Apparently Amazon doesn’t price match anymore

Because of my very lean body style, I’m not able to purchase clothing in a majority of regular stores. Instead, I get a majority of my shirts online on Amazon, where I browse from Korean retailers and pick out shirts that are specifically designed for Asian-style bodies. As a matter of fact, every single shirt that I bought for myself (that is, every single shirt that I did not receive as a gift) happens to be purchased on Amazon from an Asian retailer.

A strange thing happened very recently. I bought six slim-fit button-down dress shirts at $24.50 each, which is already a pretty good price, considering the quality of the shirts (I had bought the same brand of shirt in the past). But, for some otherworldly reason, just a few days after my purchase, the price of each shirt fell to $14.50 each – a discount of $10.00 per shirt, for a total savings of US$60.00.

Seeing as, not only does Amazon have free returns on clothing, but also because I’m an Amazon Prime member, I figured they would just credit my account with the $60, and to avoid having an excessively long conversation with Amazon’s support team, I explained the situation and just asked for the $60.

I ended up going through three people – Jerryl, someone outside of Amazon’s Pricing team, even though I had specifically requested that department; Mohammed, someone who only knew how to answer my questions with canned responses; and Raghu, a manager who answered my questions like a politician (as in, he refused to actually answer with any statements of value).

Nobody granted me a price adjustment.

Apparently, Amazon has a policy that only televisions can be price matched. All other products are not eligible for price matching or purchase protection because Amazon “already thrives to have best pricing,” so they don’t grant partial refunds for price differences. What “thriving to have the best pricing” has to do with Amazon dropping the cost of their own item by 41% and screwing over people who already purchased it in the past, I have no idea.

Am I just going to accept the loss of $60? Absolutely not.

Apparently Amazon thinks it is worth it to have me return the six shirts and repurchase them all at the lower price. The silly thing is that this clothing has free returns, and I have Amazon Prime so I have free shipping, so they are literally just wasting money on shipping on six items in two directions.

You would think that, maybe, the customer service representatives would be intelligent and intuitive enough to realize that this would happen, save Amazon some money on shipping, not make one of their several-year Prime customers go through this hassle, and make a case-by-case exception?

At least I got a story out of it.




Protecting the supermarket…

… with a fly swatter

Protecting the supermarket...

Some of my relatives from California are over in Illinois to visit, and while we showed them around our area, we stopped by a Korean supermarket after lunch. Upon entering, I saw a security guard protecting the entrance and keeping an eye out on the people entering … then I looked at his hand and found out that his weapon of choice was a fly swatter.

Obviously, these security guards aren’t sworn police officers, so they’re not allowed to open carry firearms in Illinois. Also, this guy was obviously just after a pest that might’ve found its way into the store (rather than regularly wielding the fly swatter during his watch). But, I can’t help but visualize the funny scenario in which a security guard combats shoplifters and troublemakers by chasing them down and battering them with a fly swatter.

After the shopping trip, we stopped by a bakery. My parents and relatives spent a lot of time browsing through pastries, so I took that opportunity to photograph some of the items that I thought were best designed.

Carrot cupcakes

"Banana" brownies

"Cherry Bomb"




I hate Dell laptops

If you’re one of my long-time followers, you probably know how unhappy I am with Dell (seeing as if I feel like I’m getting ripped off or trolled, I will generally complain about it and take some action against it). Even if you just do a quick search for the word “Dell” on my website, you’ll see endless blog posts about how they tried to milk more money out of me for repairs and straight-up lied to me.

I have some brilliant news today.

For literally the third time in a row in the last six years, my Dell laptop has died one month after the two-year warranty.

At the rate that things are going right now, there’s literally no reason for me to ever lay my hands on a Dell product ever again in the future.

I’ve been working in the online entertainment industry for a while now, and as demands are increasing, the resources provided by a laptop are lacking. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to upgrade myself from a laptop to a desktop computer.

Of course, this heavily inhibits my mobility, but I’m pretty sure that with the savings from how cheap high-end desktops are compared to high-end laptops, I can probably just get myself a Chromebook or something if I ever need to work on the go.

Point is…

Never buy a Dell laptop.




Adventures with Ed

There isn’t much more time left until Ed leaves to get started on his Master’s degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, so we’re getting the most out of his final days in our home town before he moves out for a while.

We’ve been regularly going out to get lunch, but today, we decided to go on an extra adventure after our meal. After going to Chick fil’ A, using a coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free chicken sandwich, and seating ourselves in a convenient corner of the restaurant such that we were able to access the Pokémon Go PokéStop in the building across the street, we stopped by a few stores on the way back home.

It’s the middle of August right now, so it’s burning hot. I have air conditioning in my house, but I also don’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars extra on my electricity bill for running it to a low temperature. So, I end up sort of just getting used to being warm during the summer. This wasn’t a problem back when I was an undergraduate university student, because my electricity was included in the base rent payment – now that I’m actually paying a separate electricity bill, I’m more conscious of it.

We decided to wander into an electronics and appliance store called hhgregg. I quickly realized that, whenever I’m warm at home, I should just pack up my laptop and come over to hhgregg. Not only do they have it cooled to a very comfortable temperature, they have plush couches on display for sale, that we can just use to relax.

The best part (for us, not for hhgregg) is that it’s not very busy there, so it’s peaceful and quiet.

After relaxing for a bit, we decided to go next door to PetSmart. Ed and I both absolutely adore animals, so we went straight to the pet display. We started off with the cats – here’s a photo of Ed observing and smiling at a cat, and a photo of a different orange cat who was one of the only active ones.

Next up were the birds. They were pretty loud.

We made our way to the back of the store, where the dogs were kept. I don’t think there were any dogs available for sale or adoption (unless all of them were literally out for a walk all at the same time). But, we got to see the dogs inside the “dog hotel,” that offers babysitting and training for dogs.

And finally, before we left the store, we stopped by the fish. There were a ton of fish, including one that apparently need to be kept in solitary confinement, or else they will eat each other (according to Ed). I decided to take a picture of more peaceful fish – neon ones, kept inside a brightly-lit tank.