Casting SKT Faker playing Viktor and Cho’Gath on League of Legends

I haven’t done any League of Legends casts of professional players for a while, so I decided to do two today of SKT Telecom T1’s mid laner Faker (Lee Sang-Hyeok), playing Viktor mid against Xerath and Cho’Gath top against Maokai.





Continuing my TERA: Fate of Arun journey in Spring Valley


In my second TERA stream of the year, I finish the Spring Valley section of the new continent and clear the Sabex Armory dungeon.

I was reminded how frustrating it can be to find a dungeon-clearing group as a damage dealer, but after sitting in queue for long enough, I finally managed to find a party to clear my first ever Fate of Arun dungeon.

The dungeon itself wasn’t that bad. Of course, like usual, I had party members randomly dying, but that’s not too out of the ordinary – I used to play this game so much that I’ve pretty much seen anything.

I’m still pretty excited about the new zone questing system, and how satisfying it is. It just feels a lot better to have a list of tasks to do, rather than having to go around in zones picking up quests from people (and turning them in by talking with someone three steps away from the original quest giver). The quests now feel more like real missions, rather than chores to gather experience and level up.

It seems like the upcoming regions are larger in size, so we might end up spending more than a single stream session clearing future zones. Also, at this rate, it might actually be possible to hit level 65 before finishing the final zone, if I start doing more dungeon runs.

Finally, I mention part-way through the stream session about the nice graphics and unique colors. After rewatching that section from my stream VOD, I realized that it isn’t at all crisp and detailed compared to what it actually is in the game (the reason being that I’m downsizing the original 1080p graphics to 720p, and Twitch limits my broadcasting to 3500 bitrate).

So, I thought it might be worth nothing that I’m not actually being impressed at what you guys see from your end through the stream, and the graphics are in fact very detailed and high-quality if you look at them directly from the game output.



Stream VOD: Catching and evolving Pokémon in PokéMMO




While relaxing after recently finishing the normal mode campaign of Path of Exile, I went back to some much easier and less intensive games, one of which was PokéMMO.

If you’re unfamiliar, PokéMMO can be best described as an emulator that can be used to play ROMs of Pokémon Fire Red and Emerald. The emulator comes built in with multiplayer capabilities, and it turns the Pokémon game into an MMO.

I’ve been playing on and off for a few years now, and a few months ago, I started playing more often after they released the Hoenn expansion.

For the past handful days, I’ve spent a handful of hours catching and evolving Pokémon to fill up my PokéDex. Seeing as there isn’t really any compelling content in the stream VODs (apart from just watching me play Pokémon), I decided to group up the PokéMMO VODs from this week into just a single post.




Returning to TERA (casual only) and getting started on Fate of Arun


A little over two years ago, I started playing The Exiled Realm of Arborea, better known by its acronym TERA.

I got introduced to the game by my buddy Hao Guo (who is better known on League of Legends as BloodieBabe and BrokenEggShell). He ended up quitting the game after a handful of months, but I stuck with it, up to the point where, about a year ago, I was one of the best players on my server and was clearing the hardest content with ease when with a good group.

I ended up getting burnt out from TERA because of the lack of new content and excess of grinding the same thing repeatedly. I also didn’t like how their new content releases were carried out (however rare they actually were).

Basically, I hate it when all the progress you’ve made in a game is completely useless when new content is released. To me, veteran status and time spent building up a character is important, and with the way TERA’s new content releases work, even the most prestigious and high-level gear from a previous patch becomes garbage when new gear is released.

In rebellion, along with a lot of other factors, I decided to take an indefinitely long break from TERA.

Now that I’ve recently finished playing the normal mode campaign of Path of Exile, I decided it was time to find some more new content to play on a different game, and I decided on TERA. Not only is TERA free, it’s something that I’m already used to, so I’ll be able to start enjoying the content without having to go through a brand new learning curve.

After refreshing myself on the basics, I hopped right in to the Savage Reach area of the new Fate of Arun expansion content.

In today’s stream session, I figure out the fundamentals of the new leveling system from 60-65, and finish the first region on the new continent.

So far, I’m not really that impressed with the storyline. It hasn’t really been anywhere near as interesting or attention-grabbing as the other storylines I’ve seen in other games, and a lot of it has me just skipping through the lore.

However, I find the skill-based combat very refreshing. I like the fact that it is very easy for you to miss your attacks, and combat isn’t just a mindless task. Back last year when I stopped playing TERA, I tried out World of Warcraft for a little while, which is tab-targeting. Another MMO I play quite a bit is RuneScape, which is click-targeting. After playing TERA again for a bit, I realized how much I missed skill-based games.

It seems like playing TERA again for a few hours was enough for me to start to sort of get used to the dizziness of semi-first-person perspective. I’m hoping that by the next stream, I won’t feel like vomiting, and I can enjoy the game without having a motion sickness headache.



Completing the normal mode campaign on Path of Exile


In the first part of the stream, as I approach the end of the normal mode campaign, I successfully kill the second-to-last boss Piety and gain access to the final boss Dominus. I quickly figure out that this fight is not going to be as easy as I had hoped.


Continuing from the end of the previous part, I finally finish killing Dominus after a humiliating 24 deaths. I then go back to complete all the content in Act 3 before moving on to the next level of difficulty.

Completing the Path of Exile campaign on normal mode difficulty does mean, for my purposes, that I have completed the game to my satisfaction for now.

If it’s been too long and you don’t quite remember, the reason I originally started playing Path of Exile is because I wanted to enjoy the storyline. I had signed up for an account years ago when there was a lot of hype around Path of Exile.

I ended up not playing it much because, for a lot of the time, you needed to pay to access the closed beta, which I was not interested in doing. Then, when the free beta did open up to the public, I played it for sev­er­al minutes before finding the game unappealing at the time, and went back to other games I was play­ing.

Lately, I’ve grown more fond of games with good storylines and fresh content, so I went back in my gam­ing history to see if I could find any older games that I could revisit, and naturally landed upon Path of Exile.

In the end, I believe playing Path of Exile was a pretty good experience. Sure, the storyline wasn’t one of the best I’ve seen, but it was good enough to keep me playing (which, in itself, is an accomplishment, be­cause I usually don’t have much of a problem quitting boring games early on).

There weren’t any particular characters that the player would necessarily get attached to, which is un­for­tunate because wanting to know what happens to your favorite character is usually a big part of a story (like it is in Diablo). But, I guess following your own character’s journeys was enough, as you begin to see yourself as an everyday exile turned into a hero.

So, this marks my last stream of Path of Exile for a long time. As I’ve mentioned during the stream, I’m looking at a handful of different options for my next game. At this point, the only reason I would return to Path of Exile is in response to an update of great magnitude, in the form of either new content in the cam­paign or a massive graphics/gameplay upgrade.

The 15 hours or so of Path of Exile gameplay has been nice, and I appreciate you guys tagging along with me in the journey.



Stream VOD: Exploring the sewers and the Solaris Temple in PoE


In yesterday’s stream session, I got started on the third and final act of Path of Exile. I was told that Act 3 is the longest act, so I’m guessing that I’m going to be spending at least a few more days finishing up the normal campaign on Path of Exile.


In today’s stream, I continue playing through Act 3 and finish exploring the Solaris Temple. I ended up getting some extra real-world work that I needed to finish, so I cut this stream session earlier than anticipated.

Following along with the suggestion I got three days ago, I am continuing to stream with my webcam and microphone on. Although I’m not able to provide anything insightful because I know almost nothing about Path of Exile, and although I’m not able to be very entertaining because I’m so focused on the game, hope­fully just seeing my presence, expressions, and reactions add some sort of personable depth to the gameplay.



Stream VOD: Spectating and playing League of Legends with Phteven


Spectating Phteven (Steven, robotmaniac) playing Katarina at the beginning, then playing some ARAMs and normal games with him for a few hours.

For those who are curious, he got the nickname Phteven because Ed and I saw a post on reddit where someone named Stephen told a waiter that his name was “Steven with a ph,” and the waiter wrote “Phteven” on his receipt. Even though this Steven’s name isn’t spelled with a “ph,” we still call him Phteven.



Stream VOD: Completing Act 2 of Path of Exile


Yesterday, on my second day back to Path of Exile, I explore west of the Forest Encampment and finish a handful more quests.

(The audio of some parts of the VOD is muted because I received a copyright claim on a previous video for the background music of the Forest Encampment, and I want to avoid that from happening again. Although I was able to successfully dispute the claim, it’s easier just to exclude the music.)


For today’s stream, upon popular request, I turned on my webcam and microphone.

In this video, I thoroughly complete the remainder of Act 2, then spend a good amount of time towards the end trying to figure out how gems work.



Stream VOD: Giving Path of Exile another try after 3 years


About three years ago, I signed up for a Path of Exile account and played for about half an hour (a majority of the time being spent browsing the skill tree). It didn’t really suck me in; shortly after this, I got a new laptop, and I didn’t reinstall PoE on my new laptop.

It’s been quite some time since then, and I decided to give Path of Exile another chance. I installed the game again last night, and let the downloader/patcher run overnight.

In this stream session, I play Path of Exile for about two hours, trying my best to immerse myself into the storyline to enjoy the game as much as possible. So far, I’m pretty satisfied, and look forward to at least finishing the campaign.


In the second part of today’s stream, I continue playing Path of Exile, completing Act 1 and moving on to Act 2. I realize that PoE isn’t that easy of a game, and it’s very easy to die when fighting bosses if I don’t get the timing on my kiting correct.

So far, the storyline isn’t as captivating as the one in Diablo III (or other similar games), but it’s still interesting enough to facilitate immersion and make me want to find out what happens next.