Casting SKT Faker playing Viktor and Cho’Gath on League of Legends

I haven’t done any League of Legends casts of professional players for a while, so I decided to do two today of SKT Telecom T1’s mid laner Faker (Lee Sang-Hyeok), playing Viktor mid against Xerath and Cho’Gath top against Maokai.





Stream VOD: Spectating and playing League of Legends with Phteven


Spectating Phteven (Steven, robotmaniac) playing Katarina at the beginning, then playing some ARAMs and normal games with him for a few hours.

For those who are curious, he got the nickname Phteven because Ed and I saw a post on reddit where someone named Stephen told a waiter that his name was “Steven with a ph,” and the waiter wrote “Phteven” on his receipt. Even though this Steven’s name isn’t spelled with a “ph,” we still call him Phteven.



Stream Highlight: Why I hate playing League of Legends


Earlier today, I went on the PBE to play DJ Sona mid.

The game was off to a great start – as you can see in the video, I already have a kill at level 3 because my team successfully responded to a enemy jungler solo invade and I killed him for first blood. I even managed to get myself blue buff.

Then, a level later, my game decides to disconnect.

But not all the way – that wouldn’t be troll enough. Instead, only my outstream gets disconnected, but my downstream is fine, so I’m not able to move, but I’m able to clearly see LeBlanc killing me.

… Then my camera gets permanently locked.



Stream VOD: Playing games and chatting with Ed


In the first part, I play some bot games on League of Legends with Ed. We play bot games instead of PvP because Ed’s mouse ran out of batteries.

During the bot games, I play Ashe, Brand, and Pantheon, which are Simon’s three favorite champions.

On a side note, my voice cuts off part-way through the stream because I forgot to unmute myself after I come back from answering the phone. I realize a while later, so my voice comes back eventually.


In the second part of the stream, I open up Hearthstone and spectate Taiki playing Warlock for a bit. After he finishes his daily quest and logs out, I complete one of my own daily quests by playing budget control Paladin (with no GvG cards because I haven’t been playing much since the release of the expansion).



Why I don’t like Katarina’s new splash art

To start, here’s a game on the PBE I played with Katarina to show the new splash art:


The in-game model is the same, so the only “new” content in that video is the cut-out splash art in the loading screen.

Also, if you plan on watching the actual video, it’s a good example of how to make a comeback when your team isn’t doing very well and nobody is taking the initiative to make something happen. Through pa­tience and capitalizing on opportunities created by the enemies’ mistakes, we were able to win the stag­nant game after stalling for over half an hour.

As for Katarina’s new splash art, I don’t like it very much.

This is Katarina’s new splash art:

This is Katarina’s old splash art:

As is apparent by the comparison, the new Katarina splash art completely changes the structure of her face. She went from a round baby-faced champion to a champion who failed to get any luck from her genetics.

It seems like the artist’s objective was to make Katarina look more rugged and violent to match her assassin playstyle.

I am strongly against reworking the core concepts of characters. I feel as if, once a character is made, their primary identifying traits should never change.

An example of this is from Smite. I was never really invested much in Smite, so I didn’t really care that much about it. I played one character over 90% of the time – his name was Ao Kuang. He was an Asian dragon that was straightforward to play – a stereotypical glass cannon with high damage and relatively low mobility.

For some reason, they changed Ao Kuang. They took the kit (the passive, abilities, etc.) and put it on a completely new character named Kukulkan. Then, they reworked Ao Kuang so he was completely dif­fer­ent.

What I don’t understand is why they didn’t just keep Ao Kuang as-is, then put the new kit intended for “new Ao Kuang” onto Kukulkan.

Because I wasn’t very invested into Smite, a small change like this made it very easy for me to not like the game. They took away my Asian dragon that I liked to play (Kukulkan was Mayan), so I sort of became dis­tant with Smite. Today, I almost never play Smite.

Connecting this back to League of Legends, they are taking Katarina and trying to change her personality. She used to be an innocent-looking, baby-faced girl who was unexpectedly deadly. Now, it looks like Riot is trying to turn her into a testosterone-filled, long-faced woman who has little finesse with what she’s doing, and is more of a brute-force champion.

VladBacescu redesigned Katarina’s new splash art and posted his modified version onto reddit:

I like his version a lot better – it maintains the old facial personality, while still keeping the new design elements of the new splash at (rather than just being on a green lightning backdrop).