Heimerdinger mid and top in LoL Ranked Solo/Duo in low Gold

Continuing on what I posted yesterday, I decided to also make my League of Legends games more ac­cess­ible as well by splitting them up into individual videos.

That way, they’re more easily searchable, and it avoids having non-content content (such as waiting in queue or taking a break) that would normally come along with a standard stream VOD.

The videos will be titled with the name of the champion being played, the position being played, the opponent, an indicator that it is ranked solo/duo queue in League of Legends, and the rank (league, di­vi­sion, and league points).

I have two videos ready so far, one playing in mid against the new AP Smite Ezreal that builds Runeglaive and Luden’s Echo, and another in top lane against Rumble.

Sources: http://youtube.com/watch?v=sQuY2qCBTe4 & http://youtube.com/watch?v=kd8oGnyQFmg



I got myself a free Azir

For the past week or so, every time I went on the League of Legends subreddit, I saw people discussing the pool party event thing, where if the community collects enough points, they get free stuff.

One of the posts talked about how, at this rate, it was impossible for the community to reach the grand prize, and they would barely even earn the first few prizes. Of course, this fellow failed to realize that the point of this event is to make people play more in order to get the rewards, not to just give them out at the rate the community is already playing.

Somehow, the community managed to reach the reward of everyone getting a free mystery champion.

I’ve been playing League of Legends for a pretty long time – I think I started sometime around 2012. In that time, I managed to collect a lot of champions. But, unfortunately, I don’t play quite enough to be able to unlock all the champions worth 6,300 IP.

With this mystery champion gift reward thing coming around, I wanted to make sure that I got the most value out of it as possible. I was stockpiling a bit of IP because I wasn’t really interested in buying more champions at the moment, but I decided that now was the time to spend.

There were two low-cost champions that I did not buy until this point.

One of them is Poppy. I hate Poppy. I hate how she looks, I hate what she is, I hate how she’s played, I hate her abilities, I hate her skins, and I pretty much hate everything there is to hate about Poppy.

The other is Taric. He is just too fabulous for me, and it’s irritating.

But, I decided to set aside my grudges and think realistically. What if Riot decides to gift me Poppy or Taric? Not only would that forcefully put into my possession a champion I dislike, but it would also es­sen­tial­ly waste my free champion mystery gift. So, I went ahead and spent 1,800 IP on Poppy and Taric.

Then, I went on to buying as many 4,800 IP champions as I could, effectively lowering the possibility that I get a gift of less value. I bought a few before my stockpile ran dry.

Today, I signed in to discover that my mystery gift was…

Azir Mystery Gift


I’m pretty satisfied.



My third game back to League of Legends ranked solo queue

In order to stay relevant as an entertainer in League of Legends, I decided to play a few ranked games to keep up with the game and see how it’s evolved in the months during which I haven’t really played the game seriously.

It would be fantastic if I could continue being a caster without ever playing the game, but unfortunately, doing so leaves me in the dark in a lot of areas, so it’s critical that I continue to play the game first-hand to collect personal experience.

I am proud to announce that the game is just the same as it used to be before I quit to move on to Heroes of the Storm.

(Click to enlarge)

Compared to this, playing Heroes of the Storm is like gliding through the heavens while cuddling a cloud.

Edit: As a disclaimer, I’m all for a triple marksman team composition (even though it would probably not do too well against a dive composition like the one the enemy team had).

I love innovation, and would like to see Urgot in a solo lane and Ashe as support being thrown in by Kalista’s Fate’s Call, only to crowd control them even further with a point-blank guaranteed Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

What I’m pointing out in this post is the attitude that our Ashe brought into the game, as you can see by her chat messages and summoner spells.



My HotS NA-to-EU ping is lower than my LoL NA-to-NA ping

Earlier today, Blizzard announced that globalization was enabled for Heroes of the Storm.

Until now, Heroes of the Storm was region-specific. If you got a key, you had to make sure you got a prop­er NA or EU key for your account.

Now, with globalization, every account can play on any server, and multiple regional accounts can be bound to a single Battle.net log-in.

I decided to test out this change by logging in to the European Heroes of the Storm server. I finished some of the starting tutorials, then hopped in a Cooperative game.

My ping was actually impressively low, compared to my expectations, and I tweeted about it:

I hovered around 132 ms when I played on the EU server. When I play League of Legends on the NA ser­ver, my ping often sits around the 140s.

Everyone says that their connection to the League of Legends servers are fine, and they blame it on my Internet, but it’s sort of hard to believe when stuff like this happens … lol



Preview of unreleased Queen of Diamonds Syndra skin on LoL PBE

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJtGdtpkRAE

Syndra is a champion I used to play a lot back when I actually used to regularly play League of Legends. I was never really that great with her – I would smash people in lane, but end up not doing much late game because I would randomly die too much.

I started playing her a lot less (and almost not at all) after her nerfs. The damage on her Dark Sphere was reduced so she only reaches her former full damage potential on her Q ability once she skills it up to rank 5. The hitbox on her stun was also changed such that now, even when a scattered sphere strikes an opponent, it sometimes still doesn’t proc the stun if only the edge of the ball makes contact. As a consequence of these nerfs, Syndra’s win rate fall by around 7% or so.

However, as I was browsing through League of Legends news, I found out that Syndra was going to get a new skin, Queen of Diamonds. I decided to sign in on the beta server to dust off my packed-away Syndra and try out the new skin.

For whatever reason, every queue except for Team Builder was disabled on the PBE, so I queued up as a mid laner. After waiting over twenty minutes and not finding a game, I left the queue and was about to just not play League of Legends, when I noticed that the role in high demand for team builder was support.

I decided to give it one more chance and queue up as support Syndra. Magically, only after several mi­nutes this time, I got myself into a lobby. After another several mi­nutes, we finally found ourselves into a game.

The game itself went pretty well. The enemy marksman was unfortunate enough to pick Twitch (a cham­pi­on notorious for a terrible laning phase) into a Syndra support. Even after Syndra’s nerfs, she’s still a pretty strong laner in terms of both damage and utility, as long as you don’t miss your skills.

I started off with a standard support build of a gold generation item and a Sightstone. From there, I went on to my regular mid lane AP carry build, and get part-way through my second big item before we end the game.

I try to provide a decent amount of commentary during this stream, so if you’re interested in learning more about the game as well as see a preview of the new skin, this video will serve both those purposes.



Star Guardian Lux – New unreleased skin preview on LoL PBE

Source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Tyhu34J0-a8&list=PLKQUciHiP2v4FC-81KQi_y3eFTITpiftc

I don’t even know why I still play League of Legends … it’s almost as if I’m a masochist who enjoys being tortured by constant ping spikes and packet loss.


If you’re actually interested in seeing the skin in action, I played a game on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment with Star Guardian Lux.

The game was constantly buggy, like usual, and I had awful ping spikes and packet loss throughout the entire game.

There was even an instance in the game where I got off my full combo on the enemy marksman, and the explosion animation on my ultimate went off, and I definitely reactivated my Lucent Singularity, but he only took damage from my Light Binding.

If you don’t like watching people who are annoyed, then I highly discourage you from leaving your sound on while watching this video, because I complain a lot throughout pretty much the entire stream.

As I said in a previous blog post from a few days ago, I love League of Legends as an eSport. I still love casting games, and I still love thinking about the game and learning about new strategies and theories. But, when it comes to playing it, things just haven’t ever been going right lately.

At least I’m having fun playing Heroes of the Storm, I guess…



Every time I play League of Legends, I get reminded why I hate playing it

I’ve had a lot of problems playing League of Legends. I’ve completely stopped playing it for months at a time, and when I do end up returning, I do it very reluctantly.

I absolutely love watching it – I think it’s a great spectator sport, and love keeping up with the professional scene. I watch a lot of the games, and interact with the eSports aspect of it quite a bit.

Unfortunately, actually playing the game is a completely different story.

Out of all the games I’ve played, League of Legends has literally the trashiest community. Notice how I said “the trashiest,” and not “one of the trashiest,” because I literally do not know of any group of people who are as bad as the group that make up League of Legends players.

(Note: I do not play Counter Strike, Call of Duty, or any first-person shooters, but still, I included them in my judgment. Sure, you might have little boys screaming and swearing at you through their headsets, but they’re just that – little boys. They’re children who are growing up and having an identity crisis, and not necessarily bad people.)

I have quite a few friends who successfully and profitably produce content related to League of Legends. I help them out a bit in particular areas, and it inspires and motivates me to start doing that kind of work independently rather than just being an assistant.

But, if I’m going to make my own content, I obviously need original footage to use, which means I need to play the game. (Yes, I realize that I can cast other people’s games, and I already do that, but the best way to raise your popularity is to use your own content and build yourself up as a personality.)

I decided I was going to try and turn “Heighlights” into a series. I was somewhat satisfied with how the first episode came out, and I had some aspirations for what I would do for future episodes.

On this mission, I played some more Heimerdinger games, when this happened:

If you’re not familiar with League of Legends’ advanced play, you might have some difficulty figuring out what’s going on.

In the current meta and state of the Summoner’s Rift map, a very easy way to get ahead in top lane is to do a jungle camp. There are two different ways you can do this – you can either take Teleport, kill the camp at level 1 and hit level 2 off of it, recall back to base, then Teleport back to top lane … or, you can be Heimerdinger, set up turrets, solo the camp, then walk to lane with Ignite instead of Teleport.

I was being Heimerdinger, obviously, so I was doing the second option.

Unfortunately, my pants-on-head retarded jungler by the name of “TopCarriesU” didn’t understand that.

Normally, I kill Gromp when I’m on the southwest side of the map, and the golems (or whatever their new names are now) when I’m on the northeast side of the map. My jungler generally has no problem with me doing this because he can very easily start on the opposite side of the map (where he will get the help of both his ADC and support), and because there are plenty of camps to go around at level 1.

But for some reason, my Kha’Zix had a problem with me getting ahead in lane.

Instead of just going to bottom lane and starting his golems, getting the help of his ADC and support, he instead decides to sit on the other side of the wall as I do Gromp. When it gets into Smite range, he takes it, reducing the amount of XP I get from it so I don’t hit level 2 off of it.

The worst part is that I didn’t even all-in on the Gromp, because I assumed that Kha’Zix would also be attacking the Gromp. I never realized someone could be so spiteful that they would sit on the other side of the wall to make sure they could screw over their “ally” to maximum efficiency.

(Note: All-inning a jungle camp means putting down all three available turrets before it spawns, then juggling aggro between yourself and the turrets just enough that by the time the camp dies, you re­gen­er­ate to full health and walk back to lane completely healthy at level 2.)

Needless to say, after this had happened, I instantly left the game.

I see no reason to play with someone who wants me to do badly.

This isn’t a rare occurrence either. I just happen to be using this example because I was streaming at the time and was able to take a screenshot to accompany my story.

And if you’re considering playing League of Legends, this is something you should take into consideration. Sure, anyone could “deal with it,” but the real question is, do you really want to?

I sure don’t.



“Heighlights,” a Heimerdinger-only montage

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHaeqUe8GJE


This is an edited montage I threw together yesterday with footage from games I played yesterday morning and early afternoon.

Normally my highlight videos are just single clips of funny moments, so this is the first time I’ve actually put something together with edits and background music.

I wanted to try something a bit more advanced than the bland gaming-related content I sometimes post, and I got inspired by SivHD (WQLFY on YouTube) to make something like this.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue making montages like this, but regardless, I’ll read any feedback posted as comments. If you put detailed thought into the feedback you leave, I’ll try to respond, ad­dress­ing your suggestions.



Preview of Red Steel Blitzcrank and Forsaken Jayce on LoL PBE

I hopped on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment earlier today and played two games featuring two pieces of new content.

Source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8HR8T41ha0E&list=PLKQUciHiP2v4FC-81KQi_y3eFTITpiftc

In the first game, I play Red Steel Blitzcrank in top lane against Rengar.

I somehow start out the game extremely well, and have a score of 6/0/7 at one point.

Unfortunately, I make a critical error in my item build, and for some inexplicable reason, I buy a very early Guardian Angel. That item obviously doesn’t do much good for me, and everything ends up going downhill from there.

(Spoiler: After my first death, I get zero more kills.)

Source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=N3qitwbji1g&list=PLKQUciHiP2v4FC-81KQi_y3eFTITpiftc

The exact opposite thing happens in my game with Forsaken Jayce – I end up getting smashed by the enemy Teemo in lane.

But, of course, as we know, the worse I personally perform, the better my games tend to end…



UberDanger’s personal life is irrelevant to his reddit vote manipulation

One of the huge topics on reddit right now is the fact that UberDanger, along with a bunch of other You­Tube content creators, are applying malicious tactics to their reddit posts in order to increase their popu­lar­ity.

Supposedly, there is a massive group on Skype of League of Legends content creators on YouTube who post links to their reddit submissions and upvote each other in order to ensure everyone in the group reaches the front page and receives maximum visibility.

Just this is enough to get all associated content creators banned from reddit, as long as the reddit mod­er­ators and administrators are able to verify that it actually happened.

Unfortunately, the validity and severity of this is being diminished by people who are going for more – not just removing immoral content creators from reddit, but also trying to ruin their lives.

An example of this is UberDanger.

UberDanger posted a vlog on YouTube stating that he did, in fact, participate in these unethical practices on reddit in the past. This should be sufficient evidence to ban UberDanger’s content from reddit and move on, never seeing him again.

But people keep bringing up the fact that there is a rumor going around claiming he performed statutory rape on a fifteen-year-old girl in the United States when he visited Boston to attend PAX East.

The validity of the rumor is unproven, as the girl in question has not personally come forward claiming it happened (as far as I’m aware). Thus, there is absolutely no reason to bring a random rumor into a dis­cus­sion regarding a more serious topic about vote manipulation.

Those who keep mentioning the statutory rape accusations are only hurting their own case. It’s common for people to attack the individual if they feel as if their argument in the original debate is lacking.

The argument (UberDanger and his content should be banned from reddit) in the original debate (YouTube content creators, including UberDanger, are abusing reddit and breaking its terms of service) is not lacking.

So stop taking this too far, and keep UberDanger’s personal life out of it.

If he did in fact commit statutory rape, that’s a job for his local justice system, not a job for the “reddit detectives.”