Comments have returned … for now

Hi humans.

As of a few days ago, the commenting system has returned to my website.

I initially took out my commenting system a few years ago because it was more of a hassle to me to monitor them. My audience has historically not been very conversational or discussion-oriented (either that, or everything I’ve ever written is usually not conducive to provoking discussion), and a majority of my comments have either been spam, or comments letting me know I have a typo or misspelled a word.

However, I’ve decided to bring back commenting for now to test out a new feature provided by Disqus called Discovery. Basically, I rent Disqus some space on my website and it will place some related and promoted links near where the comments are. If someone finds any of these pages as interesting and clicks on the links, I get paid advertising revenue.

I have yet to see the Discovery feature actually working on my website, but I’m assuming that, just like most other advertising campaigns, it needs a bit of time to search for relevant keywords on my page and index my website into a directory where it can form associations with relevant websites.

Also, if I do end up being able to encourage my readers to be more inclined to have discussions, that will overall raise the popularity of my website, so I figured that it could potentially be a win-win sit­uation in the future.

Again, everything is still in testing phase, and I might scrap the idea in the near future, but just men­tioning that it’s available for now.