I thought I was a meat enthusiast…

… but after going to this restaurant and seeing so many different kinds of meat that all look the same, I’m not too sure about that anymore.

These all look the same (except for the prime rib eye, of course)

Except for the prime rib eye, of course. That one definitely looks different.

My aunt and uncle came to visit Las Vegas from Southern California for the first time since I moved here, and during their visit, we went to a Korean restaurant in southwest Las Vegas. It was similar to an all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue restaurant, except it wasn’t actually all-you-can-eat, and the quality of meats they had was far better.

When at home, I go shopping for the best-quality meats available at the grocery store and cook them myself, so I would say that I’m a bit more of a meat enthusiast than the average person. I can generally tell the difference between different cuts of meat, and can alter the way I prepare different meats to produce different kinds of tastes from them.

At this restaurant, they brought out a trail of different kinds of meat, all labeled with different tags. Unfortunately, this experience has made me realize that maybe I’m not really that much of a meat enthusiast when it comes to top-end meats, as to me, all of them ended up tasting like the same “tender and well-marbled meat.”