First visible snowfall of the season

Hi humans.

Today was the first visible snowfall of the season.

By visible, I mean that you can actually see the snow piling up. It already snowed a little bit about a few weeks ago, but the snow was so light that it melted instantly upon touching the ground, and it only lasted for a few hours or so. Usually, it starts snowing significantly earlier in my area, but it’s extremely late this year.

Someone even already had the chance to doodle in the snow on a car out in the parking lot.

I’m not too big of a fan of snow, so I’m not really that excited. I have faint memories of playing in the snow when I was little, but even then, it was more of a hassle because I would be forced to put on my snow pants and winter coat and gloves and boots and hat just to go outside for recess, and that process would take about 15 minutes. By the time we got outside, we would only have about five minutes to play before we had to come back inside and take everything off again.

The only recent recollections I have with regards to snow are mostly frustrating, including trying to fix the snow blower so I don’t have to hand-shovel a foot’s worth of snow off the drive way, and having to walk back home in a blizzard from my office a few years ago because the buses stopped running due to severe weather.

I don’t want to end this on a morbid note, so I guess that I’m slightly okay with the fact that it’s snowing now.

But only a little.