Mango got his first haircut

An interesting thing about Yorkshire terriers is their changing hair color. Baby Yorkshire terriers are generally mostly black, but as they age, their hair turns more silver and tan. This usually happens as they get closer to adulthood, but for Mango, it seems to be happening a lot earlier.

Mango taking a nap after his first haircut

You can’t really tell the difference from that photo, because he still looks pretty black – this was taken after his haircut and bath, which clearly exhausted him. The color change most likely isn’t noticeable because he’s curled up in a ball, and the lighting in the bedroom wasn’t really that great.

But, if you take a look at this “before and after” comparison photo that Karen posted:

Yes, that is still the same dog. I actually like him a lot better like this – he actually looks like an alert and intelligent puppy now, rather than a shaggy old man.