Ironside Malphite – New skin preview on LoL PBE, full game highlights


Ironside Malphite is a new, unreleased skin only available on the League of Legends beta server (PBE). I cut up some highlights from a game I played with him earlier today.

Apparently the Kindred on the enemy team was Pawnce, a well-known entertainer who produces a lot of PBE content. I didn’t realize it until after the game, but when I went to his channel to watch a VOD of the live stream, I discovered that apparently the Rengar against which I laned was a mega troll.

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Stream VOD TL;DW Highlights: Fashionably Pink Nova

I posted some screenshots yesterday of reaching Level 10 with Nova and buying her master skin so I can start sniping people in fashionable pink.

In celebration, I booted up my epicly slow DSL Internet connection and live streamed at an impressive 1k bitrate for about three hours today.

I normally just upload the VOD to my secondary gaming archive channel on YouTube, but I decided to do something a bit different this time and clip out the most interesting parts of the stream, turning a three-hour-long video into just over 12 minutes.


If you’ve noticed, edited videos have been a recurring theme for the past week or so, and it’s something that I would like to continue doing.

Obviously, uploading full-length VODs is the easy way out, but I’d like to at least put a little bit more effort into my content to make it more interesting and appealing to watch to the general audience.

This stream session didn’t go too well in terms of performance because I’m not that great with Nova, but it was definitely a fun experience.

Nova has a unique playstyle unlike any other character I’ve played (because I don’t play Zeratul, and stealth champions in League of Legends can’t randomly blow someone up with one spell rotation). Although I might not be the best at carrying out this playstyle, it’s definitely exciting.

Now that Nova is Level 10, I’ll be focusing more on another hero as my next project (but I haven’t completely decided on which one yet). I already have Valla, Nazeebo, and Kael’thas near hero mastery, so I might end up going for one of those heroes next.

But, of course, this doesn’t mean I’m retiring Nova permanently – I’ll still be pulling her out once in a while for quick match games when I want to have some fun.



“Nobody really talks like that!” – Zyra mid vs. Viktor in LoL ranked solo


Earlier today, I played a game of League of Legends as Zyra mid against Viktor in a ranked solo queue game in low gold league.

Similar to the PROJECT: Lucian skin preview video I released yesterday, I decided to cut up this video and only include highlights and funny moments, instead of putting up the entire VOD.

Normally, I don’t read the comments on my videos and almost never pay attention to chat when I’m live streaming. I understand that this isn’t exactly the most optimal way to produce content, because fan interaction is important, but the few annoying people who spam and constantly post memes ruined it for those who actually have genuine messages. (However, to make up for this, I always make sure to answer personal emails and comments left on my website.)

For some reason, I decided to break up the routine and read the comments on my videos earlier today. I noticed one from a user who mentioned that my voice completely changed a minute and a half into one of my videos, and he knew that I was faking the accent because nobody actually really talks like that, sup­pos­ed­ly.

I decided to humorously address this commenter in today’s video by claiming that the Chinese-accented voice was actually my real voice, and that I occasionally fake an American accent just to throw people off. I assumed that would be the end of that joke, and figured that the random commenter wouldn’t actually see my response to him.

Boy, was I wrong, and am I glad that I was wrong. Apparently, the person who left that comment about my accent is actually a regular viewer of my secondary gaming channel, and he left a comment on this vid­eo letting me know that now he’s somewhat convinced because my League of Legends in-game lan­guage is in Korean.

So, now I’m not sure what has happened – I can’t figure out if I successfully trolled this guy into thinking that I actually really do have a Chinese accent as my normal voice, or if he’s trolling me into thinking that I successfully trolled him, even though I didn’t.

I wish more people like this guy existed so I would actually enjoy reading comments on my videos and chat on my live stream.

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PROJECT: Lucian – new skin preview on LoL PBE, full game highlights


There are five new PROJECT skins on the PBE, and they’ll be released throughout Patch 5.17. I decide to hop on the PBE yesterday to play a game with PROJECT: Lucian.

I made this video a bit different than what I usually do – I actually went through and edited together highlights from the full game, rather than just uploading the full VOD like I usually do.

I don’t really play marksman, and bottom lane is my worst position, but my support was pretty good and set me up for a lot of kills.

Eventually, I scaled relatively well into late game compared to everyone else, and I was able to help carry my team, even though our Udyr was absolute trash and should probably never play League of Legends ever again. (At one point in the video, you’ll hear me saying “I think this Udyr has typed more characters in chat than he has dealt points of damage to champions.”)

The splash arts for all these PROJECT skins are pretty amazing – they’re all flashy and futuristic and look all sci-fi. Unfortunately, the in-game character models are a bit of a disappointment compared to their splash arts.

Although the spell effects are nice and reflect what is expected from the futuristic splash arts, Lucian himself just looks like normal Lucian with a slight change in wardrobe.

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The launch of YouTube Gaming

Twitch has pretty much had a monopoly on gaming broadcasts in the United States, and a massive pres­ence worldwide. Back when eSports was just growing, there was a competitor called Own3D, but they got owned after they couldn’t pay their partners and more or less went bankrupt.

Most people say that Azubu could be considered a Twitch competitor, but in my opinion, Azubu has too much of an unintuitive and disorganized design. On top of that, I will forever remember them as being the company that filed a DMCA takedown request on content that they didn’t even own (research the SpectateFaker controversy if you’d like to learn more about that).

For the past few months, YouTube Gaming has been in the works, and we’ve been getting occasional up­dates about its progress. It challenged to be the next big platform in broadcasting, improving its current YouTube live streaming features.

Today was the release day of YouTube Gaming, and I think that it went okay.

I participated in the launch event by doing my own live stream on YouTube Gaming – I played some Nova in Quick Matches on Heroes of the Storm.


(If you’re curious, this video is a lot poorer quality than most of my other videos because I was live stream­ing from a location with DSL Internet, and I had to lower my bitrate to 1,000k.)

The streaming interface is fantastic. I love how in-control you feel of your stream from your dashboard, and the number of features and the amount of information it provides to you far exceeds anything that Twitch offers.

You can constantly update/tweak settings, see viewership and activity numbers, chat with your viewers, and preview your live stream all in the same page, in a well-organized customizable layout.

Unfortunately, although the back-end is great, I think the front-end could be a lot better.

When you go to YouTube Gaming, it feels like there’s just too much stuff in too little space, and too many different kinds of media are scrambled together.

For example, if you finally figure out how to get to the Heroes of the Storm page, the first thing you’ll see is Explore, where it clumps together a bunch of content ranging from extremely popular videos to streams with one viewer.

If you click on the Live tab, you’ll see all the live streamers, but the organization seems random (there are streams with zero viewers near the top and streams with ten viewers near the bottom). The spacing and sizing of the thumbnails also seems random, where some streams are confined to a three-column row while others are larger in a two-column row.

Overall, I think the front-end is too inconsistent for it to be a satisfying directory to use to look for good streams. It also puts far too much emphasis on the thumbnail (which is often completely irrelevant be­cause streamers can upload their custom thumbnails), and not enough emphasis on the important in­for­ma­tion (like the stream title, streamer, number of viewers, and other popularity metrics).



An old deck in a new meta – grinding ladder with Demon Handlock


As the month and the season come to a close, I get back to grinding on the Hearthstone ranked ladder to try and achieve Rank 5 and earn the maximum ranked rewards for the season.

Unfortunately, this is a little bit more difficult than I anticipated because of the new Grand Tournament expansion that came out yesterday. I ended up getting defeated a lot by cards and combinations I didn’t even know existed.

I started the stream session off at Rank 10, and did well and shot up to Rank 8. That’s when the downfall began, and I plummeted right back down to Rank 10 before taking a break.



The Grand Tournament is here!


Hearthstone’s fifth expansion, The Grand Tournament, went live today.

I opened the 50 packs that I had preordered, and had decent luck. Supposedly you’re supposed to see one legendary every 22 packs, and I opened three in my 50.

I was going to try and do some calculations on the distribution of cards I opened, but I realized that doing so would probably take an absurdly high amount of tedious work, so I decided to pass and just post the video.

It seems like 50 packs is nowhere near sufficient for building some good TGT decks, but luckily, I play mostly Warlock and a lot of the new cards exclusive to Warlock don’t really seem that great.

Wrathguard seems like a pretty strong card for zoo decks, but I’m afraid I will face a warrior who will man­age to get 30 armor, use shield slam on my Wrathgard, and one-shot my face. Once I overcome that fear, I will probably include it in my deck.

As for the other cards, a lot of them don’t really seem worth running, but most of them are demons. This is more a buff to Bane of Doom than it is anything else, so I may consider including Bane of Doom in my demon decks.

And finally, as you may have figured, I will definitely be crafting a golden Wilfred Fizzlebang. Un­for­tu­nately, at this time, I am nowhere near the dust requirement, so that video will probably be coming much later on.



Two games of Zyra mid against Fizz and Katarina in LoL

I played two games of mid-lane Zyra yesterday, one against Fizz and the other against Katarina. Both of these match-ups are considered unfavorable for Zyra (and favorable for the opponent).


Match history:

With the recent changes to AP items, I decided to pull Zyra mid back out and try it out again in some low-level League of Legends ranked play.

Before these changes, I felt as if Zyra was sort of in an in-between, where if she built high-damage, she was too vulnerable to death, but if she built items that synergized well together and well with her kit, she would just barely not have enough damage.

Because of the damage increases on most of the AP items, which allows flexibility in terms of build choices, Zyra’s build that just barely didn’t have enough damage before is now sufficient.

I use that build in this game and perform somewhat well. The post-game stats showed that I outdamaged our marksman by over 50% of her damage. This game also shows that no matter how badly your allies are doing (jungler on a dying spree, your top laner with a third of the enemy’s farm), as long as you keep up team morale, you should be able to carry if you’re good enough.


Match history:

After the successful Zyra mid game earlier in the day against Fizz, I play her again in a new game, this time laning against Katarina.

I bravely picked Zyra even though the enemy team had Malphite, Master Yi, and Katarina, three champions that can capitalize easily on Zyra’s weakness of poor mobility – and it worked out pretty well.

I ended the game with a score of 17/4/21, with 45k damage dealt to champions, 83% more than my marksman. I ended with only 162 farm because, not only am I bad at last-hitting in general, but my team started grouping up pretty early and I had to share lane minions.

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Battle Boss Blitzcrank – new unreleased skin preview on LoL PBE

Source: is down, which means I can’t play any Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone … so I decided to hop on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment to test out some more new skins.

Even in my eager excitement for the upcoming Heroes of the Storm patch, I still managed to focus enough to perform well and go 9/1/16 by the end of the game at 25 minutes.

There’s a pretty humorous backstory to this game.

As of today, the only game mode available on the PBE is Team Builder. So, I was forced to pick a role and queue up.

I queued up as a mid laner, and waited in queue for about 18 minutes before I realized this would be a perfect moment to use the “Why can’t I hold all these mid laners?” meme with the PBE server featured in the photograph.

I decided to switch to support, and queued up as Blitzcrank. I (literally) instantly found a game, but it was empty apart from myself and the team captain.

The other roles eventually filled up one by one, but there was one role that remained empty for about ten minutes.

Which role was it?

You got it, middle lane.

The lane for which I was sitting in queue for 18 minutes.

After I left queue, there was suddenly a scarcity of mid laners.

But it wasn’t the end of the world – we ended up finally finding a mid laner. But that would be too easy. Now our marksman Vayne had to complain about the fact that I was taking Ignite instead of Exhaust, because she wanted to take Ignite herself.

I obviously didn’t care at all and kept my Flash/Ignite combo, but the entire team started complaining and fighting with each other about summoner spells. People tried to force Vayne into taking Heal, but she settled on Exhaust.

In my opinion, Heal is not a summoner spell designed for marksmen, and I have no clue why everyone except I take it. This is coming from someone who used to run Heal/Ignite with no Flash back on Season 2, but stopped doing that because Heal got nerfed from a powerful baiting tool into a support summoner spell.

Marksmen are far better off taking Exhaust for self-peel and survivability against assassins, or Ghost for assisting in kiting away from movement-speed-buffed enemies. Cleanse is also acceptable if the enemy team has high catch potential and strong hard crowd control. Ignite is fine for combos like Graves/Leona who need that extra tiny bit of damage to secure an early-game kill during an all-in.

But Heal? Make the support player take it; the other options are far more effective for marksmen.

(Sure, go ahead and say I suck; I won’t notice because I’ll be too busy winning more games with Exhaust and/or Ghost.)



Preview of Infernal Shrines, Kharazim, and Elite A.I. on HotS PTR

Yesterday, I went through a detailed overview of Kharazim, the new melee support hero on Heroes of the Storm. I listed off the abilities and talents, showed some of the skin variations, and expressed some of my initial thoughts on the hero.

Today, I have a video of Kharazim, as well as the new map and the new A.I. difficulty.


I wasn’t exactly too willing to buy Kharazim for $9.99 (because you can only make real-money purchases on the PTR). It’s not that I’m not willing to spend money on Heroes of the Storm; it’s just that Kharazim is a support hero and I most likely won’t really ever play him on the live servers.

Fortunately, one of my allies didn’t think the same way that I did, and I was able to watch Kharazim in action, as played by one of my teammates.

The video also shows Infernal Shrines, the new map being released during the Eternal Conflict. It is again another Diablo-themed map, where your objective is to activate shrines, defeat guardians, and release punishers that roll through the enemy structures.

And finally, this was all done in a Versus A.I. game, which shows the improvements made to the Elite bots. Apparently the Elite difficulty mode still isn’t even done in development, so I’m guessing that the bots will become even harder once the development is done.

As I mentioned in a previous patch notes reaction blog post, I’m glad they’re doing more with the Versus A.I. mode for the people who prefer PvE over PvP.

These elite bots are definitely a lot better than the bots we have now. On live servers, the bots will ba­sically tank everything you throw at them until they are at low health, but these elite bots will actually move out of the way of skillshots.