Halfway to Golden Hero Warlock

I hit 250 ranked wins today on Warlock, which brings me at the 50% mark towards earning a golden hero.

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Warlock will be, without a doubt, my first golden hero; I think the second closest class I have is Mage, and I only have about 80 ranked wins with her.



Graphical glitch with Sylvanas in Hearthstone

Ran across a graphical glitch today while playing my Demons and Deathrattles Warlock deck against a Warrior.

I had two minions on the field, a 6/7 Void Terror and a 5/7 Doomguard. The Warrior suicided his Sylvanas Windrunner into my Void Terror, bringing it down to 2 health. The deathrattle on Syl­va­nas triggered, stealing my Doomguard.

The mind control effect worked because he was able to successfully use my Doom­guard to attack my Void Terror, killing the Void Terror and bringing the Doomguard down to 1 health. However, the Doom­guard remained on my side of the field.

The mind control effect persisted because, even though the Doomguard was on my side, I wasn’t able to control it the following turn.

So, all the mechanical aspects of the game worked out; it just happened to be one of the first noticeable graphical glitches I found in the game, so I thought it was interesting.




Gender in Victorian Britain – Discussion notes for Oct. 09, 2014

History 364-0-01: Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain; Northwestern University, Fall 2014

Male Sexuality: The Double Life and the Beast Within, Day 2

  1. Is Showalter’s description of Stevenson’s novella as “a fable of fin-de siecle homosexual panic” accurate?
  2. How did Victorian social mores exert pressure on men to lead double lives? Was this pressure felt more strongly by women, or less?
    • Women didn’t even have the outlet – they had to mask themselves in both public and private
    • Women-on-women homosexuality wasn’t even mentioned
  3. Hysteria was a condition associated with femininity in Victorian Britain, but is the notion of hysteria important in the almost exclusively male world of Jekyll & Hyde?
  4. Was Jekyll & Hyde more a tale of morality, of science, or of the supernatural?
  5. How does Stevenson’s description of Jekyll’s physical transformation into Mr. Hyde relate to Cook’s discussion of the construction of the homosexual body?
  6. What was the role of class in Victorian male homosexual relationships? How is this manifested in Stevenson choices in Jekyll & Hyde?
  7. Why does Showalter think that, even in today’s time period, a “gender-swapped” Jekyll & Hyde story is impossible? Do you agree?
  8. What is the significance of reputation in the novella? How does this reflect broader trends and events in late Victorian Britain?
  9. Matt Cook in his discussion of homosexuality during Victorian England mentions the legal and social blurring of the private and public spheres of sexuality. Is this sense of “blurring” evident in the novella?
  10. The Hyde portion of Jekyll’s split persona is depicted as wholly evil and sinful, and much younger. How does this representation of Jekyll’s double life resemble the double life le by men in the Victorian period?



Gender in Victorian Britain – Lecture notes for Oct. 07, 2014

History 364-0-01: Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain; Northwestern University, Fall 2014

Male Sexuality: The Double Life and the Beast Within, Day 1

  • Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94)
    • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde published Jan. 1886
    • Born in Scotland as Robert Lewis
    • He knew from an early age that he wanted to become a writer
    • Suffered his entire life from ill health
    • He was privileged and had a beloved nanny whom he loved more than his mother; this nanny knew a lot of Scottish folk tales and Robert loved those stories
    • He qualifies as a lawyer, known in Scotland as an advocate, but he never practices law
    • He met Fanny Osbourne, who was American, a divorced woman, and ten years older than Robert – three strikes against her – but Robert falls in love with her
    • Robert ends up chasing her across America and follows her to California when she goes home, to get married
    • There have always been rumors about Robert’s sexuality, and the marriage didn’t do much because Fanny was masculine and dominating
    • Fanny was very protective of Robert, which is something that writers need – protection from the outside
    • Robert publishes a hit, Treasure Island, but he’s still not making much money
    • Robert was living at his father’s expense
    • His editor suggests that he write a short story for the Christmas market, which is for publication just before Christmas to be distributed to a wide audience – it usually involves elements of the supernatural and is in his financial interest
    • The Maiden Tribute is published in August 1885, which is about the time Robert plans out writing this story
    • It is documented that Robert was reading the Maiden Tribute as the articles were published, which shows that it was on his mind
    • Robert just barely misses the Christmas market – it is published in Jan. 1886
    • The editor was concerned because the story was more explicit than the editor wanted for the public market and general audience
    • The book gets published in Britain for 1 shilling in paperback (this is the latest Victorian technology to sell a book fast to a large audience)
      • The price of 1 shilling puts the book within budget for a large audience and everyone read it
      • This strategy was called the Shilling Shocker
      • Within six months, it had sold 40,000 copies
      • It went across the Atlantic and it sold for $1
      • Everyone is speculating what this story means, what Hyde was actually up to, how London is portrayed, and what Robert was implying with the story

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Opening 3 packs – 2 Misdirections and a Doomguard

I haven’t really had much time lately to do Arena runs like I used to, so I had some gold piling up, 300 of which I spent to buy packs.

I didn’t really get anything that useful, but I decided I might as well put it up on here anyway, seeing as I haven’t really been posting much Hearthstone content lately.