The League of Legends community is so classy

We still won … so that’s all that matters, right?

Chat log:

Parkzer님이 방에 참가했습니다.
Im Lichee님이 방에 참가했습니다.
DJfeces님이 방에 참가했습니다.
Parkzer: mid
DJfeces: mid highly pred
avertion: going mid yasuo
DJfeces: pref
Im Lichee: top
avertion: not going anywhere else
Im Lichee: mid
DJfeces: i will support then
DJfeces: avertion stfu
avertion: going mid
avertion: who cares
avertion: and u banned my yasuo
avertion: imma gonna troll
DJfeces: ill go mid too
DontBanMeImDrunk: wtf
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