Arbiter Vel’Koz – Unreleased skin preview on League of Legends PBE


Arbiter Vel’Koz is a new, un­re­leased skin only available on the beta server (PBE). Check out this video of gameplay if you want to see what it looks like in-game before it’s released!

In this game, I end up laning against a Nidalee, who was using the Warring Kingdoms skin, another unreleased skin from this patch. I do well against her 1v1, but once my allies and my enemies start moving around the map, I begin to fall behind.

To avoid getting baited by my own allies, I spend some time split pushing to get solo experience and farm. Once I’m sufficiently strong enough, I start semi-grouping with my allies to push against the enemies and secure objectives around the map.





Got Wildfire Zyra for free

Apparently Riot thought I was a good example of positive behavior, and included me in the list of people receiving free mystery gifts.

When I got the notification, I realized that something very ironic had happened.

Over a year ago, I wrote a blog post regarding why I didn’t like Haunted Zyra, which was the new Harrow­ing skin at the time. To summarize, I disliked it because I didn’t feel like it felt Zyra’s personality very well. To me, Zyra’s physical appearance should be that of an innocent plant, luring her opponents, then turning into a vicious killing monster when they approach.

Haunted Zyra, as well as Wildfire Zyra, don’t have that innocent look to them. Instead, they seem rather violent in appearance. That’s why I chose not to purchase either of those skins, and instead, stick with the default skin.

In my opinion, a skin like Death Blossom Zyra would be more fitting for her (if you’re curious about what it would look like, Elise currently has a Death Blossom skin).

So, back to the free mystery gift … this is what I got.

“You don’t want to buy this skin because you don’t like it? Well, we’ll force you to own it instead, then!” —Rito Gaemz

Although I don’t like the particular skin that I received, I’m still thankful that I was one of the people who even received a skin at all, and I’m grateful that Riot is rewarding positive behavior in the community.



Challenger Ahri – Unreleased skin preview on League of Legends PBE


Challenger Ahri, formerly called Dauntless Ahri, is a new, unreleased skin only available on the beta server (PBE). Check out this video of gameplay if you want to see what it looks like in-game before it’s released!

In this game, I ended up laning against El Tigre Braum, which is another new unreleased skin. Of course, Braum wasn’t able to get anywhere near killing me, but I also had difficulty killing him as well, because I was either running low on mana, running high on ping, or both.

Once my team got rolling, we started stomping, and forced a surrender out of the enemy team 20 minutes into the game, even though we were at a one-player disadvantage.



Stream VOD: Playing Fizz, LeBlanc, Ahri, and Vladimir


In this stream session, I play one game of Fizz mid against Zed, and in the next game, LeBlanc mid against a different Zed.

In both games, I end up doing pretty well and become a threatening force for all five opponents all across the map.

Towards the end of the first part of the stream, I spectate Pierce’s LoL game while eating pizza.

If you go to 1:40:34 in the video, you’ll be able to see the owners of the martial arts academy next door – they came through this office because there’s a shortcut back door to the academy.


In the second part of the stream session, I play Ahri and Vladimir on the Howling Abyss in all random all mid (ARAM).

The person I queued up with is Emily Grey – you can check her out at (and if you scroll down on her stream, you can find more of her social media links).



Stream VOD: Playing Janna, Wukong, Malzahar, Syndra, and more


I start off the day’s stream by playing Janna support with Ed on Jinx against Sivir and Thresh.

Then, I play two mid lane games, one with Wukong and one with Malzahar, both against Orianna.

I end up going on tilt because I’m unable to kill Orianna due to her extreme safety, as well as making a bunch of mistakes, so I end up playing frustratingly suicidally for the final two games.


In the second part of the stream, I start off by playing Graves ADC with Ed supporting me on Viktor. He got inspired to play Viktor support because he saw it on a master-level player’s stream.

In the second game, I play Syndra mid against LeBlanc.


In the third and final part, after playing a quick game of ARAM with Lux, I queue up for an astronomically long normal game with a group and play Jarvan IV in top lane against Gangplank.

At one point, I am 11/0/1, but things start going downhill when I engage onto four people while the rest of my allies choose to run away from a Gangplank ultimate instead of steamrolling through the enemy team.



Stream VOD: Playing LeBlanc, Akali, Ziggs, and Leona


I start off today’s stream session by spectating Pierce playing a low-level game on his smurf, while waiting for Ed (Grainyrice) to finish showering so we can play.

Once he gets back, I play LeBlanc mid against Azir and get thoroughly confused, as it was the first Azir I’ve ever faced who actually knew how to play his champion.

During the second game, I play Akali top against Lissandra, and, contrary to Ed’s beliefs, I end up smashing Lissandra, rather than getting smashed as he expected.


The first game in this second part is from the champion select at the end of the first part of the stream session. I end up doing pretty well against Nidalee during laning phase, but my team gets wrecked, and I end up doing terribly after more enemies start pressuring me.

For the final game of the day, I play Leona support with Ed on Jinx, against Sivir and Thresh.

Once we’re done playing, I end the night spectating some high-level games before going to sleep.



Stream VOD: Corki vs. Katarina and Brand vs. Talon in mid lane


Playing two blind pick normal League of Legends games with a friend, the first game going Corki mid vs. Katarina and failing, and the second game going Brand mid vs. Talon and having great success.

The Brand game starts at 34:10; feel free to skip to that part if you want to avoid watching me teach you how not to play Corki.



Stream VOD: Syndra vs. Katarina mid & Zed top


Match history:

I start the game as Syndra mid vs. Katarina, but after my buddy Riven in top lane starts having problems, I lane swap for a little while to help him out.

In this game, I have a very successful laning phase, but end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time very often during mid- and late game.

This video was recorded in third-person spectator view using a replay of the game.