Re: “Daily Post: Celebrate Good Times”

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Because of my somewhat utilitarian and opportunity-based style of living, I actually don’t really celebrate much, even when I receive great news. When it happens, I generally accept it, feel happy for a bit, then move on and continue with what I was doing. If anything, my way of celebrating is to leave some time out for later so I can do some thinking and planning about how this great news will affect me.

Some people wonder how I manage to get along without having any parties or celebrations, but that’s where my opportunity-based style of living comes along. It’s not that I don’t celebrate, it’s more that I let celebrations come to me and I don’t take any extra effort to make them happen.

In terms of my own parties, I don’t have actual parties, but moments of relaxation everyday – I guess you could call them micro parties. Each evening or night, I rest, relax, do something fun, and eat some ice cream and other snacks. I’d rather do this and split up my fun among all days of the week, rather than have a huge party at the end of the week.

Yes, this also means that I also don’t have parties during times most other people do, like my birthday. Instead of meeting up with all my friends at once during a party, I’d rather meet up in smaller groups when the opportunities arise. Some people like to buy themselves gifts when it’s their birthday; I, on the other hand, buy myself “gifts” whenever I see something I need on sale.