I can’t really give a comprehensive and informed answer to this prompt. However, with the little knowledge I do have about the world, I would like to live in one cold, snowy place, and one very warm place. To make things more concrete but keep it simple, I guess we can say Chicago and Los Angeles.

My opinion about the snowy winter has changed throughout my life. For the past handful of years, I have been strongly against snow, because it only ever causes hassles for me. But, the first snowfall happened yes­terday, and there is something I appreciate about snow that I haven’t felt before – the pure white light­ing up the dark night.

First snowfall of Winter 2015 in Chicagoland

First snowfall of Winter 2015 in Chicagoland

First snowfall of Winter 2015 in Chicagoland

The reason I never really liked snowfall is probably because it always held me back from doing something. It prevented me from driving safely to another location, it prevented the bus routes from continuing on schedule and made me walk back home during university, etc.

Yes, this snowfall did prevent me from driving – I ended up spending the night at our family business in­stead of making the half-hour drive back home. But, I regularly spend the night at our business anyway to save gas, and I actually prefer it there because I get to be alone and peaceful.

With all these concerns gone, it was actually soothing watching the snow fall and pile up in our parking lot.

Once it’s time for me to move on to the other city for the remaining 50% of my day, I would head on over to the warm environment. My car with ten inches of piled snow and frozen windshields/windows wouldn’t even matter, because it would probably instantly melt as it arrived in the hot sunlight.

So, not only would these two different cities be used to counteract the hassle that the winter brings, but it also satisfies my new appreciation for seasonal diversity – being able to enjoy great weather, as well as the interesting sights brought to us by snowfall.