Jester Wins!

I’ve been pretty busy with a lot of other stuff lately – I’ve been committing really hard on a few small projects, rather than spreading myself out across a ton of projects and not really focusing hard on any of them.

As a result, I’ve had a lot less time for casual gaming.

But, I’ve still had a bit of time lately to get in a few games of Town of Salem here and there.

Today’s first screenshot shows how selfish of a doctor I apparently am. I decided to self heal on a night where someone confirmed I was the doctor and I felt like I would be murdered overnight.

Town of Salem - Doctor Achievements

I was correct in predicting that I would be attacked, and I got two achievements from it – one for self-healing successfully for the first time, and one … for healing someone successfully in general.

My second screenshot was an interesting game where I was the serial killer. On the final day, I was left standing with two other people – the jester and lookout. I somehow convinced the lookout that the jester was the serial killer, and we voted him up for lynching.

I didn’t want to be seen as suspicious, so I initially voted guilty, but planned on removing my vote so I couldn’t get haunted the following night for lynching the jester. Unfortunately, my vote removal didn’t go through in time.

That night, I obviously killed the lookout, and the jester killed me. This resulted in there being nobody left standing as the game ended, and a sign popping up that said “Jester Wins.”

Town of Salem - Jester Wins

Also, if you notice from the screenshots, my name was “Not So Gramp,” and there was another person named “Not So Grump.” I copy other people’s names and change one letter to throw people off and cause more confusion in my games (which makes them a lot more fun and interesting).

I think that, in this particular game, this name trickery saved my life.

Within the first few days, I was accused of being the serial killer, but “Not So Grump” was the one who ended up getting voted up for lynching. After the town realized they had lynched the framer, they seemed satisfied and appeared to have forgotten that they were actually trying to vote up the serial killer.




Winning as Executioner in ToS is probably the most satisfying feeling

A few days ago, I posted about how I was having a lot of fun playing Town of Salem. I posted screenshots of winning my first games as jester and serial killer, and today I have one of my first victory as ex­ecu­tion­er.

Town of Salem - Executioner victory

(Click to enlarge)

That screenshot is taken at the end of the game, when I was one of the last men standing with the serial killer and godfather.

Although both the mafia and serial killer helped me lynch my target, I decided to side with the serial killer because she was the one who had a more significant vote during the final lynch.

As executioner, if your target does not die during the night and you successfully convince the town to lynch him, you will remain as a victorious executioner, maintaining your night immunity.

On top of that, once your target is lynched, it usually doesn’t really matter if you tell them that you’re the executioner, seeing as you’ve already won the game (and you keep your victory, even if the town decides to lynch you). The only reason you wouldn’t want to tell the town your true identity is if you’re secretly trying to side with someone, or if you just want to troll the players.

This puts you in a position of extreme power, and makes winning with executioner extremely satisfying. Earning your victory basically puts you above everyone else, and in return for your efforts, you basically get like a “cheat code” activation for the rest of the game.

I also have a screenshot of a later game, where I managed to get my target lynched on the second day, and earned an achievement:

Town of Salem - Executioner - Quick Execution

(Click to enlarge)

The strategy I used for that game is claiming that I was the lookout. I capitalized on Troll and Spence’s deaths. Spence’s will said that he had visited Troll, who had died to the serial killer. I stated, “I think that lame duckface is the serial killer, because Spence and lame duckface visited Troll last night.”

Luckily for me, lame duckface wasn’t that great in his defense, so it made it a lot easier for me. He seemed more confused than anything as to why the town was lynching him when he hadn’t done anything so far – it’s possible that he missed me calling him out.

Although Town of Salem isn’t as high-action and high-intensity as some other games I play, it’s a good game to relax with, and I will most likely continue hopping on once a day to get my win of the day and have fun tricking other people in-game.



Playing some more Town of Salem

Back in January of this year, Ed and I started playing Town of Salem, a browser game where you and a group of players live together in a town and try to figure out who the killers are.

There are townspeople, mafia members, and independent/chaos killers (like serial killers and arsonists). The townspeople need to find out who the killers are and lynch them (or kill them during the night if they’re a jailor/vigilante/veteran). The killers need to kill everyone not associated with them.

Members of the mafia know who other mafia members are; apart from that, everyone’s role is a secret.

Eight months later, I’ve gone back to this game, and I’m actually having quite a bit of fun with it.

I didn’t even realize this, but apparently, back when I played Town of Salem in January, it was still in beta. It seems like the game is now in its first regular release, as it’s available on Steam.

It’s normally a free browser game, but I decided to get it on Steam as well because I have so much fun playing it. If you buy it on Steam, it costs $4.99, but you get $5 worth of in-game currency (coins, I think they’re called) to purchase aesthetic/cosmetic character overrides and other items in the shop.

Recently, I had my first two victories as a jester. A jester is part of the independent/chaos killer group, and is a maniac whose dream is to get publicly lynched. If you succeed your goal, you get to rise from the dead and kill someone who voted against you and said you were guilty of being a killer.

I managed to deceive the town into thinking I was someone dangerous. As you can see from the second screenshot, the other people in the game were shocked and pretty upset they got fooled.

Town of Salem - First victory as jester

Town of Salem - Second victory as jester

(Click to enlarge)

I also managed to get my first victory as a serial killer. In all/any mode, which is the game mode I used to play with Ed in January, it’s possible for there to be multiple serial killers. However, in this game mode, where it’s “normal” and roles are controlled, there can only be one and you’re always on your own.

It came down to two townspeople and me. I managed to fool the doctor into thinking that I was the jailor and the other person was the serial killer. The doctor sided with me and lynched the jailor, leaving me free to kill the doctor the following night and secure the victory for myself.

Town of Salem - First victory as serial killer

(Click to enlarge)

I don’t know if I particularly like this game because I’m so interested in human psychology and crime, but I think it’s a pretty fun game.

Remember, it’s a completely free game – you can play it in your browser, and you don’t need to purchase it on Steam.

If you do choose to register and play, please don’t forget to put Parkzer as your referrer. If you make an in-game purchase with real-world money (or if you buy the game on Steam), I get referral points, and earn some cosmetics in-game.



Unnecessarily long receipts

A few days ago, I was getting some work done at our family business when the batteries in a piece of equip­ment died.

Of course, logically following my level of luck, this happened while I was using the equipment.

I needed this piece of equipment to finish what I was doing, so I decided to go to the local hardware store to buy some batteries.

Great news! I managed to buy an eight-pack of Duracell D-size batteries for about $11. This was a huge sum­mer savings deal – so huge that this pack of eight brand-name batteries was cheaper than a pack of four generic batteries.

Now note that I said this was a pack of eight batteries. As in, ONE pack. Not eight individual batteries.

I brought this ONE item to the check-out.

D batteries with a long receipt

What you see in this photograph is the pack of eight batteries with six of them removed (which are cur­rent­ly being used to power the equipment). Next to the pack, you see the six old dead batteries.

Then you see a receipt.

I conveniently placed a foot-long ruler there for scale.

Thank you, Ace Hardware, for giving me a 16″ receipt for my purchase of one item.





Solar-powered decorative night lights

A very long time ago, my dad bought some lights that were on sale at our local hardware store. There was a 100% rebate offer on the lights, so he figured that there wasn’t really a reason not to get them, as they would effectively cost the price of a stamp and a little bit of time.

When he brought them home, he realized that they didn’t work, and he figured that they were on sale for 100% off through rebate because they were broken. He obviously didn’t really mind, seeing as they were essentially free, so he kept them around to use as day decorations.

Then, one day, he randomly decided to open them up and found out that there was a protective sticker over the solar panel. He removed the sticker, set them out again, and magically, they lit up the same night.

We’ve had these lights for a few years now. Last night, I was out late and decided to snap some photos of them.

Solar-powered decorative night lights

Solar-powered decorative night lights

They look pretty nice at night, seeing as they actually light up now.



parade champeon nomber 1st plaec

A few weeks ago, I posted about my martial arts academy building a float for the upcoming Independence Day parades.

I figured that progress updates might get a little boring if I just posted them without a twist, so I decided to turn my photo today into a doge meme.

While we were out there, we also saw two birds fighting in a death match. They were literally flapping around like crazy, clawing at each other.

I tried to get close to take a photo of them, but as I got near, they gradually took their fight away from me. So, unfortunately, I had to use the zoom on my phone’s camera (which isn’t that great) to get a pho­to.



My martial arts academy is making a dragon parade float

The United States’ Independence Day is coming up in a little over a month, and parades are starting late next month.

The martial arts academy where I occasionally train and teach is building a float for this year’s parades. I re­member hearing that they placed second or third in the parade competition last year, and it seems like they’re taking it up a notch and trying to win first place this year.

The owner and CEO of the academy is building the float himself, with the help of other staff and students. He came to visit me next door yesterday afternoon (we have neighboring businesses) so I could check out his progress.

He already has a bunch of pieces cut out, and he still has a bunch of panels of wood left for the rest of the design.

He was hard at work the entire day; when I went to visit him again late at night, after I had closed my family’s business, he had a lot more pieces cut out, and had already started putting some parts together.

I personally don’t really have much of a passion for sculpting, so I don’t really go out of my way to experience it. As a result, this is particularly novel and interesting to me to see the process behind some­thing like this being built.

I’ll try and keep up with their progress on designing the parade float, and post progress photos here for those of you who might also be interested.