Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

After a long and eventful trip with a story that I’ll tell some other time, we arrived in Las Vegas just barely in time for our dinner with Blizzard staff and Heroes of the Storm influencers. It was served family style for the table, and came with a wide assortment of dishes.

After some hummus with tahini (which I forgot to photograph), we got some greek salid with feta, olives, tomato, cucumber, and oregano.

Greek Salad from Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

Although I personally do not drink alcohol, other people at my table did; I photographed a strawberry drink that one of my friends got.

A strawberry alcohol drink from Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

Next up was some brussel sprouts with capers, almonds, and vinaigrette.

Brussel sprouts from Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

This is where we started getting some meat, with octopus being the first in line.

Grilled octopus from Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

We got a few extra things that weren’t on the menu, so I’m not quite sure what this dish was, but it tasted like chicken with curry rice.

Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

Next was what everyone called “the long pizza,” which was actually a seasonal mushroom flatbread with gruyere, fresno chili, and wilted arugula.

Seasonal mushroom flatbread from Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

Then came my favorite dish of the night, roast lamb with Sonoma lamb, lebaneh, and Israeli couscous. For some reason, people seemed to not really like the lamb, so I ended up getting way more than my normal share. Different plates of lamb came out at different doneness levels (presumably so it could cover as many different preferences as possible); the rare lamb tasted the best, even though I usually get my meat cooked medium rare.

Roast lamb from Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

Next up was another dish that wasn’t on the menu, steak with some vegetables and miniature potatoes.

Cleo at SLS Las Vegas

Finally, for dessert, we got some sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch, walnut feuilletine, and vanilla gelato.

Sticky toffee pudding from Cleo at SLS Las Vegas