What I’m Looking Forward To

Hi humans.


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Topic #13: What are you looking forward to this year?

There actually isn’t anything particular that I’m looking forward to – 2011 seems like it’s going to be just a normal year. Everything big in my life either already happened in 2010 (like my admission to college and completing my first semester), and the closest big upcoming event that I’m looking forward to is in 2012 (to see if the world will end or not).

I guess there’s still small things that might happen in 2011 that I’m looking forward to, such as con­tinuing college and planning for what I’m going to do in the future, but those don’t seem like interesting-enough events to talk about in a blog post.

As for my website, I’m looking forward to watching it grow (but then again, I’m eager every day to see how much it has grown). Choosing to blog every day and using the Daily Post when I’m out of ideas will help my website grow significantly based on the amount of content. As for other content such as articles and other pages, I plan on creating more content on my own rather than consuming random other people’s content. I realized that I waste too much time reading other people’s pointless and meaningless stuff and keep going back to it. I decided that instead of reading everything sent to me, I’ll be more selective in what I read, and spend the leftover time to create stuff of my own.


So Far in 2011…

Number of Taco Bell tacos eaten: 0

Number of times I did my own laundry: 0