Stream VOD: Warlock arena run and Mage daily quest on Hearthstone


I start off this stream session by drafting a Warlock arena deck and going 0-2 before getting three wins and more-or-less breaking even in my run.

After my arena run, I play three games with Mage in order to complete my daily quest of winning two games with Mage (the one game I lose is against a Hobgoblin Paladin).

I still have the Blackrock Mountain logo on my stream, not because I was playing Blackrock Mountain during this VOD, but because I still want to bring awareness to the event going on, so more people will participate during future wing releases.



Blackrock Depths, the first wing of Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain


Playing the first wing of the new Hearthstone PvE expansion, Blackrock Mountain. I complete the normal mode and class challenges, and manage to beat one of the three bosses in heroic mode.

Although I wasn’t participating in the Race for Blackrock Mountain challenge, I still put the logo in my stream to support the event and spread awareness, because I’m very excited that Twitch is holding a contest like this.

Also, the random deck list on the side was put there accidentally, and is not used at all during the stream session. (For those who are curious, it is the Warlock deck that Xixo used to be the first Legend Rank 1 player in North America in April 2015.)

Update: It seems like the first person who completed the challenge was Eric Dong, @EricDong4 on Twitter. I’m glad that a “regular” player managed to get the reward, and not some already-famous streamer. A lot of people thought that Amaz was the first person to finish the challenge, and were a bit upset when they found out their favorite streamer didn’t win. But, honestly, I’m pretty sure Amaz doesn’t need any more money than he has right now, if it means taking away prize money from someone else who could win it.



Playing AP Tryndamere and armor-tank Hecarim on URF


One of my martial arts students (Blue Reapor in-game) invited me to play some Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) with him earlier today.

I remembered that AP Tryndamere was really strong last year, so I decided to try it out this year. This game was literally the first time I have ever played AP Tryndamere (although I do often play him as an AD carry on Twisted Treeline).

The game ended up going a lot better than I had anticipated, even though we were at a disadvantage in players due to our Blitzcrank disconnecting.

One very important thing that I did not realize during the game is that Void Staff is NOT a good item for AP Tryndamere. Even though his Spinning Slash scales off ability power, it still deals physical damage. Thus, you should be getting a Last Whisper for the armor penetration, and armor penetration runes instead of magic penetration.

At 42:40 in the stream VOD, I almost get a pentakill … until Blue Reapor accidentally steals it with his Shockwave.

The Hecarim game starts 55 minutes into the video, and that game also ends up going a lot better than I thought it would.



Lagging on Heroes of the Storm with Tyrande and Valla


Earlier today, I played some Tyrande on Heroes of the Storm to finish a daily quest of playing three games with a support character, then played a few more games with Valla to try and get as much value out of my free stimpack as possible.

When your account reaches level 10, you get a free stimpack. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize when my account had hit level 10 because, immediately after the game that pulled me out of level 9, I closed the game without paying attention because I was playing with a friend and switching games.

It wasn’t until a few days later when I signed back in that I realized my stimpack was active and running.

I was planning on playing a lot more Heroes of the Storm today, even after my few Valla games, to try and get the most out of my limited remaining stimpack time. Unfortunately, I was getting too much lag and frame skip that it was getting too irritating and I was losing motivation to play.

In other games, when you have network inconsistency (such as latency problems), your ping usually just goes up, and sometimes you might see some packet loss where things don’t update immediately.

In Heroes of the Storm, it’s very different in that, instead of lag, your game just freezes for split seconds at a time. You can imagine that, if you’re in the middle of an important fight, those split seconds can make a huge difference because your character becomes completely uncontrollable during that time.

People managed to find out that you can press the Ctrl + Alt + F combination on your keyboard to bring up some network statistics, and there was a “network spikes” section that showed all the little bumps in your connection. On bad games, I would be reaching over 20 network spikes per minute.

Blizzard noticed this and actually ended up taking out the network spike information from that command because they said it was giving a false message to those using it. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually fix the problem along with the update.

I haven’t really experimented that much with different connections, so it might just be that Heroes of the Storm isn’t really compatible with the Internet service provider or router that I happen to be using. Hopefully that actually is the case, as that means I’ll be able to play it with either a 4G connection or at a different location.



Stream VOD: Doing dailies, completing slayer tasks, and training skills

I’ve been playing some RuneScape in the past few days and have some stream VODs available to watch.

None of them have audio, though, because I was listening to music and watching videos in the back­ground, and I didn’t want to deal with any potential copyright problems.

Also, these are not in high definition, as they were uploaded in 540p.





Casting SKT Faker playing new-meta Urgot mid against Master Yi


Watch gameplay of SK Telecom’s mid laner Faker (Lee Sang-Hyeok) play Urgot mid against Master Yi in a challenger-level ranked solo queue game on the League of Legends Korean server.

(Disclaimer: I am a play-by-play shoutcaster, not a color commentator or analyst. If you find my casting distracting, uninsightful, or too energetic, remember that you can mute the video while watching.)

I decided to cast this particular game because Urgot mid is a new strategy recently on the rise in pro­fessional League of Legends. It gained a lot of exposure when Urgot was picked as a counter to Zed against Team SoloMid. Check out the video to see how one of Korea’s best League of Legends players uses Urgot to carry his team.



I reached the level cap with my first character on Diablo III

A few days ago, I finally reached the level cap with my first character on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. I didn’t play Diablo III before the release of the expansion, so I never reached the previous level cap either.

In my opinion, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls has a great leveling process. Not only was the storyline interesting and captivating with well-developed characters to whom you can easily get attached, but it doesn’t ever entirely force you to repeat content.

One thing that I wasn’t completely satisfied with in Path of Exile was the fact that there was a campaign, and you had to go through it three times in increasing difficulties to continue leveling up. Although you’re able to do that in Diablo III, you have a lot more freedom with what you decide to do. You’re able to freely choose difficulty, and you can stick with dynamically-created novel content once you finish the campaign.

The bounty system in Adventure Mode opens up the entire world to you and lets you jump around freely to complete tasks. It’s not tedious at all, and it gives you flashbacks of the adventures you had in the past during your campaign mode leveling process. The repeated content is sparing enough such that it doesn’t make you say “I need to do this again?” but rather “I remember this!”

Another amazing thing about Diablo III that I like is the Paragon system. In all other RPGs I’ve played, once you reach the level cap, all you have left to do is upgrade your gear. In Diablo III, you still pursue the everlasting quest to get the best gear, but you also have a Paragon level which continues giving you raw character stats as you play more. For example, thanks to the Paragon system, I have slightly increased movement speed, critical hit chance, and defensive resistances.

Something that I like doing in games is unlocking features, and unlocking Paragon levels keeps me coming back to Diablo III for more, even after hitting the level cap.

Overall, my experience with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls has been positive, and it seems like a game I will continue going back to occasionally (as in, not a game that would make me get burnt out and never want to go back).





Playing co-op Diablo III for the first time


I team up with my buddy Del to try out the co-op part of Diablo III for the first time (yes, I have literally never been in a multiplayer party in Diablo III before). We start off by doing bounties in Act II, then we finish a Nephalem Rift together.

Before we started, I assumed that it would be just like any other time I play Diablo III, but it ended up being a lot more fun and interesting than I had expected. Not only did Del deal a lot more damage than I thought he would, but the multiplayer aspect of it made it feel more interactive.

We only played for about an hour because it was getting late at night and I needed to go to sleep, but we’ll definitely be playing more in the future.