UK Tetris Open 2014 – Grand Finals – Paul vs. Wong

Paul Erdunast, a buddy of mine from back when I did a lot of Tetris stream hosting and shoutcasting, asked me to do a rebroadcast of the grand finals of the 2014 UK Tetris Open. This was a tournament held in Melt­down London on August 31, 2014, and was originally live streamed by @dderder.

After some post-production work and my own commentary, this is the final product.




Regarding the Tetris Tournament Online III (TTO3) grand finals

Hi humans.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests I have received to comment on the Tetris Tournament Online III grand finals broadcast, I felt like I could not ignore them any longer. I’ve given my opinion to a few different people in individual conversations, but like always, what I say always gets changed when passed along. So, I decided to post another official announcement again, this time regarding the results of the tournament.

For those who are completely unfamiliar with the Tetris Tournament Online, it is the world competitive Tetris championship tournament, sponsored by the Tetris Company, the copyright holders of the Tetris brand, and organized by Hard Drop, the largest Tetris community in the world (as of today).

One of the most frequent questions I got was why I didn’t stream or cast anything in the tournament. I already answered this to a decent level of thoroughness back on October 19, 2013. In case you missed it, you can read it here:

The next most common question is how the tournament went. I managed to get the statistics for TTO3 from Twitch, Hard Drop’s primary streaming platform, and can give you a comparison to TTO2 from last year, which is the tournament where I hosted the stream and casted.

  • Unique visitors. This is the number of different people who saw at least some part of the broadcast. TTO2: 37,963. TTO3: 3,340 (8.8%).
  • Max concurrent viewers. This is the largest number of people who were watching the stream at the same time. TTO2: 2,049. TTO3: 604 (29.5%).
    • An interesting supplementary piece of information – after TTO2 was over, we did fan games. During this time, the max concurrent viewers was 624. This means that we had more people watching fan games last year than the tournament had overall during the main event this year.
  • Average minutes per visitor. This is how long, on average, people watched the stream once they arrived on the page. I’m not 100% sure how to interpret this correctly because they’re displayed as ranges on a per-hour basis, but these numbers are taken straight from the Twitch statistics. TTO2: 3-45 minutes. TTO3: 7-14 minutes (25.3%).

To put things simply, TTO3 was massively less popular than TTO2.

The next main question I received was why this happened. The cause of this is simple – the leadership behind the tournament this year was insufficient. Hard Drop was not prepared to host the tournament yet, but an unqualified individual took over the lead and pushed this tournament to release without proper preparation. The founder of Hard Drop did not stop this because all he was interested in was to get something happening in the community.

Finally, the last question is if I will ever be re-entering the Tetris scene to revive streaming and broad­casting with high-quality production value. Unfortunately, I have no answer to that at this point. The primary determining factor is if the Tetris Company will start making an effort to promote their brand again. If they make an effort to improve the official Tetris game (which at this point is Tetris Friends – they can either improve it or make a new one), and become more motivated to get people involved with Tetris, then yes, I may consider re-entry. If not, then I will not.



Why I am not streaming for Tetris Tournament Online III

Hi humans.

I do a lot of things on the Internet, so you might not necessarily know me for this, but a good handful of people discovered me due to my primary streaming leadership role in the Tetris Tournament Online II, the official annual Tetris tournament sponsored by the Tetris Company, the official copyright holder of the Tetris brand.

Many people were looking forward to Tetris Tournament Online III (TTO3), the sequel to last year’s tournament, and they were eager to have me return this year as a streamer and shoutcaster. However, most of these people noticed that I have not been the one streaming or shoutcasting any of the TTO3 matches so far.

I did announce some specifics about why I have not been the one streaming, but due to the unofficial nature with which I shared the information, a lot of it was lost or changed as it was passed on from person to person. There have also been some particular individuals who intentionally changed information as a personal attack to me.

To make things easier for everyone, I decided to publish my reasons here. If you hear anything else not included in this list, and it seems a little outlandish, it’s probably a rumor.

  1. I am gravely disappointed in the Tetris Company, and do not feel they deserve the publicity and free advertising that comes with Tetris Tournament Online. Their cooperation last year was mini­mal, and they just barely provided enough to get the tournament running. Nobody with whom I spoke showed any sort of genuine excitement about the tournament. The amount they supported our tournament was abysmal. They had many outlets to let Tetris enthusiasts know about our tournament so they could sign up, compete, and watch others’ matches; these outlets were barely used at all. Instead, a majority of our publicity came from Twitch, with whom I partnered in preparation for the event.
  2. I received next-to-zero compensation from the Tetris Company for the work I put in last year. The competitors at least received mediocre prizes – the first place winner received an electronic, but the runners up received prizes worth less than the shipping costs needed to send them internationally. The stream­ers, organizers, and hosts received absolutely nothing. The only benefit I received whatso­ever from streaming was a little bit of advertising for my website via the logo I had on the stream overlay. My co-commentator for the grand finals received literally nothing.
  3. I no longer have the time to put into Tetris. I graduate from undergraduate university, and have moved on to a graduate and licensure program. I no longer have the time to do whatever I want with my free time like I did when I was an undergraduate. I also have other things into which I must invest time.
  4. I no longer have the resources to stream. Back when the Tetris Tournament Online II was going on, I lived in my own apartment in Madison, WI that came with free 50 Mbps Internet. I no longer live in Madison; I moved out after I graduated. I now live back at my regular house in my home town, and commute to my graduate university. This also means that we don’t get free Internet, and the Internet we have is approximately 1.5 Mbps – nowhere near fast enough to stream anything at any viewable quality.
  5. The time I do spend on gaming, I would like to spend on games that have a future. At the rate the Tetris Company is going, Tetris has no future. Their attitude towards the Tetris community is counterintuitive, and is causing them to miss out on opportunities that will make their game more popular. On the other hand, there are plenty of other game developers who engage closely with their community and player base that has a much more promising future. I am going to stick with those companies.

Hopefully that will satisfy a lot of curiosity revolving my Tetris situation. Again, there is a lot of incorrect information intentionally being passed around by individuals who oppose my decision and wish for my failure. If you wish to remain at a neutral or supportive stance with me, I ask that you combat the wrong information by linking to this post, or simply by just not passing the wrong information on further.



Stream Replay: Tetris Online Poland with Parkzer (2013.08.10)

Hi humans.

I streamed for a little under an hour earlier today because I had some spare time and I had access to an Internet connection that was good enough for streaming.

Also, upon popular demand, I played K-pop music (even though I normally play pop punk and punk rock).

If you’re interested in watching the replay, click on the image below:

(Linked image not working? Try the direct URL.



Stream Replay: [Tetris Online Poland] Stream bandwidth/quality test

Hi humans.

If you don’t know already, the reason I haven’t been streaming much lately (and pretty much no Tetris at all) is because I am done with university and back in my hometown where my Internet is miserably slow.

However, I’ve still been getting a lot of requests to stream anyway, so I decided to test it out yesterday by doing a 360p stream of Tetris Online Poland.

I have come to the conclusion that it will not work out, and my Internet is not good enough to even handle streaming the lowest realistic quality that people can watch. The audio was apparently fine, and I still had a good group of people watching just to listen to me talk and answer questions, but the video stuttered and lagged so much that people couldn’t keep up with what I was doing. According to my streaming software, I dropped about a third of my frames.

If you’re still interested in watching the stream replay, it is posted as a stream recording on Hard Drop’s Twitch.TV account.

(Linked image not working? Try the direct URL.




Video: [Tetris] How not to do a two-wide combo

Hi humans.

For the first time in a pretty long time, I streamed some Tetris because I had a little bit of relaxing time.

I asked the Hard Drop shoutbox what they wanted me to stream, and the only main request that I got was to do a stream session together with Virulent.

The only Tetris game Virulent likes to play is Cultris II, so I went ahead and downloaded it, and streamed it for a few hours. Unfortunately, I happem to be really bad at Cultris II, and it didn’t end up too great for me.

Today’s highlight clip comes from the stream session, and is a simple, classic misdrop fail.

(Click on the image to view the video)

(Linked image not working? Try the direct URL.



Tetris Stream Replay: “PARKZER IS BACK”

Hi humans.

In my spree of streaming League of Legends on my personal Twitch.TV channel, I decided to throw some Tetris in there as well. For the first time in a really long time, I had a short session of Tetris Arena Live with Parkzer for the Hard Drop community.

(Embedded player not working? Try this link.

Overall a pretty normal stream with nothing too out-of-the-ordinary happening (relative to my other streams, at least, because we all know that all my streams are always out-of-the-ordinary).



Stream Replay: Tetris Online Poland & Tetris Friends w/ Parkzer

Hi humans.

Earlier today, I streamed some Tetris from my psychology research lab while I was running participants for my experiment. My attention was very divided so I wasn’t really focused on Tetris much throughout the stream, but I still played and commentated a bit.

The stream started out with me trying to play Tetris Friends, then failing because there was too much lag. I transitioned to Tetris Online Poland for a little while, then switched back to Tetris Friends to spectate.

If you missed the live stream and want to watch the replay, it’s been embedded here:

(Embedded player not working? Try this link.

If you’re interested in more Tetris streams, I recommend following Hard Drop’s Twitch.TV channel. If you’re interested in more streams featuring me, you can follow Hard Drop’s channel, as well as my personal Twitch.TV channel, where I primarily stream League of Legends and other random games.



NullpoMino League Live with Parkzer (Unplanned random stream)

Hi humans.

If you’ve been an avid watcher of my stream shows, you might already know that I had a stream show that took place weekly, every Friday, back in the spring of this year. I discontinued that show when the summer started (in the northern hemisphere) because I was on break from university, and I no longer had a reliable schedule or Internet available for consistent streaming.

Upon returning to university, I still didn’t bring my show back right away because the Tetris Tournament Online II was going on, and casting tournament matches was taking up enough of my time that I felt it would be beneficial for me to not stream even more Tetris on top of that to ensure that I could tend to my other responsibilities as well.

I said that I would eventually start streaming Tetris again on a weekly basis in a form of a show once the Tetris Tournament Online II was over, but I never actually specified exactly when it would start again. Apparently, there was some miscommunication and pretty much everybody except me knew that I was supposed to be streaming tonight. I didn’t want to let anybody down, so I just hopped on stream and broadcasted a relatively short impromptu stream show on NullpoMino League without any preparation.

If you missed the stream, you can watch a replay of it below:

(Embedded player not working? Try this link.

I wouldn’t really say that stream was much of a success because it was on NullpoMino League, and not on Tetris Friends like my stream shows usually are. Of course, NullpoMino League is a lot less popular than Tetris Friends is, so we ended up having a very limited set of players to observe throughout the stream. Also, as I mentioned above, I wasn’t very prepared for this stream, so we ended up coming up with random stuff to do on the spot, including reading tongue twisters for the last 20 minutes of the stream.

I most likely will not be streaming next week, because I have to get a lot of other stuff done and organized before going live with a regular show again, but stay tuned to my blog for updates on when a show might be coming up. If you like watching Tetris in general, be sure to follow the Hard Drop Twitch.TV channel to be updated whenever we go live with some more Tetris.