Re: “Daily Post: Non Sequitur”

Note: for this Daily Post assignment, I decided to put the prompt at the end rather than at the top, because I feel reading the prompt before reading the post will act as a spoiler.

Jonas entered the library with a skip in his step. Earlier that day, his teacher complimented him for being a great reader, and encouraged him to keep reading. Jonas took his reacher’s advice to heart, and sprinted straight to the library after school. He wanted to get the biggest, thickest, hardest books so he could become the best reader in the world.

While scanning the shelves, he came across a 2,000-page encyclopedia. He instantly knew this was the one. Even the name of the book was beautiful: Britannica. Jonas and Britannica – it was meant to be. He brought it up to the circulation desk to check it out.

“I’m sorry, young lad, but you cannot check out reference materials.”

Jonas stood there thinking about what the lady had just said. Then it clicked. He knew what was happen­ing. He had seen it in movies before. It was a forbidden love. The love between Jonas and Britannica was forbidden.

Jonas knew exactly what to do next. The movies he’s seen taught him well. He had to run away with his true love. He had to run away with Britannica.

He carefully looked toward the exit. There was an obstacle blocking the path to freedom and true love. There was a young girl standing by the door, looking out. Jonas sized her up – only about four feet tall, not much larger than he was. He made the decision. He believed in himself. He could do it.

He dug his heels into the ground, then sprang forward. He began sprinting head-on towards the exit. The lady at the check-out desk began calling out for him, but he didn’t care. She just wanted to hold him back from his destiny.

The obstacle got closer and closer. “Britannica, we will get through this together,” Jonas whispered. He held the encyclopedia at head height and charged forward. As he approached the obstacle, the book collided with the back of her head, causing her to topple over like a bowling pin. She shrieked out in pain and confusion, but Jonas didn’t care. The noise was just another attempt at the world trying to stop him from achieving his ultimate fate.

The path was clear. As Jonas charged through the door and the book passed through the magnetic sensors, sirens started going off. “Wow, this love must be REALLY forbidden if even the police and FBI are after me,” Jonas thought to himself. He began the sprint back home. He never looked back, not even to notice that he had accidentally dropped Britannica in the parking lot on his way out.

Five minutes later, Jonas arrived back at his house.

“How was school?” his mother asked.

“It was great, my teacher made me really happy today!” Jonas replied.

“What did he do to make you so happy?” she asked.

“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”

Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph: “He tried to hit me with a forklift!”