WoW: Exploring the land and farming gold

Hi humans.

This is a screenshot from my first train ride in the Deeprun Tram.

World of Warcraft - Deeprun Tram

After purchasing a new tabard in Ironforge, we returned to the Trade District so I could get a haircut and earn an achievement.

World of Warcraft - Barber shop

Lecktrah and I then flew to the Twilight Highlands so we could kill higher-level monsters and farm gold for me.

World of Warcraft - Twilight Highlands

Unfortunately, we somehow fell into some giant tentacled hole and Lecktrah was phased out because this was a quest area and she had a different progression than I did. So, I was randomly stuck inside this hole and had to teleport out, so we ended up getting no gold farming done.

World of Warcraft - Isorath

Instead, we got more questing done. This is a chicken larger than me, and Lecktrah riding a camel.

World of Warcraft - Cooking chicken

World of Warcraft - Riding a camel


WoW: Questing and fighting invisible dragons

Hi humans.

While continuing to quest in World of Warcraft, Lecktrah and I were assigned armies. We both got one of each, so it looks like we have an army of twins.

World of Warcraft - Army of twins

Shortly down the storyline, we encountered a large red dragon that we had to fight.

I managed to defeat the dragon, but for some reason, the dragon was still there on Lecktrah’s screen (even though we were in the same party and we should have had the same quest progression). So, I took a screenshot of Lecktrah attacking the air.

After a long day of questing, we returned to the inn. What better way to rest than standing inside a fireplace, right?

World of Warcraft - Standing in a fireplace


Parkzer’s League of Legends champion nicknames

Hi humans.

The people who have voice chatted while playing League of Legends with me have noticed that I have nicknames for almost all the champions, some of them being pretty silly. Upon request, I am posting my nicknames for all the League of Legends champions released to date.

If the nickname field is blank, it means that I don’t have a nickname for that champion.

Champion Nickname Notes
   Ahri Fox
   Akali Knives
   Alistar Bull / Cow Bull if he is doing well on my team, Cow if he is doing poorly on my team or is on the enemy team
   Amumu Mummy
   Anivia Bird / Walls / Egg Normally Bird, becomes Walls if there is also an ultimate-form Quinn on the battlefield, becomes Egg when in passive form
   Annie Tibbers
   Ashe Arrow
   Blitzcrank Robot
   Caitlyn Sniper
   Cassiopeia CassiOPeia Cassiopeia is so OP that she even has OP in her name
   Cho’Gath Dinosaur I use the Jurassic Cho’Gath skin
   Corki Helicopter
   Darius Chop Chop
   Dr. Mundo Mundo
   Evelynn Eve
   Ezreal Esreal S sound easier to pronounce than Z sound
   Fiddlesticks Caw Caw
   Fizz Fiss S sound easier to pronounce than Z sound
   Garen Demacia
   Gragas Graggy / Fatman Graggy if I’m playing him, Fatman otherwise
   Graves Ed This is the only champion my best friend can play well, and his name is Ed
   Hecarim Pony
   Heimerdinger Pimpmerdinger Just look at that walk
   Jarvan IV Helping “I’m Jarvan, I’m helping”
   Jinx I don’t have a nickname for her, but I sometimes sing her theme song when I’m dueling her
   Karma Sae Eleisa Va A modification of one of her quotes, “Sae Eleisa Tera Vi”
   Karthus PhantomL0rd PhantomL0rd is a famous Revive/Teleport Karthus player
   Kassadin Kass with a K As opposed to Cass with a C (Cassiopeia)
   Katarina Ban Kat I hate Katarina
   Kayle Adjustimacator
   Kennen Keenen
   Kha’Zix Jump
   Kog’Maw Cock’Mouth No nickname if he is doing well on my team, Cock’Mouth if he is doing poorly on my team or is on the enemy team
   Lee Sin Ree Singah
   Lucian Blackman
   Lulu Lulululululululu
   Lux Laser
   Malphite Rock
   Maokai Tree
   Master Yi
   Miss Fortune
   Mordekaiser BR EHUEHUEHUE
   Morgana Angel
   Nami Fish
   Nasus Dog
   Nidalee Hotshotnidaleegg
   Nocturne Darkness
   Nunu Nununononunu
   Olaf Oraff
   Orianna Ball
   Pantheon Mantheon Manly Mantheon and his Mandrops
   Poppy Who’s that?
   Quinn Bird No nickname normally, becomes Bird when in ultimate form
   Rammus Ok
   Renekton Crocodile I usually let out a vicious roar every time he uses his ultimate
   Rengar WTF
   Riven Riven needs to be removed from the game
   Shaco ShAco Pronounced ShAco, not Shahko
   Shyvana Dragon Normally Dragon, no nickname if we’re fighting near the Dragon objective
   Singed Poison Trail HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
   Sion Old Aatrox Aatrox is basically a newer version of AD Sion
   Sivir Duck “Better duck!”
   Skarner Mysterious Skarner
   Soraka Heals
   Swain Crowstorm
   Syndra Balls
   Taric Gayman
   Teemo Teeto
   Thresh Chresh
   Tristana Rocket “Is that a rocket in your pocket?”
   Trundle Chundoe
   Tryndamere Trandamurr
   Twisted Fate Trash
   Twitch Rat
   Veigar Midget
   Vel’Koz Eyeball
   Vladimir Blood
   Volibear Bear
   Wukong Monkey
   Xin Zhao I don’t have a nickname for him, but I make martial arts sounds whenever I see him fighting
   Yasuo Coward Dashes around randomly like a retarded headless chicken until you die to minions
   Yorick Gravedigger
   Zac Blobs
   Zed Sed S sound easier to pronounce than Z sound
   Ziggs I don’t have a nickname for him, but I usually imitate his laugh when fighting with him
   Zilean Clock
   Zyra Plant Lady


WoW: Darkmoon Faire and other adventures

Hi humans.

In order to farm me some gold so I can pay to upgrade my Fishing skill some more (as well as buy Cooking recipes), Lecktrah and I went to a higher-level zone so we could farm monsters and I could pick up drops (because Starter Edition characters can’t trade).

On our way there, she showed me the Molten Span. She then told me a story about how she used to hide up here, then when people came near, she would mind control them and make them jump into the lava below, then laugh menacingly as they died over and over trying to resurrect themselves out of the lava.

After farming a decent chunk of gold, we went to the Darkmoon Faire. There was a concert that went on; I jumped on the stage and danced with the performers.

Once the concert was over, we went over to the docks nearby to fish.

The following day, we continued questing and moved on to Lakeshire. While on my way to pick up a Gnomecorder, I encountered these brilliant workers who were trying to move this rock. Of course, they split their manpower in half, one group pushing on one side, and the other group pushing on the other side.



Pokémon Episode 803: Grooming Furfrou

Plot summary:

The episode opens with a woman losing track of her Furfrou. The Furfrou ends up finding and bumping into Bonnie, causing her to scrape her knees. The woman reveals herself to be Jessica, an aspiring (but unsuccessful) groomer. Jessica takes Ash and his friends to a grooming salon.

Jessica explains the intricacies of grooming Furfrou and shows off some Furfrou that her instructor groomed. During Jessica’s break, she takes Ash and his friends around for a tour. During their tour, they run into Team Rocket disguised as hair stylists and groomers.

Serena gets baited into leaving behind her Fennekin with Team Rocket for an hour. While leaving Fennekin with Team Rocket in private, they run into Officer Jenny, who reveal that the groomers are con artists.

When Ash and his friends return to the salon, Team Rocket are gone. Fortunately, Jessica’s Furfrou picks up on a scent and follows it to Team Rocket. Officer Jenny, Ash, and his friends confront Team Rocket, and begin battling to get Fennekin back.

Ash’s Pikachu gets blinded by Inkay, but due to the coordination of Ash and Pikachu, they are able to continue battling, even without Pikachu’s eyesight. They outplay Team Rocket until Jessie changes focus and goes after Furfrou instead.

With teamwork and coordination, Ash and his friends together are able to defeat Team Rocket and break Furfrou out of its cage. Furfrou realizes that Jessica’s efforts are what got him released, so he begins to trust Jessica. As Team Rocket blasts off, all the stolen Pokémon are returned.

Back at the grooming salon, Furfrou finally allows Jessica to groom it. As the episode closes, the heroes are seen heading to Lumiose City.


Trying World of Warcraft Starter Edition

Hi humans.

After a fair amount of persuasion, including long term efforts by a lot of my friends as well as Lecktrah’s recent efforts (Lecktrah is also known as Devotchka from TERA), I was finally convinced enough to try World of Warcraft Starter Edition.

The Starter Edition allows anyone with a account to try World of Warcraft up to level 20 to see if they like the game and are interested in subscribing.

This is the first screenshot I took in World of Warcraft – it’s a snapshot of my character so I could show Lecktrah what I look like.

In no time, we met up and started questing together. Lecktrah made a Monk so she could level with me.

While in Westfall, we encountered a wind tornado that swept Lecktrah up into the air. When the cyclone subsided, Lecktrah fell down and died from fall damage. Of course, I had to sit on top of her dead body and take a screenshot.

While Lecktrah was busy lagging, I jumped into a brightly glowing chasm. From the outside, the light is so bright that I thought it would be a neverending path to the core of the earth. It ended up that there was terrain down there; this is the view from inside.

Finally, at the end of a long, tough day of questing, I returned to the city and fished while sitting on top of a barrel.

So far, World of Warcraft has been okay. There have been a lot of things that I think could have been made better (as in, a lot of quality-of-life issues that could be fixed). Regardless, the game itself is decent enough that, paired with the fact that I’m spending time playing the game with a good friend of mine, World of Warcraft has so far been a good experience.


Pokémon Episode 802: Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race

Plot summary:

As the episode starts, Ash invites Serena to travel with them; Serena accepts the offer.

Once they start traveling, Serena has a handkerchief that she wants to return to Ash. A flashback occurs from the time Serena and Ash were at camp and Ash gives Serena his handkerchief to help her recover from an injury.

Suddenly, a bunch of Rhyhorn come trampling past – Ash and his friends realize they’re in the middle of a Rhyhorn Race. Officer Jenny takes them to the main Rhyhorn Race field, and Serena explains the mechanics of the Rhyhorn Race and how to approach Rhyhorn. Ash asks Serena to teach him about Rhyhorn Racing, and Serena agrees to help Ash prepare for his race the following day.

Meanwhile, in the background, Team Rocket is plotting to steal the Rhyhorn.

Ash begins to practice, but he has difficulty actually getting up on the Rhyhorn. Serena demonstrates what to do, then suddenly gets surrounded by all the Rhyhorn – they appear to really like Serena, and tickle her. By the end of the day, Ash manages to stay on Rhyhorn and ride it around.

The following day, the Rhyhorn Race begins. Ash has a bad start, but tries to catch up. However, down the course, Team Rocket has other plans, as they black out the cameras and capture the Rhyhorn and their racers. Fortunately for Ash, his friends react quickly to the blacked out cameras to investigate the situation and intercept Team Rocket before they manage to get way. Clement destroys the controller container the Rhyhorn, freeing them from their cages and making Team Rocket blasting off.

At the end of the day, Serena and her new friends call her mother; Serena’s mother shows approval for Serena’s desire to travel with Ash, Clement, and Bonnie.


TERA: New beginning, new pet, new max hit, and an announcement

Hi humans.

This week started out with an adventure in the alliance zone while farming points to get Devotchka the achievements associated with earning Echelon IV in the Free Trader’s Collective. While roaming around, I found a stray healer and somehow managed to kill her. She didn’t seen too happy about it.

I also made a new character – a warrior. I did it mainly so I would have another character that I can use to praise my guild, but I eventually plan on playing it so I can learn more about melee characters.

Devotchka and I finally finished her last Kelsaik’s Nest Hard Mode runs, and she earned her dungeon achievement. She got a new pet – Miss Kitty – and named it Parkzer.Kitten.

Earlier today, I got my new max hit on a level 60 boss monster – 4,086,909 damage on Kerkion.

And finally, I have an announcement to close out the week. Devotchka and I are slowly getting burnt out from TERA, and it’s about time for us to take a break. The problem I’m having is the same as before – it’s very hard to find good groups (for raids now, at least), and I’m getting tired of the redundancy of the game, basically doing the same thing over and over every day. Devotchka is getting tired of all the drama in her guild, as well as stagnant game content.

Neither of us are quitting the game, but we’ll be taking a break from it and playing a lot less. We will both most likely be back in full force in about a month or so when the new patch comes out releasing the Reaper.


Pokémon Episode 801: Battling on Thin Ice

Plot summary:

The episode begins with the story from last episode where Serena asks if Ash remembers her. She ex­plains that both she and Ash went to a camp with Professor Oak. Ash states that, although he remem­bers the camp, he doesn’t remem­ber Serena.

Ash and Alexa resume to training, and it seems like Pikachu and Fletchling are getting better at surviving Gust. After eating some food, Clement offers to help Ash train against Sticky Web by using one of his scientific creations. Like usual, after working for a short while, his machine explodes. Ash substitutes the machine with Froakie, and they continue training. The following day, Ash challenges Viola for a rematch.

The battle begins with Surskit and Pikachu again. After some dodging and some back-and-forth action, Surskit again attempts to cover the battle field with ice. Pikachu stops it momentarily by jumping on it, but Surskit shakes it off and is successful in its attempt. Surskit starts with an attack, but Pikachu holds its ground using its tail and strikes back with a Thunderbolt, overpowering Signal Beam and defeating Surskit.

The next battle is between Vivillon and Fletchling. Vivillon again begins the battle by countering Fletchling’s attack and throwing it to the ground. It then uses Gust, but Fletchling is able to counter it using the training from the previous day. Then, Ash gets caught off guard by Vivillon’s Sleep Powder, which forces FLetchling to remain vulnerable for Vivillon’s finishing move, Solar Beam. Fletchling faints. Ash recalls Fletchling and sends Pikachu back out.

Vivillon uses Gust, but Pikachu manages to hold on by using Iron Tail into the ice. Vivillon uses Sleep Powder to make Pikachu drowsy and sets up for Solar Beam. Ash tells Pikachu to use Electro Ball on itself, which neutralizes Sleep Powder with electricity. Viola tells Vivillon to use Solar Beam anyway, so Pikachu counters it with Electro Ball, overpowering the Solar Beam and sending Vivillon flying backwards into shards of ice that freeze up its wing. Pikachu finishes Vivillon with Thunderbolt while it has trouble flying, picking up the win and the gym badge.

After exiting the gym, Ash and his friends bid farewell to Viola and Alexa, and depart towards the next gym.


TERA: My first Alliance Conflict with the Free Trader’s Collective

Hi humans.

After some encouragement from my friend Adorel, I decided to attend my first ever Alliance Conflict. I wasn’t really that interested in actually participating in the conflict, because I knew there would be so many people there that I wouldn’t really be able to see what was going on, but I was told that there is a monetary reward for participants of the winning alliance, so I decided to go.

Partway through the Conflict, our fort was invaded by members of both the oppositing alliances. We had to recall our primary assault raid to defend so we wouldn’t lose our Executor. After our assault raid cleaned up our fort of enemies, they headed back out on giant mounts (the size of your character model scales off of your killing spree).

After over an hour of fighting, the Free Trader’s Collective was nearing close to victory. The only alliance left was Iron Order, and we were pushing into their base. I transitioned from defense to offense, and began to approach the Iron Order’s fort.

As I entered their fort, I got chased out by a Guard that did way too much damage. I eventually won the duel. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to just run right past the Guards, though, because that’s what everyone else was doing.

After making it inside their fort, I helped killing the Iron Order’s Executor, and the Free Trader’s Collective secured the Conflict victory.

Adorel, who was on her lancer, sent me this screenshot from her point of view.

After the conclusion of the Conflict, I got 5,000 gold as a reward for my participation in the Conflict.