Re: “Daily Prompt: Luxurious”

What’s one luxury you can’t live without?


A handful of days ago, I mentioned in a previous blog post that my laptop was broken. You might already think you know where this is going, but no, the lack of a laptop did not make me realize that it is a luxury I can’t live without. Instead, it helped me realized what exactly about my laptop it is that keeps me so attached to it.

A lot of people have social networking addictions, shopping addictions, or gaming addictions, but I don’t fall under any of those categories.

I rarely use Facebook, and only sign on when I get an email notification letting me know that someone sent me a message or tagged me in something. I like browsing Twitter, but I usually look only two or three times a day, and sometimes forget to tweet for several days at a time.

I like browsing for new products, but I tend to only do that when there is a new item out and I want to compare. As for the actual purchasing process, I’m really good with only buying things I feel like I really need, so I don’t go on shopping sprees where I impulsively spend hundreds of dollars over a span of a few hours.

Although I like playing games, I never really actually got that addicted to it, and feel as if I’m sort of resistant to it. On days when I have time and feel like I have nothing to do, I’m able to play games for several hours at a time, and even all day if I literally have nowhere to go. On the other hand, when I’m extremely busy or have important deadlines coming up for large projects, I can stop playing games all together for over a week at a time without hesitation.

So what exactly did I find out about my computer usage when my laptop was taken away from me due to it being broken?

How much I rely on the Internet for communication with friends.

I’m not really much of a person who enjoys meeting up with people in real life. I tend to like seeing my friends in person when the situation naturally occurs, but otherwise, I like to keep in touch online because it lets me expand my ability to converse with many more people at the same time.

Of course, I can talk through texting and can instant message on my mobile device, but I realized how much I miss my laptop when I realized I can’t keep up with talking with 10-20 people at the same time because I can’t type quickly enough on a touchscreen.

If I get frustrated with my slow typing and choose to just stop communicating, I start feeling separated from the rest of the world because my lines of communication have essentially been temporarily severed.

So, going back to the original question, what’s one luxury I can’t live without? I’m going to have to say the convenience of online communication through a laptop.