Lindsay’s road trip to Virginia

Hi humans.

A few weeks back, Lindsay went on a road trip to Virginia.

She took a handful of pictures, and was going to send me more, but I’m guessing she never got around to it, so I’m posting what I have for now.

This is a picture she took from the car of mountains in the horizon.

During a rest stop, she explored and took these pictures:




How not to make a birthday cake

Hi humans.

First of all, to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, thanks.

Moving on to the point of this blog post, I had a conversation with my friend Mitzi today. Apparently her birthday was two days ago, and her sister made her a birthday cake.

Usually, when you have a birthday cake, you want to write a message on it, such as “Happy Birthday, Mitzi!” or “Wow, you’re an old grandmother now, Mitzi!”

Well … this was her cake.

I literally could not stop laughing for at least a full half minute after seeing that cake.

Not only is it hilarious that it doesn’t even say “Happy Birthday,” and it just says her name, as if her sister was afraid she was going to lose the cake, but you can barely even tell that her name is written on it. It looks more like there was an accident and her sister spilled a little frosting on top of the cake.

To add to the humor, it seems as if she ran out of mini cupcakes, so there’s only two at the top instead of three.

It was apparently a rainbow cake.

I guess rainbows now only contain three colors.





Hi humans.

I looked on the calendar today and saw that tomorrow was labeled as “Epiphany.”

For a little while I thought I was going to have an epiphany tomorrow. Maybe find the cure to cancer, or discover how to place a man on the sun without him dying.

Then I realized Epiphany was a religious holiday.

That was a little anti-climatic.



Going to be answering a couple hundred more questions

Hi humans.

About half a year ago, I answered a massive batch of questions on upon request. I think it’s about time to answer a bunch more.

If you’re interested in having a question answered, feel free to leave it at:

Spam or things that are not questions will not be answered. There are also a small set of topics regarding which I do not discuss publicly. Other than that, I’ll try and get to and an­swer every question. The an­swers will hopefully be posted within the next week or two.

In other news, happy day-after-Christmas, and I hope you’re having a good holiday season.



Done with my first quarter of graduate school

Hi humans.

I submitted the last final exam essay for my history class today, which marks the end of my first quarter of graduate school. Classes resume again on January 6, 2014, so I have about three weeks of winter break.

For those who are curious, the topic of the essay was the reasoning behind the fall of the Democratic party in the 1960s.

There are a bunch of things that I’m looking to get done during these three weeks, and some of it involves online stuff. Specifically, I’d like to release at least two new videos – one vlog and one League of Legends stream highlight video – and maybe a third if I get time, including a bunch of unseen footage. I’d also like to stream a few times whenever I’m at a location where I have Internet good enough to stream.

So, if you’ve been eagerly awaiting some more of my personal content to be released, those are a few things that you can look forward to seeing within the next month or so.



“Riley Rewind,” a web series by Ray William Johnson & Anna Akana

Hi humans.

If you’re a regular to my website, you know that I don’t regularly feature other people’s work on my website unless it’s of godlike-quality or has a close personal connection with me.

I decided to share with you today a new web series made by director Ray William Johnson and writer Anna Akana. Ray William Johnson is best known for his YouTube series “Equals 3,” where he comedically reviews viral videos. Earlier today, he released Riley Rewind, a series of five videos following the life of Riley, a girl able to rewind time.

The videos are available at

Be sure to watch the one at the bottom first, because that is Act I of V.

Normally time travel is a pretty difficult concept to work with because the creativity that comes out of it can be limiting, and easily turns things into a science-fiction story. However, I thought the way it was integrated into Riley Rewind maintained as much realism as possible.

This is one of the best web series I’ve seen, tied up there with Freddie Wong’s Video Game High School. If you’ve got some free time, I highly recommend that you watch it – it left me satisfied and wanting more at the end.

Update: the videos are now also available on YouTube; I have embedded the playlist below.



Illogical databases and first shovelable snowfall

Hi humans.

I have a paper due in a little bit (before today ends), so what better thing is there to do than post to my blog, right?

I’m taking procrastination to the next level by coming to my blog to rant about the annoying things in life instead of reviewing my paper and finalizing it for submission. It’s due at midnight tonight, so I still have about an hour left.

One of the reasons writing my paper took longer than expected is because my library’s research database kept trolling me. It acted as if it contained some top-security clearance-required material and kept logging me out every ten minutes or so. If I got to add my username and password to my paper once for every time I had to log in again, my paper would probably be a page longer than it is now.

In case you’re curious, my paper is about the effects of video gaming on adolescent social development.

In other news, I tend to have a chain of procrastination, where higher degrees of procrastination become beneficial to me because I end up finishing things that I procrastinated on earlier. For example, if I did not have a paper due today, I probably would not have shoveled snow off the driveway. But, because I was procrastinating on writing a paper, I ended up shoveling the driveway.

It’s a great way to get sort-of-procrastination-worthy things done. You should try it sometime.

On a related note, as implied by me shoveling snow off the driveway, we recently got our first shovelable snowfall of the season.

Which is awful.

Because I hate snow.

Now that I’ve consumed enough time doing other less-important things, I’m going to go back to revising and submitting my paper. Only one more to go after this one, due at the end of the week, then I’m done with my first quarter of graduate school.



How not to avoid debt collectors

Hi humans.

If your name is Melissa Casher, please pay off your debt.

And in the future, I would prefer that you do not put me down as a contact reference, because there are debt collectors repeatedly calling me asking for help locating you.

The best part is that most of them are skeptical when I let them know that I have no idea who Melissa Casher is, then call back a few hours later as if I would have gone out to meet you during that time, and now know who you are.