How to troll Ben Chow

Hi humans.

I was supposed to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with a few friends yesterday, one of whom is Ben Chow. You might remember Ben Chow from a few of my videos; he’s the really shy Chinese person who gets trolled a lot and has no idea how to play Tetris.

Unfortunately, I’ve been sick and I wasn’t able to go yesterday, so I texted Ben Chow letting him know. Upon his response, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to troll him again.

Parkzer: Buffalo Wild Wings trip rescheduled to Thursday, I’m deathly sick and probably won’t be better by tomorrow afternoon
Ben Chow: Okay sounds good.
Parkzer: It sounds good that I’m deathly sick? Ben Chow, my heart is broken.
Ben Chow: Lol what no’

In related news, a video from our trip will be posted sometime after I get better and we actually are able to make it to Buffalo Wild Wings.