Playing co-op Diablo III for the first time


I team up with my buddy Del to try out the co-op part of Diablo III for the first time (yes, I have literally never been in a multiplayer party in Diablo III before). We start off by doing bounties in Act II, then we finish a Nephalem Rift together.

Before we started, I assumed that it would be just like any other time I play Diablo III, but it ended up being a lot more fun and interesting than I had expected. Not only did Del deal a lot more damage than I thought he would, but the multiplayer aspect of it made it feel more interactive.

We only played for about an hour because it was getting late at night and I needed to go to sleep, but we’ll definitely be playing more in the future.



Stream VOD: Diablo III RoS – Adventure Mode – Bounties – Act III


I played some Diablo III: Reaper of Souls today and did bounties on Act III in Adventure Mode. Today, I ended up only doing five bounties in one act and only played for an hour because I was having some high-latency problems near the end of the stream.

It’s currently the one-year anniversary of Reaper of Souls, so there’s a one-week-long double XP and gold buff going on until March 30th. If my Internet connection decides to smoothen itself out (or if I become motivated enough to play with a different connection), I’ll most likely end up reaching the level cap before the buff period ends.



Finishing the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls campaign mode

To start off today’s stream session, I load up Act V from where I left off last time and play through until I finish it.

I was on the highest difficulty available during the leveling process so I ended up dying a few times on the final boss, but that made it even more satisfying when I managed to beat it.

After finishing up the Reaper of Souls campaign, I decided to try out the Adventure Mode by completing bounties on Acts I and II and finishing a Nephalem Rift.




Playing new content from the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion


I finally caved in and got Reaper of Souls, the Diablo III expansion. I haven’t played Diablo III in quite a while, so most of this stream is spent being bad at the game and trying to get reaccustomed to the controls and movement.

I was having some framerate issues and the jumpiness of the visuals was making me a little bit motion sick (yes, I get dizzy easily), so I ended the stream a little earlier to try and resolve some technical issues offline.


In the second part of the stream, I progressed deeper into Act V, hunting down and killing Urzael, the Harbinger of Death, and Adria the Witch.



Casting SKT Faker playing Viktor and Cho’Gath on League of Legends

I haven’t done any League of Legends casts of professional players for a while, so I decided to do two today of SKT Telecom T1’s mid laner Faker (Lee Sang-Hyeok), playing Viktor mid against Xerath and Cho’Gath top against Maokai.





Continuing my TERA: Fate of Arun journey in Spring Valley


In my second TERA stream of the year, I finish the Spring Valley section of the new continent and clear the Sabex Armory dungeon.

I was reminded how frustrating it can be to find a dungeon-clearing group as a damage dealer, but after sitting in queue for long enough, I finally managed to find a party to clear my first ever Fate of Arun dungeon.

The dungeon itself wasn’t that bad. Of course, like usual, I had party members randomly dying, but that’s not too out of the ordinary – I used to play this game so much that I’ve pretty much seen anything.

I’m still pretty excited about the new zone questing system, and how satisfying it is. It just feels a lot better to have a list of tasks to do, rather than having to go around in zones picking up quests from people (and turning them in by talking with someone three steps away from the original quest giver). The quests now feel more like real missions, rather than chores to gather experience and level up.

It seems like the upcoming regions are larger in size, so we might end up spending more than a single stream session clearing future zones. Also, at this rate, it might actually be possible to hit level 65 before finishing the final zone, if I start doing more dungeon runs.

Finally, I mention part-way through the stream session about the nice graphics and unique colors. After rewatching that section from my stream VOD, I realized that it isn’t at all crisp and detailed compared to what it actually is in the game (the reason being that I’m downsizing the original 1080p graphics to 720p, and Twitch limits my broadcasting to 3500 bitrate).

So, I thought it might be worth nothing that I’m not actually being impressed at what you guys see from your end through the stream, and the graphics are in fact very detailed and high-quality if you look at them directly from the game output.



Stream VOD: Catching and evolving Pokémon in PokéMMO




While relaxing after recently finishing the normal mode campaign of Path of Exile, I went back to some much easier and less intensive games, one of which was PokéMMO.

If you’re unfamiliar, PokéMMO can be best described as an emulator that can be used to play ROMs of Pokémon Fire Red and Emerald. The emulator comes built in with multiplayer capabilities, and it turns the Pokémon game into an MMO.

I’ve been playing on and off for a few years now, and a few months ago, I started playing more often after they released the Hoenn expansion.

For the past handful days, I’ve spent a handful of hours catching and evolving Pokémon to fill up my PokéDex. Seeing as there isn’t really any compelling content in the stream VODs (apart from just watching me play Pokémon), I decided to group up the PokéMMO VODs from this week into just a single post.