Today, I met a peacock

I brought Mango to the veterinarian’s office today for his routine puppy vaccinations, and was met with an interesting surprise when I got to the vet:


Yes, that is a peacock. Apparently people keep them as pets. Yes, that is the first time I’ve ever seen a peacock in-person.




Ed met Dave

Continuing our adventures in California for Ed’s vacation, we went to a pet store today to play with some dogs. The dogs in pet stores are generally kept in tiny compartments and don’t really get to move around and play much, so all the dogs we looked at were overjoyed at being let out into the open.

This particular one, which I believe is a Maltese, decided she wanted to untie Ed’s shoelace, then proceed to attempt to eat Ed’s entire shoe while he was re-tying his laces.

This dog untied Ed's shoelaces, then tried to eat his shoe

After seeing a few other dogs, including a dachshund and a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix (commonly referred to as a “Pomchi”), we went a few doors down and tried Peruvian food for the first time. I’m not sure if we were either given the wrong menu or if they actually just didn’t really have much of a selection, but we wanted to try as many different items as possible, so we got a family platter that had a lot of different meats and vegetables.

A Peruvian dish

After lunch, we stopped by eSports Arena so Ed could meet the all-famous dog, Dave. Dave is a Corgi and acts as the mascot of the eSports Arena headquarters in Santa Ana, California. Although I’ve known about Dave for a long time, this was actually the first time I had met him in-person too. The photo shows Dave about to kiss Karen, while Ed pats Dave on the butt.

Ed met Dave

There happened to have been an Overwatch event at eSports Arena today – Overwatch Contenders, if I remember correctly – so there were some cardboard cut-outs of Overwatch characters. We found one of D.Va, so I took advantage of this photo opportunity and snapped one of Ed and the Korean mech pilot.

Ed and D.Va at eSports Arena




Ed’s first time at In-N-Out Burger

A few days ago, my friend Ed Lam (better known as “Grainyrice” online) came to California to visit me. He’s one of my childhood friends who I’ve known since before kindergarten, and we’ve lived close to each other pretty much our entire lives, until I moved to California back in November 2016 to pursue having my gaming hobby as a full-time job.

Because it’s the summer in the United States, he’s on break from his academics (he’s studying towards earning a Master’s degree in public health). He took this opportunity to come visit me in California for vacation.

Back in Illinois where he lives (and where I used to live), there are no In-N-Out Burger restaurants, as the chain is only in the southwest and Pacific coast. However, In-N-Out has a reputation for being one of the best burger restaurants due to their affordable prices, great taste, and relatively healthy ingredients.

I obviously wouldn’t be a real friend if I didn’t take him to In-N-Out while he was here, so today, Ed got to try his very first Double-Double.

Ed's first time at In-N-Out Burger

Ed's first time at In-N-Out Burger

Yes, he is wearing a Sriracha hat.




I accidentally bought a warped piece of foam from S-Lifeeling

For reasons that will be revealed later, I wanted to purchase a toast-shaped bed. I found one on Amazon that looked nice and plush, and ordered it. This is what arrived:

This "toast bed" ended up just being a warped piece of foam

This "toast bed" ended up just being a warped piece of foam

In response to what I received, I left a two-star review on the product page on Amazon, showing the public exactly what I received in the mail, and explaining that this isn’t actually really a bed, but rather, a warped piece of foam the size of a pillow.

Then, something very interesting happened.

The merchant, S-Lifeeling, reached out to me. But, not to apologize for a terrible product or to give me a voucher for a different product … but rather, to let me know that I needed to wait two days for the foam to decompress. The funny part was that the day on which they sent me that message was the two-day mark, and the crumpled foam looked exactly the same.

It doesn’t end there. Earlier today, they proceeded to message me on Facebook, requesting that I change my negative review to a five-star one. I promptly requested a refund via Amazon, packaged the product, changed my two-star review to a one-star review, and decided to share my story here too.

If you’re interested in reading my review, you can find it at