Fix for League of Legends client/launcher not opening in Patch 4.21

Since yesterday, I’ve been having prob­lems trying to open League of Legends. Assuming it was just a problem with Riot’s servers (because we know there’s plenty of those, such as the ones that affected my stream two days ago and I taught everyone how to Attempt to Reconnect), I just ignored it.

When I tried again today, the problem was still there, so I started digging around.

I went to my League of Legends folder to look at some logs, and found the following lines inside one of my patcher logs:

ERROR| RemotingClient: Failed to resolve host:port 'localhost:2997' to an ipv4 address.
       getaddrinfo returned: 11001
ERROR| Riot::Client::BrowserProcess::Init: Unable to connect to app process.

To fix that, I updated my hosts file to allow it to associate an IPv4 address with localhost.

To do that, navigate to:


Open the hosts file. I recommend doing so with something like Notepad.exe, but any plain-text editor will work.

Add the following line of text to your hosts file: localhost

If there are any other lines that contain localhost after a space, remove it (for example, if your file contains “::1 localhost,” remove that line).

That fixed the problem for me, and my launcher started working again. Unfortunately, if that doesn’t work for you, I don’t have any other suggestions, because I stopped researching once I found a solution that worked for me.



Stream VOD: Teaching you how to Attempting to Reconnect…

Some people ask me why I sometimes get very frustrated with League of Legends and stop playing for ex­tend­ed periods of time.


What you see happening in this stream VOD happens to me surprisingly often.

You can imagine how irritating it gets when I’m half-way through a game in my ranked promotion series, gath­er up a massive kill/level/farm advantage, then this starts to happen and I’m useless for the rest of the game.



Stream VOD: Playing Malzahar in solo queue vs. Orianna and Karma


If you watch me live and ask me questions, you might recall me saying that I think Malzahar is over­pow­ered in low-level solo queue because of his suppress ultimate.

Seeing as I barely played any ranked games at all during Season 4 and ended up finishing the season in gold league, I’m at a relatively low level, and decided to practice some Malzahar for some free wins.

In this stream session, I played two ranked solo queue games with Malzahar. The first game shows how eas­ily a jungler can completely swing a lane in his team’s favor, and the second game shows how the pres­sure from Malzahar’s pushing power can keep you in the game, even in a 4v5.

At the end of the stream, I log in to my smurf and get my win of the day in a bot game (and get com­plete­ly wrecked by Trundle Bot).



Stream VOD: Janna support in a Normal with Lalo and Hao


Match history:

This is gameplay footage of a normal game I played today with Lalo and Hao. Someone higher up in the pick order wanted to take mid, so I decided to play some Janna support.

It was a little frustrating at the beginning because my ADC was more passive than Ed (better known as Grainyrice, a notoriously passive player), but after Corki realized how strong he was with me backing him up, things got better after laning phase.

On a side note, I highly discourage people from copying my build from this game … I didn’t really know what to build, so ended up going mostly AP.





Stream VOD: Katarina mid and Ashe support with Grainyrice


Playing some Katarina mid and Ashe support in a duo queue normal League of Legends game with Ed (Grainyrice).

The stream starts part-way into the Katarina game because I forgot to turn on the audio in my stream before that point in the game.

An interesting fun fact about the Katarina game: I was originally going to hit Random and lock in, taking my random champion mid. My randomly selected champion was Miss Fortune, but Ed wanted to play her as an ADC (he was last pick). So, he picked a champion for me, and we traded champions.

He decided to pick Katarina for me because the enemy team was heavy in crowd control and he wanted to screw me over. That clearly didn’t work out for him.