The best air travel experience I’ve ever had

Because I’ve always flown in and out of huge airports that are primary hubs for big commercial airlines, my flight experiences have historically always been on the cramped side. A majority of the flights I’ve taken have been full and oversold flights; it wasn’t a rare occurrence for me to see long standby lists and gate attendants asking for volunteers to accept airline credit in exchange for being bumped to the next available flight.

With that being said, I’m sure you realize how surprised I was when I heard over the PA system that boarding was complete, but when I looked to my right, this is what I saw:

The most comfortable travel experience I've ever had

I was already pretty ecstatic that I was on my flight back home to Las Vegas after visiting Illinois, but this made the already-great experience even better. Being an extreme introvert, I don’t really like being around people, so the fact that literally nobody was around me for the entire flight made it a whole lot more comfortable.