Stream VOD: Janna support in a Normal with Lalo and Hao


Match history:

This is gameplay footage of a normal game I played today with Lalo and Hao. Someone higher up in the pick order wanted to take mid, so I decided to play some Janna support.

It was a little frustrating at the beginning because my ADC was more passive than Ed (better known as Grainyrice, a notoriously passive player), but after Corki realized how strong he was with me backing him up, things got better after laning phase.

On a side note, I highly discourage people from copying my build from this game … I didn’t really know what to build, so ended up going mostly AP.



Re: “What was wrong with your website for the past 4 hours?”

In the spirit of Black Friday, I went searching for some great deals.

I came across a few at Namecheap – namely, $0.98 each for the first year of shared web hosting and do­main registration.

If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, you know that I occasionally do website redesigns every few years. I’m long overdue for my next redesign, and there’s actually a valid reason for that.

The thing that’s holding me back is the fact that my current web host appears to be keeping cached copies of my .CSS files such that changes don’t go into effect until about 10-20 minutes after the edits are pub­lished. As you can imagine, making and testing changes to stylesheets is essentially impossible when your .CSS edits only refresh four times an hour.

For this reason, I was especially compelled to take advantage of the $0.98-for-one-year web hosting bar­gain from Namecheap.

I acted on my compulsion at 11 AM EST this morning when the coupon code was released on Namecheap’s special Black Friday timed deals page. The several hundred coupon codes sold out within a handful of mi­nutes, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the people to get one.

About an hour and a half after my purchase, I started moving files over to my new server, and by 1 PM EST, I was pretty much done. All I had to do was wait for the DNS to propagate, and my new old website would be live.

Or so I thought.

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Screenshot: Progress from mid/late Nov. 2014 – levels and promotion

It’s been a little over a week since my last check-in. I’ve been making a bit of progress, little by little, but haven’t been posting updates; I decided to lump all the updates into a summary post for mid-to-late No­vember 2014.

(Click to enlarge)

Most of my progress has been scattered around across multiple skills. I tried getting a good number of Slayer tasks done, but ended up just doing a little bit of everything. I ended up gaining seven levels – one in Strength, one in Mining, one in Agility, two in Prayer, one in Slayer, and one in Summoning.

I also ended up getting a random promotion in my clan from Captain to General (silver star to gold star). I recall reading somewhere on our clan forums or recruitment thread that our rank, up to a point, gets determined by the amount of experience earned since joining the clan. Not 100% sure what the as­so­ci­at­ed values are, but I guess I passed a promotion point.

I decided to take my corresponding screenshot while mining Seren Stone in Prifddinas, because that’s where I’ve been spending a lot of time. I’ve only gotten one mining level, but one thing to note is that it was from level 95 to 96, which requires a substantial amount of experience relative to my other leveled skills.



Stream VOD: Diamond Kukulkan on Smite Arena, perfect KDA game


Playing Kukulkan (formerly Ao Kuang before his rework) using the Diamond skin on Arena, and man­ag­ing to get a perfect game (with zero deaths, highest damage dealt, and lowest damage taken).

I’m still only level 21 (the level cap is 30), so this is a relatively low-level game. My matchmaking rating generally goes down whenever I play with my friends because we tend to lose a lot of games, then when I solo queue, I usually end up stomping like I do in this game.






Gender in Victorian Britain – Discussion Notes for Nov. 13, 2014

History 364-0-01: Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain; Northwestern University, Fall 2014

Homosexuality on Trial

  1. Cook describes London as a city to invite and thwart fantastical recreation and sensual indulgence. Does this describe the role played by the city in The Picture of Dorian Gray? Why or why not?
  2. How might the relationship between Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas be compared to the relationships among Dorian, Lord Henry, and Basil?
  3. Did the trials of Oscar Wilde broad fears about the decline or degeneration of British society? How?
  4. How does the portrayal of marriage in Wilde’s novel reflect or contrast with the portrayals of Victorian marriages in other texts we’ve read in class?
  5. In Douglas’ and Nicholson’s poems, a recurring theme corresponding with homosexuality is shame and secrecy; in what way did Oscar Wilde reject these Victorian attitudes in his life and in The Picture of Dorian Gray?
  6. Do you think that the Victorian male beast is at the heart of both The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Picture of Dorian Gray? If so, is it a different beast in each novel?
  7. How does Showalter characterize the treatment of women in The Picture of Dorian Gray? Do you agree with her assessment?
  8. How does The Picture of Dorian Gray reflect the aesthetic ideal of “art for art’s sake”? Can the novel be taken as an argument in favor of that ideal?
  9. What makes Sibyl Vane initially attractive to Dorian, and what changes his feelings about her? What is the purpose of the Sibyl/Dorian relationship in Wilde’s novel?
  10. In what ways do Wilde’s frequent and vivid descriptions of color reflect a rebellion against Victorian values?

  • Culture & corruption, criminal & the aesthetic, beauty & evil
  • Decadence: sensory intensity, exploration, pleasures
  • The decadent man: homosexual, “the perfect form of male aestheticization” (Showalter)




Gender in Victorian Britain – Lecture Notes for Nov. 11, 2014

History 364-0-01: Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain; Northwestern University, Fall 2014

Homosexuality on Trial

  • Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
    • Birth and family
      • Born during the Victorian time period
      • Born in Dublin, thinks of himself as Anglo-Irish, English upper- and middle-class
      • His mother was a well-known poet, assumed that all his writing talent comes from his mother’s side; also an Irish nationalist, much more so than Wilde’s father
      • His father, Sir William Wilde, was a well-known eye surgeon; he was knighted for his philanthropy (charity work)
    • Growth
      • Attends Trinity College, went on to study at Oxford (highly educated, very smart, able student) where he wins a prize for poetry
      • Wilde never aspired to be respectable Victorian middle-class
      • Falls under the spell of the aesthetic movement – “art for art’s sake”
      • Undertakes a tour of the United States and Canada in 1881 (still young), and it is “Wilde”ly successful
    • Marriage
      • In 1884, Wilde married Constance Lloyd Wilde (1858-1898) – a heterosexual love match
      • Constance is interested in women’s rights
      • Gives birth to two male children, Cyril (1885) and Vyvyan (1886)
      • As part of the aesthetic movement, Wilde decides to paint the walls of their house white
    • Work
      • Wrote a lot of plays – “Lady Windermere’s Fan” (1892), “A Woman of No Importance” (1893), “Salomé” (1894), “… Ideal Husband” (1895), “The Importance of Being Earnest” (1895)
      • When Wilde was on trial, three of his plays were running in the west end
    • Homosexuality
      • Robbie Ross (1886), a homosexual, was living with Wilde and his wife when he seduced Wilde while his wife was asleep
      • Up until this point, Wilde had been heterosexual and loved his wife, but after the encounter with Ross, his life completely changed
      • Wilde begins to experiment in a discreet way and moves towards a London homosexual circle
      • He is living the double life – he is remaining with his wife and adores his children, but also leads a secret, closeted double-life of a homosexual
      • The Cleveland St. Scandal hits in 1889 when Wilde is ramping up his homosexual life – the scandal involved a 15-year-old telegraph boy in a homosexual brothel