Stream VOD: Teaching you how to Attempting to Reconnect…

Some people ask me why I sometimes get very frustrated with League of Legends and stop playing for ex­tend­ed periods of time.


What you see happening in this stream VOD happens to me surprisingly often.

You can imagine how irritating it gets when I’m half-way through a game in my ranked promotion series, gath­er up a massive kill/level/farm advantage, then this starts to happen and I’m useless for the rest of the game.



Finishing the Diablo III campaign

In a little under a week after unlocking the full version of Diablo III, I completed the campaign on my main character.


After defeating Azmodan, a huge plot twist reveals that someone dear to us was in fact a traitor all along, resulting in the return of Diablo.

There’s a pause in the beginning, several minutes into the replay, because I was lagging and went to restart my router. At the end, a quest bugged up and an NPC required to progress to the next step didn’t appear, so I stopped streaming to find out how to fix the problem.

For those who may be facing the same problem: If your quest says to find the portal to the Crystal Colon­nade but it’s bugged up and won’t let you move on, exit completely out of Diablo III and log back in. Simply exiting and remaking the instance while still having the Diablo III window open did not work for me.


In the final stream session of the campaign, I defeat Diablo and save the heavens.

Then, for the rest of the stream, I try to figure out how to continue leveling up without having to repeat the campaign, before giving up and leveling up my Demon Hunter a little bit instead.

If I had known that Diablo III would be over this quickly, I would’ve also unlocked the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion as well during the Black Friday sale. Unfortunately, I’m not too interested in paying full price for it just to continue my adventure, so it’s going to have to wait until the next time Blizzard decides to push out a sale.



Progressing my way through Act III of Diablo III


In this stream VOD from yesterday, I pick up where I left off two days prior, and rescue the stranger. Upon giving him the restored sword, I discover that his true identity is Tyrael.


With Act II starting up, I defeat Maghda and proceed to save Leah’s mother, Adria. I find out that, in order to trap the souls of the evil into the Black Soulstone, I need to help restore Zoltun Kulle’s body, piece by piece.


After foiling Zoltun Kulle’s foul intentions and defeating the entities of evil, Act II comes to a close, and Act III begins with a defense against a swarm of attacks.



Stream VOD: Playing Malzahar in solo queue vs. Orianna and Karma


If you watch me live and ask me questions, you might recall me saying that I think Malzahar is over­pow­ered in low-level solo queue because of his suppress ultimate.

Seeing as I barely played any ranked games at all during Season 4 and ended up finishing the season in gold league, I’m at a relatively low level, and decided to practice some Malzahar for some free wins.

In this stream session, I played two ranked solo queue games with Malzahar. The first game shows how eas­ily a jungler can completely swing a lane in his team’s favor, and the second game shows how the pres­sure from Malzahar’s pushing power can keep you in the game, even in a 4v5.

At the end of the stream, I log in to my smurf and get my win of the day in a bot game (and get com­plete­ly wrecked by Trundle Bot).



Finishing and playing past the Diablo III free trial

In celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Blizzard offered 50% off Diablo III – a deal of which I took advantage.

For some reason, my progress at the end of the free trial ended up not saving, so I went back and re-de­feat­ed the Skeleton King, then went on to solve the mystery about the sword that got shattered into three pieces.


The free trial really caught my attention and made me want to play Diablo III, but I knew that Blizzard runs frequent sales, so I was just waiting for the right moment to unlock the full game at the best possible price.

My hour-long stream VOD probably won’t be the most interesting thing to watch because of how me­tic­u­lous I am in un­covering every corner of each map, killing every monster, and destroying every object in search of loot; but that’s one thing about the game that makes me like it – it encourages spending time exploring and discovering things.

So far, the post-trial content has been fun (especially because, for me, it’s really easy to immerse myself in­to the plot), and I look forward to digging deeper into the storyline.



Starting up a F2P account on Hearthstone

I decided to start a F2P (free-to-play) account on Hearthstone, which means no buying packs or other in-game content with real money.

I’ll be logging my journey via video, and also trying to sprinkle in some advice here and there about the thought process behind my decisions in order to help new players improve their play.


The first episode, filmed yesterday, sort of acts as a beginner’s guide for starting up a Hearthstone account.

I spend an hour and a half finishing the tutorial, beating all the beginner bots, and winning five low-level ranked games.


The second episode is a continuation of low-level ranked games. I also complete two daily quests, and end the video with 310 gold, almost half-way to unlocking the first wing of Naxxramas.



Stream VOD: Janna support in a Normal with Lalo and Hao


Match history:

This is gameplay footage of a normal game I played today with Lalo and Hao. Someone higher up in the pick order wanted to take mid, so I decided to play some Janna support.

It was a little frustrating at the beginning because my ADC was more passive than Ed (better known as Grainyrice, a notoriously passive player), but after Corki realized how strong he was with me backing him up, things got better after laning phase.

On a side note, I highly discourage people from copying my build from this game … I didn’t really know what to build, so ended up going mostly AP.



Stream VOD: Diamond Kukulkan on Smite Arena, perfect KDA game


Playing Kukulkan (formerly Ao Kuang before his rework) using the Diamond skin on Arena, and man­ag­ing to get a perfect game (with zero deaths, highest damage dealt, and lowest damage taken).

I’m still only level 21 (the level cap is 30), so this is a relatively low-level game. My matchmaking rating generally goes down whenever I play with my friends because we tend to lose a lot of games, then when I solo queue, I usually end up stomping like I do in this game.