The Daily Post: “Conceal”



Something that I always found funny is people’s dedication to going back and concealing stuff they’ve al­ready put on the Internet.

On multiple occasions, I’ve seen people I know apply for a job, and hide or delete as much content on their social medias as possible so their prospective employer can’t figure out information from their past. This prac­tice has become so common that I expect people with hidden social media histories to automatically have a disadvantage, simply because their employer would probably assume they went back and hid every­thing, because they had something to hide.

I’ve actually personally chosen not to hire people almost solely based off their lack of social media history. Not only is it a bit suspicious, but in the Internet and entertainment industry, a solid social media presence (or at least a solid understanding of social media) is pretty important.

I personally have never really had a problem with concealing stuff I’ve put on the Internet. Apart from going back and deleting accounts off gaming fansites that I made when I was 10 years old and acted like an imbecile, I’ve never really regretted anything I’ve posted, simply because I’m such a cautious and calculated person.

It might just be that I started taking the Internet very seriously starting from a very young age, and I became familiar with reputation management when I was first starting to produce content. Every time I post something online, I think about how people will react to it, and how I will react to it in a few years, and this process seemed to help me quite a bit.

The problem for me actually goes the other way around – I’m not trying to hide anything that I posted in the past, but rather, stuff that other people might post about me that is false or misleading. Although I haven’t really had this problem go out of control, there have still been multiple attempts in the past for people to make things up about me, or impersonate me and pretend like they’re me making a statement.

Having an official website as a central hub to all my content has helped mitigate any damage that might’ve possibly caused. I tag in the URL to my website pretty much everywhere I post, and it’s very clear that my own website is important enough to me that I would post anything important or official directly on here. This has also become clear to most of the people who know me, so if there’s anything with questionable validity, they usually come here to check for the facts.

Overall, reputation management can be a difficult thing, especially if you haven’t really been thinking about it, something bad already happened, and you’re trying to backtrack and fix things. However, if you always keep it in the back of your mind and change your approach to posting on the Internet, it really isn’t that difficult, and with time, it comes naturally.



I finally got my legendary ring, Nithramus, the All-Seer

After a few months of grinding, I finally finished the legendary quest storyline and unlocked Nithramus, the All-Seer.

It started with farming my final two Tomes of Chaos immediately after the instance resets happened for this week. I went back to my Shipyard and turned in the quest, and was sent over to the Coliseum, where I received a blessing from the Naaru.

Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate

After receiving my ring, I was sent back to Hellfire Citadel, where I had to defeat Archimonde in the Black Gate.

Darkness Incarnate

Upon turning in the final quest and bringing the entire legendary storyline to a close, I was allowed to up­grade my ring with Crystallized Fel and Valor Points.

Unfortunately, I was so excited about finishing the quest that I killed Archimonde in LFR difficulty, which is not eligible for Crystallized Fel drops. But, I had 5,000 Valor Points stocked up, so I went over to Tanaan Jungle and bought four upgrades to my ring, bringing it up to item level 747.

Nithramus, the All-Seer

The highest item level the ring can reach is 795, and I’m pretty excited to eventually make my ring that powerful. I was sort of getting bored of World of Warcraft again already because of how a lot of the content didn’t really have much purpose (seeing as I was already maxed out at 5,000 Valor). But now, I can pretty much do anything I want again, seeing as most activities yield Valor Points and there’s another reward-based reason to play.



The Daily Post: “Edge”


When I see the word “edge,” I think of “edgy,” which means to be uneasy or nervous about something.

Then, I think about how words change over the years, and how edgy is now used in pop culture to mean some­thing that is trendy or cool. I’ve seen it used more negatively than positively, where young children are edgy when they think they’re cool, but they’re actually not, and they’re just falling victim to marketing strat­e­gies that make them think they’re being cool.

Seeing as I’m pretty involved in the gaming culture, I most often hear this word being said by Twitch chat in the few moments I have to read it before I navigate through my settings to turn it off. I also hear other words, like “salty,” being used in ways the word was not intended.

Being salty, even in the informal sense, means to be tough and aggressive. Salty does not mean to be upset or resentful. There is another proper word for that, and that word is “sour.”

I absolutely hate that, for whatever reason, Twitch chat decided to change the meaning of a word to mean something it does not. It continues to boggle my mind that so little people know the true meaning of English words that everyone is willing to hop onto the bandwagon and say people are salty when they’re actually being sour.

Sure, I’m in support for the evolution of language. Words can change meaning over time, based off shifts in culture. But, when one word changes in meaning to mean something else – a “something else” that was already perfectly described by a different word – then we start having problems. That is no longer evolution of language, that is being stupid and not calling out other people who are being stupid.

Another thing that Twitch chat seems to have birthed is placing the United States dollar sign on the wrong side of the numeral. Monetary values are written $1.00, not 1.00$. Infants learn this in elementary school. It confuses me out of my mind that adults are getting this mixed up.

I’ve heard absurd arguments where the dollar sign was put at the end of the numeral because it prevents people from adding extra numbers to the end of your value to increase it. Take a few seconds to think about how stupid and invalid of an excuse that is.

If you write a check for 1.00$, I can change that to 11.00$, or if I’m infuriated at your stupidity and want to make you go bankrupt, 9,999,991.00$.

If you write a check for $1, then sure, I can add a bunch of zeroes at the end of the 1 and make myself a billionaire. That’s why you use both halves of your brain and write the check for $1.00, so any additional numbers I add at the end are fractions of a cent, and you don’t have to foreclose your house to pay me.

Yet, I’ve seen people continue to put the US dollar sign after the number. That is incorrect. Stop.

I continue to see people using the word “salty” to mean “sour.”

That is incorrect.


And, because I know this is coming … no, I’m not being salty right now. I’m being sour.



u r da bomb!

I found this screenshot from exactly two months ago, of a game of League of Legends Simon, Ed, and I were playing:

(Click to enlarge)

Yes, that is Simon randomly saying “my support … u r da bomb!”

Simon’s outburst of randomness was so confusing to Ed that he proceeded to forget to lock in his pick, and we got kicked out of champion select back into our lobby.

For his age, Simon is probably the most unexpectedly joyful and youthful person I know.



Path of Exile’s Currency Stash Tabs are the best thing ever

Path of Exile is a great game. It doesn’t really seem like a game that would pull me in, because the setting feels a little old (and I tend not to like games where I feel like I’m traveling back in time). But, for some rea­son, after giving Path of Exile another try a few years ago, it pulled me in.

I’m not sure if it’s the somewhat intriguing storyline, the straightforward gameplay, or the relatively higher level of “casual” difficulty that caught my attention, but since actually starting to really play it, I’ve always gone back to continue playing it after every large gameplay update.

Although this isn’t exactly a “large gameplay update,” Grinding Gear Games released a new update that was big enough for me to want to come back to the game and play even more, even though I had already recently played quite a bit as a result of the Ascendancy expansion and the release of Labyrinths.

Path of Exile now has a new microtransaction for Currency Stash Tabs.

One of the more annoying things about the game, in my opinion, is how there is no universal currency, and instead, you have currency-like items that only stack to 40 in your inventory and stash. I very much enjoy hoarding, but it’s difficult to do that if you can only have 40 of one item for each slot (and eventually, you’re going to run out of space pretty quickly).

However, I never really got into trading and merchanting, and I very rarely buy items from NPC stores, so it wasn’t really that big of a deal for me. I accepted that it was a bartering economy, and I just played as if nothing was different than games with other types of economies.

With the release of Currency Stash Tabs, Grinding Gear Games provided the players with a very convenient way to improve their quality of life when playing the game, and made a very compelling feature from which they should probably be making a ton of money to fund their development.

This is so compelling that even I proceeded to get an Aspirant Supporter pack from their shop, then use the 450 points that come with the package to get myself a Currency Stash Tab. While I was at it, I also used some more of my points to upgrade my current stash tabs to premium stash tabs.

Path of Exile - Currency Stash Tab

(Click to enlarge)

A long time ago, I used to be very stingy when it came to gaming, and I would only play games that had no cost to me, apart from my time (and with that being said, micro­transactions were completely out of the picture). After getting more involved in the gaming and online entertainment industry, I’m more inclined to support developers who make games and products that are really good … and this was an example of a really good product.

As you can see, I’ve gone ahead and organized my stash by moving all my currency into the new respective tab, then sorting the rest of my newly-named and color-coded tabs.

My personality type really likes seeing things neat and organized, and even the process of turning something from a mess into an organized masterpiece makes me excited. To me, sorting all my in-game belongings was probably more fun than actually playing the game.



Northrend Timewalking Dungeons and WotLK achievements

In case you haven’t read from my previous World of Warcraft post, I took a short break from my adventures for a few months while I focused on some other games. I’m back now, and I finished up another round of Northrend Timewalking Dungeons (from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion).

The funny thing about this is that, I’m pretty sure that I already did Northrend dungeons right before my break. World of Warcraft rotates its special events, and it goes through a cycle of expansions when doing timewalking dungeons.

So, it seems like my break was just exactly long enough to miss the timewalking dungeon weeks for all other expansions, then end up right back at Northrend.


The stream VOD above has gameplay of the whole completion of “A Frozen Path Through Time” weekly quest, and also has a little bit of raiding thrown in as I finish up the final boss in Hellfire Citadel in hopes of getting one final Tome of Chaos for this week (which I ended up not getting).

In case you’re part of the 99.9% of people who wouldn’t watch an old VOD that’s archived on a secondary YouTube channel to be forgotten forever, I also included some screenshot highlights of achievements.

(Click on the screenshots to enlarge)

Halls of Lightning

My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time & Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi

Utgarde Pinnacle & King's Bane



I am hiring HotS and Overwatch content creators for Tempo Storm

Do you have a passion for gaming and want to produce content related to Heroes of the Storm and/or Over­watch for Tempo Storm?

Here’s your chance to join one of the world’s top esports organizations and work with me as your guidance figure, because I’m hiring for our HotS and Overwatch divisions.

This position will mainly produce written content, but we also have some big projects coming up, and you would be able to participate in those too.

This job isn’t quite for everyone, and I’m looking specifically for very high-level gamers who are very good at expressing informative and educational material through written means of communication.

I posted an official hiring notice on Tempo Storm’s website, and you can see a preview of that here:

If you’d like to see the entire post in full size, it’s available on Tempo Storm’s website at:

There’s also a comments section at the bottom where you can ask questions, if you happen to have any, and I’ll try my best to check a few times a day to answer everyone’s inquiries. If for whatever reason I’m not answering there, you’re also welcome to leave a comment on this blog post below; I receive email no­ti­fi­ca­tions for those, so I’ll be able to get back to you much sooner.



I now have a Level 20 Paladin in WoW and Lady Liadrin in Hearthstone

Blizzard announced that Hearthstone’s newest character portrait skin would be Lady Liadrin for Paladin.

Instead of unlocking it like the other portraits by paying $9.99, this was actually a cross-promotional quest. Everyone who reached level 20 in World of Warcraft would be awarded the portrait. This wasn’t a way for them to make more money off World of Warcraft, as you can reach level 20 with the free Starter Edition of World of Warcraft.

Seeing as I already play World of Warcraft anyway, and I’m pretty familiar with the game, I decided to make myself a new character and grind my way to level 20 for my prize. I decided to pick Protection Paladin, see­ing as it felt more fitting for the situation, and I named her “Nirdial” – “Liadrin” spelled backwards, but with the two vowels at the end swapped, because I thought it looked better that way.

I managed to get there in one sitting, and I streamed my whole journey. It helped a lot that I had leveling gear, so that sped up the process, but I also wanted to do all the quests in the Blood Elf starting area and get the achievement, so that made it take a little longer.

After I reached level 15 and I unlocked the dungeon finder in instance matching, I finished leveling by clear­ing two dungeons with public groups.


For those who are not interested in watching the whole VOD, and just want to see the juicy parts (which I assume is all of you), here are the screencaps from reaching level 20 and claiming my portrait.



I finally have a new Twitch offline graphic

Back in October 2012, I made myself an offline graphic for Twitch; this is what it looked like:

If you’ve visited my website’s splash page recently, it probably looks familiar, because I have my Twitch stream embedded.

Since then, a ton has changed in regards to my gaming. I became absurdly frustrated with the direction in which the gameplay of League of Legends was headed, and stopped taking the game seriously part-way through season 3. I completely left the Tetris competitive scene. StarCraft II became a game I opened once every few years, only to play arcade games with friends.

I’ve wanted to change the banner for a long time, if not for the misrepresentation of games, then to at least increase the quality of the image. The problem was, I uploaded the graphic to Twitch as a .jpg file, which created a lot of artifacts in the embedded video player and made it look blurry.

Literally almost four years later, I finally got around to designing a new Twitch graphic.

Not only have I obviously gotten a lot better at graphic design since then, but I also made it so this offline graphic is a lot more specific and broad at the same time. It provides more information about who I am, but also doesn’t include any restricting information.

I’m happy with how it turned out, but hopefully it’ll be shorter than another four years until I redesign it to make it look even better.



I’m back on World of Warcraft after a two-month break

World of Warcraft was getting a little bit redundant when all I was doing was waiting for instance reset day so I could do the relevant raid and make progress towards farming my legendary item for my legendary quest line.

I paused my subscription to WoW back in late January, and I decided that I had taken enough of a break. I spent a lot of time with Heroes of the Storm lately (as you might have noticed from recent blog posts), so World of Warcraft was relatively fresh to me again.


The first thing I did after logging in was queue up for Blackrock Foundry and finish farming my remaining Elemental Runes. After clearing a few more bosses, I was able to get my third Elemental Tablet and submit them to Archmage Khadgar. After a few more short quests, I finished Chapter III of the legendary quest story line.

The third and final “farming quest” before I get my legendary ring is for Hellfire Citadel. Now, all I need to do is get 33 Tomes of Chaos.

I looked up some information about this online, and found out that all bosses in Hellfire Citadel have a 50% chance of dropping a Tome of Chaos.

I already managed to get myself 11 Tomes of Chaos out of 13 available bosses, so I’m either the luckiest per­son in the world, or they substantially buffed the drop rates, since it’s been a while since Hellfire Citadel was released.

At this rate, it seems like I’m going to be able to finish this in two more weeks, and I’ll be able to get my leg­endary ring and start upgrading it soon.

If this was just pure luck, and I wasn’t actually supposed to get 11 in one week, then it’s probably going to take about 5 weeks total to get all the Tomes.

Back when I finished the Highmaul “farming quest,” I was crushingly demoralized when I realized I would have to do it all over again in Blackrock Foundry. Now, I’m so used to the monotony that I didn’t even blink when I realized I would have to do it again in Hellfire Citadel.