The “I Voted” stickers in Las Vegas are fancy

I’ve never really been an active voter because I move around so much. Since turning 18 and being eligible to vote, I voted once, as the other elections happened to fall during times when I was out-of-state and never requested an absentee ballot (e.g., when I was in Madison, Wisconsin for my under­grad­u­ate studies), or when I was in California and never registered to vote again because I didn’t know how long I would be staying there.

But, since voluntarily moving to Las Vegas and picking this city as my preferred permanent residence of choice, I decided to register again when switching over my driver’s license to Nevada. Now, when I vote, I generally lean towards the Democratic Party, though I’m more of a case-by-case-basis voter. As a result, when registering, I marked myself as “non-partisan” to remain neutral.

That was a catastrophic mistake.

Since registering, I received pretty much non-stop political spam from the Democratic Party of Nevada trying to convince me to vote in their favor (because, according to my registration, they assumed I wouldn’t be voting with them already, and wanted to “convert” me into a Democrat). Leading up to the election, my mailbox literally became a receptacle for garbage. And of course, when I originally registered to vote at the DMV, they never took the initiative to give me a form I could fill out to withhold my information from these campaigners, so the paper just kept flooding in.

This ended up becoming so annoying that, at one point, I literally considered unregistering to vote, but I realized that would be a very un-American solution to the problem, so I decided to just deal with it for this election season, then fill out that privacy form later.

Today, I went to my local polling place and cast my ballot. When I voted in Illinois (and when I see other people showing their “I Voted” stickers on social media), the sticker I received was a small round one with an American flag that says “I Voted.” Apparently, Las Vegas doesn’t mess around when it comes to voting, and they gave me this monster sticker instead:

The "I Voted" stickers in Las Vegas are fancy