The League of Legends community is so classy

We still won … so that’s all that matters, right?

Chat log:

Parkzer님이 방에 참가했습니다.
Im Lichee님이 방에 참가했습니다.
DJfeces님이 방에 참가했습니다.
Parkzer: mid
DJfeces: mid highly pred
avertion: going mid yasuo
DJfeces: pref
Im Lichee: top
avertion: not going anywhere else
Im Lichee: mid
DJfeces: i will support then
DJfeces: avertion stfu
avertion: going mid
avertion: who cares
avertion: and u banned my yasuo
avertion: imma gonna troll
DJfeces: ill go mid too
DontBanMeImDrunk: wtf
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Top lane jungle Nocturne

Hi humans.

There’s a new League of Legends strategy going around. It’s to have your random top lane Fiora go AFK and get your jungler to play two roles.

It works, I swear.

Told you.

So basically, the enemy Teemo wasn’t that smart and pushed all the way under the allied top lane turret, so I got an easy kill on him at level 3 when I had double buffs. I used that lead, as well as the ability to farm both my jungle and a solo lane, to snowball my strength into mid game, where I was 8/1 at one point.

I continued to apply extreme pressure everywhere on the map and allowed my two carries, Twisted Fate and Caitlyn, to farm up and get kills. By late game, the enemy team was so used to me being a terrifying threat that everyone focused me down, which allowed my two carries, as well as my support, to stay alive and deal heavy damage to the enemy team.

So we ended up winning most of the team fights, then pushed into their base to win the game.



Parkzer’s League of Legends champion nicknames

Hi humans.

The people who have voice chatted while playing League of Legends with me have noticed that I have nicknames for almost all the champions, some of them being pretty silly. Upon request, I am posting my nicknames for all the League of Legends champions released to date.

If the nickname field is blank, it means that I don’t have a nickname for that champion.

Champion Nickname Notes
   Ahri Fox
   Akali Knives
   Alistar Bull / Cow Bull if he is doing well on my team, Cow if he is doing poorly on my team or is on the enemy team
   Amumu Mummy
   Anivia Bird / Walls / Egg Normally Bird, becomes Walls if there is also an ultimate-form Quinn on the battlefield, becomes Egg when in passive form
   Annie Tibbers
   Ashe Arrow
   Blitzcrank Robot
   Caitlyn Sniper
   Cassiopeia CassiOPeia Cassiopeia is so OP that she even has OP in her name
   Cho’Gath Dinosaur I use the Jurassic Cho’Gath skin
   Corki Helicopter
   Darius Chop Chop
   Dr. Mundo Mundo
   Evelynn Eve
   Ezreal Esreal S sound easier to pronounce than Z sound
   Fiddlesticks Caw Caw
   Fizz Fiss S sound easier to pronounce than Z sound
   Garen Demacia
   Gragas Graggy / Fatman Graggy if I’m playing him, Fatman otherwise
   Graves Ed This is the only champion my best friend can play well, and his name is Ed
   Hecarim Pony
   Heimerdinger Pimpmerdinger Just look at that walk
   Jarvan IV Helping “I’m Jarvan, I’m helping”
   Jinx I don’t have a nickname for her, but I sometimes sing her theme song when I’m dueling her
   Karma Sae Eleisa Va A modification of one of her quotes, “Sae Eleisa Tera Vi”
   Karthus PhantomL0rd PhantomL0rd is a famous Revive/Teleport Karthus player
   Kassadin Kass with a K As opposed to Cass with a C (Cassiopeia)
   Katarina Ban Kat I hate Katarina
   Kayle Adjustimacator
   Kennen Keenen
   Kha’Zix Jump
   Kog’Maw Cock’Mouth No nickname if he is doing well on my team, Cock’Mouth if he is doing poorly on my team or is on the enemy team
   Lee Sin Ree Singah
   Lucian Blackman
   Lulu Lulululululululu
   Lux Laser
   Malphite Rock
   Maokai Tree
   Master Yi
   Miss Fortune
   Mordekaiser BR EHUEHUEHUE
   Morgana Angel
   Nami Fish
   Nasus Dog
   Nidalee Hotshotnidaleegg
   Nocturne Darkness
   Nunu Nununononunu
   Olaf Oraff
   Orianna Ball
   Pantheon Mantheon Manly Mantheon and his Mandrops
   Poppy Who’s that?
   Quinn Bird No nickname normally, becomes Bird when in ultimate form
   Rammus Ok
   Renekton Crocodile I usually let out a vicious roar every time he uses his ultimate
   Rengar WTF
   Riven Riven needs to be removed from the game
   Shaco ShAco Pronounced ShAco, not Shahko
   Shyvana Dragon Normally Dragon, no nickname if we’re fighting near the Dragon objective
   Singed Poison Trail HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
   Sion Old Aatrox Aatrox is basically a newer version of AD Sion
   Sivir Duck “Better duck!”
   Skarner Mysterious Skarner
   Soraka Heals
   Swain Crowstorm
   Syndra Balls
   Taric Gayman
   Teemo Teeto
   Thresh Chresh
   Tristana Rocket “Is that a rocket in your pocket?”
   Trundle Chundoe
   Tryndamere Trandamurr
   Twisted Fate Trash
   Twitch Rat
   Veigar Midget
   Vel’Koz Eyeball
   Vladimir Blood
   Volibear Bear
   Wukong Monkey
   Xin Zhao I don’t have a nickname for him, but I make martial arts sounds whenever I see him fighting
   Yasuo Coward Dashes around randomly like a retarded headless chicken until you die to minions
   Yorick Gravedigger
   Zac Blobs
   Zed Sed S sound easier to pronounce than Z sound
   Ziggs I don’t have a nickname for him, but I usually imitate his laugh when fighting with him
   Zilean Clock
   Zyra Plant Lady



PhantomL0rd’s “chill day”

Hi humans.

If you talked with me at all yesterday, you may have noticed that I was fully immersed in keeping up with a massive electronic attack, manned by a group called DERP Trolling. To keep things simple, they used DDoS attacks to shut down a bunch of different popular game servers. The methodology used to determine which games to attack involved PhantomL0rd.

James Varga, better known by his online identity PhantomL0rd, is a very popular independent League of Legends streamer and online entertainer. During the time of these DDoS attacks, PhantomL0rd was one of the top streamers broadcasting League of Legends. The League of Legends servers went down, and PhantomL0rd’s game disconnected, just like everyone else’s.

PhantomL0rd decided to play different games, but he realized that all of these games were being targeted as well (even a game site as obscure as Club Penguin). After noticing that all of his games of choice were being targeted, he accepted DERP Trolling’s attempts to reach out to him and communicate with him. They hopped around Ventrilo and IRC and had some short broken conversations for as long as they could until someone would attack the Ventrilo or IRC server they were using to shut it down.

This is where things get a little bit confusing, and is the reason why I am making this post to help people understand exactly what happened.

While in the loading screen of a game of League of Legends, PhantomL0rd randomly disappeared. Then, someone else who had possession of his Twitch account’s log-in credentials (likely his brother Nick) signed in and stated that the police were at PhantomL0rd’s house due to a “hostage situation.” Many people believe that DERP Trolling called the police to PhantomL0rd’s house, but that is not true.

On December 30, 2013 at 5:04 PM PST, PhantomL0rd’s personal information was leaked on to the In­ternet through a Pastebin post (which still has not been removed due to the incompetence of the Pastebin staff). The supposed motive behind this posting is because someone was dissatisfied at the fact Phan­tom­L0rd was publicizing DDoSers and “raking in the cash.” PhantomL0rd was labeled as pathetic, and his information was released to the public.

After this happened, a troll called the police, falsely accusing PhantomL0rd of having four hostages in­side his house. Again, this was NOT DERP Trolling who made the call, it was someone else who found out his address through the posting. While this was happening, DERP Trolling was posting from their Twitter account showing their concerns for PhantomL0rd.

PhantomL0rd’s house was thoroughly searched by the police while he sat in the back of a police vehicle. When the police found out that it was clearly a false alarm, they let PhantomL0rd go with no criminal charges. Since then, PhantomL0rd has been constantly receiving text messages, phone calls, and pizzas delivered to his house.

The most ironic part about this stream is that, when he began streaming, PhantomL0rd titled his broad­cast as being a “chill day.” I don’t think he could’ve had a day any less chill.

PhantomL0rd streamed, telling this story from his own perspective. If you’d like to learn more about this with greater detail, you can check out his video replay.



Thought I was getting Magma Chamber, instead I got modded ARAM

Hi humans.

Back in the All-Stars game of 2013, Riot let the viewers preview Magma Chamber, a new 1v1 and 2v2 map coming to League of Legends.

Magma Chamber

If you can’t tell from the image, Magma Chamber is a map designed to look like middle lane, but much smaller. There is only one turret (because once one turret is destroyed, the owner of that turret loses the game). The rest of the map (including all jungle camps) is also gone.

I was particularly interested and looking forward to the release of Magma Chamber because in 5v5 games on Summoner’s Rift, I always get set back by the enemy jungler. I can have complete, dominating con­trol over my lane, then the enemy jungler shows up and makes me instantly lose my lane. I play extremely aggressively, so I usually don’t get much help from my own jungler because I am pushed up so far.

In Magma Chamber, I wouldn’t have to worry about another random person interfering with my winning lane, so I felt like I would excel at it. Unfortunately, I found out today that the 1v1 and 2v2 map they released was not Magma Chamber, but instead a modified version of the all random all mid (ARAM) map.

The worst part about this map is that the lane resembles top lane, with two bushes placed inside the actual lane. I tried playing 1v1s on the map, and my only two losses so far have been when the enemy player bush juked me about 6 times in a row before I finally died to enemy minions. The worst part is that you can’t even buy wards on this map, so the only real counter play for bush juking is gone.

Overall, I’m extremely dissatisfied with this update. I think it’s literally so rushed and bad that Riot was better off just not releasing this update and delaying it some more. Some might claim that I’m being harsher than I should because I have a bias in favor for mid lane, seeing as I’m a mid laner and I ba­si­cal­ly got ripped off by top lane, but either way, this isn’t up to par with the quality I hope from League of Legends.