[LoL] Face of the Mountain OP … twice

Hi humans.

Today’s stream highlight is from Taiki and me testing out the new preseason four changes, specifically the Relic Shield and Targon’s Brace. The laning sustainability and gold accumulation it provides is extremely strong right now, so both Taiki and I bought the item. I ended up upgrading mine to a Face of the Mountain, which is an item that drains the user’s health to give a shield to the targeted ally.

The item saved Taiki’s life twice, both times allowing him to survive with a sliver of health.

This is the first time it happened:

(Linked image not working? Try the direct URL. http://www.twitch.tv/parkzer/c/3287615)

And the second time, two minutes later:

(Linked image not working? Try the direct URL. http://www.twitch.tv/parkzer/c/3287627)


[LoL] Much multitask many clutch such juke wow doge (2013.11.08)

Hi humans.

This is a clip from a game I played over a week ago with Ed and Taiki that I finally got around to high­lighting.

Much multitask many clutch such juke wow doge

(Linked image not working? Try the direct URL. http://www.twitch.tv/parkzer/c/3252181)

Attempt to assassinate Miss Fortune, waste Zed and Lulu’s time and cooldowns, farm a minion, Smite Dragon, and finish off Zed? Now that’s what I call multitasking.


[LoL] 1v2 handicap match against Ed and Simon (2013.10.25)

Hi humans.

I set up streaming software on my new laptop today, and decided to stream for a little bit to test my settings and see if everything was working.

During my testing, I played a bot game with Simon, and a 1v2 handicap match against Ed and Simon.

Normally I don’t post raw clips like this onto my website, and only post highlights, but because I haven’t streamed in such a long time, I decided to put this up here anyway. We only ended up playing one game because Ed was so disappointed in Simon after the first game, so once I Alt+F4 out of the first game, that’s the end of anything worth watching.

(Linked image not working? Try the direct link. http://www.twitch.tv/parkzer/b/473502370)


Stream Replay: Tetris Online Poland with Parkzer (2013.08.10)

Hi humans.

I streamed for a little under an hour earlier today because I had some spare time and I had access to an Internet connection that was good enough for streaming.

Also, upon popular demand, I played K-pop music (even though I normally play pop punk and punk rock).

If you’re interested in watching the replay, click on the image below:

(Linked image not working? Try the direct URL. http://www.twitch.tv/m/71582)


Video: [LoL] Lose lane, win game – AP Amumu mid vs. Lux

Hi humans.

This is a stream recording of a game I played where I went AP Amumu mid against Lux. The reason I selected Amumu to play this game was because the enemy team’s first and second picks selected Blitzcrank and Thresh.

My strength usually lies during laning phase, but this game, I underperformed against Lux. However, due to the extreme ganking and team fighting potential of Amumu, I was able to turn the game around after Rammus finally succeeded in ganking Lux and giving me a kill to snowball me into mid-game.

The best part about this game is that Lux got overconfident after successfully forcing me to die three times. She went as far as to state in all-chat that mid-lane Amumu was a joke. Unfortunately for her, things started going downhill as the game went on.

(Embedded player not working? Try the direct link. http://youtu.be/oM3sT-qvnDk)


Video: [LoL] Why supports shouldn’t 1v1 mid laners (2013.06.28)

Hi humans.

I haven’t really been streaming too often lately because the Internet I have at my home doesn’t have an upload speed high enough for me to stream.

However, when I go to my martial arts academy, I try to stream every time I play League of Legends, because that’s the only chance I have to stream.

I streamed a few days ago while playing with Simon, my primary martial arts instructor.

There was nothing that epic that happened, but I still wanted to make some sort of highlight clip because I haven’t in so long. So, I present to you, “Why supports shouldn’t 1v1 mid laners.”

(Linked image not working? Try the direct URL. http://twitch.tv/parkzer/c/2493274)


Video: [LoL] Best gank NA, brought to you by Jayce

Hi humans.

This Jayce thought he was sneaky when he came to gank my lane after I had killed the enemy mid laner.

What he didn’t realize was that I was running ability power masteries, started a Doran’s Ring, and was maxing my Q first.

After he got chunked down really hard by my Hungering Strike, he promptly used his To the Skies on a minion to create distance, and even Ghosted away.

It’s almost as if I had ganked Jayce without even leaving my own lane.

(Click on the image to view the video)

(Linked image not working? Try this direct URL. http://www.twitch.tv/parkzer/c/2236314)

We’ve all heard the saying – wards save lives … or help you take lives of others.