Changes coming to Parkzer’s Blog

Hi humans.

I decided to throw a quick post up on my blog to let you guys know that I will be working on some pretty large changes to my website within the upcoming months. During this time, I will be making very little to no new content posts.

At the end of this period, I hope for my website to have a completely new design with far greater functionality. I am also attempting to turn my blog into more of my own personal social network feed (this means more posts in general throughout the day, and more different types of content overall).

In the meantime, if you want to keep up with me, I recommend following @Parkzer on Twitter. If there is something urgent or personal, you are welcome to send me an email or use the contact form on my website. If you are one of my close friends, this doesn’t mean I’m disappearing for a few months, it just means I won’t be posting on my blog. I’ll still be around, and nothing will be different about me outside of my website.

If you’re eager to see the changes, I will be publishing them live in segments throughout the next handful of months. Feel free to check back every few weeks or so to see if I’ve made any noticeable progress.


Lindsay’s road trip to Virginia

Hi humans.

A few weeks back, Lindsay went on a road trip to Virginia.

She took a handful of pictures, and was going to send me more, but I’m guessing she never got around to it, so I’m posting what I have for now.

This is a picture she took from the car of mountains in the horizon.

During a rest stop, she explored and took these pictures:


WoW: On a Roll, and leveling a Shadow Priest

Hi humans.

I decided to post this screenshot because Lecktrah is obsessed with a short comedy clip/video called “You’re On a Roll.” I got the “On a Roll” achievement on World of Warcraft not long ago.

I also have another fail story. While we were sitting in Pandaria, Lecktrah told me to go to the Dungeon Finder. Forgetting that it was an actual interface that can be opened by hitting the I key, I opened up my map to search for where the Dungeon Finder might be so I could go there.

Of course, she couldn’t stop laughing for another few minutes straight.

In other news, I started leveling an alternate character, a shadow priest. One of the problems I had with my mage is, Lecktrah and I power leveled so fast up to the level 60s with Refer a Friend, then I character boosted to 90 using the free one I got for pre-ordering Warlords of Draenor, that I didn’t really learn how to properly play the game and use my character. There are a lot of fundamental things about World of Warcraft that I don’t know yet, and get extremely confused and overwhelmed when I’m doing late-game content.

So, in order to make sure I eventually learn all the basics of the game and work my way up, I decided to create a shadow priest to level by myself so I can spend as much time as I want exploring the game and stopping to learn about everything I encounter. I also decided to do all the quests and get as many achievements as I can on the way up to the level cap.

I recently finished doing all the quests in Westfall.

After returning to the city, I did some daily quests and hit level 19.

I then went underground past the Deeprun Tram into the fighting area and cheered for Lecktrah when she won her duel to get an achievement.


WoW: New mount, new pet, and learning how to fly

Hi humans.

After achieving exalted status with Gnomergan, I went to purchase a robotic chicken. I then found Lecktrah fighting some training dummies in Pandaria and joined her to take a screenshot.

Shortly after taking this screenshot, I randomly died. I originally thought I had fallen off my mount and died from fall damage because I hit my head on the ground or something, but Lecktrah explained to me that apparently there were some members of the Horde around and they were sniping me.

We then visited Stormwind so I could purchase a white kitten. I named her Devotchka, after Lecktrah’s TERA username.

We then ran a few more dungeons. During one of the dungeons, we apparently had to jump down a cliff, so I needed to cast Slow Fall so we wouldn’t die from fall damage. What I didn’t know is that Slow Fall needs to be casted on each target individually after selecting each of them one at a time. So, I cast it (apparently only on myself because I assumed it would apply to the whole party) and jumped down.

After I jumped down, Lecktrah explained my mistake to me, then told me to “stop.” I realized that I was in a very uncomfortable position (in the middle of a rocky area), and if I needed to stop, I might as well find a comfortable place to take a nap. So I jumped down from the rocks on which I landed, then failed to properly control my camera and walked off for a handful of steps. Suddenly, several monsters aggroed onto me and killed me after a few hits.

Lecktrah, being the hero she is, jumped down after me to try and save my life. It was obviously far too late, and she also died.

Our healer resurrected us, and through some mystical black magic, I ended up back on top of the cliff (I think in WoW you spawn on top of the person resurrecting you rather than the place you died). So, I made sure to carefully cast Slow Fall on each individual person this time. I even made sure to cast it on the Hunter’s pet cat so his companion wouldn’t die either (according to Lecktrah that apparently was not necessary because pets can’t die from fall damage).

After everyone jumped safely down, I jumped too.

… Then I realized I had forgotten to recast it on myself.

I died from fall damage.

Shortly after hitting Level 60, we went to the mount trainer. This is the first screenshot I took of myself after learning how to fly.

Lecktrah flew up into the sky with me, and I took another screenshot with her.


Trying out Diablo III

Hi humans.

With the recent hype of the release of Diablo III: Reaper of the Souls, as well as a drastic change to Diablo III’s trading and auction system, I seeked out the game getting all this attention and decided to try playing it.

Seeing as I recently started playing World of Warcraft (and a few games of Hearthstone to get an achievement and a mount on World of Warcraft), it was easy for me to download and start playing Diablo III because it was inside the launcher.

After playing it for a few days, I decided that I really like it. It plays very smooth, crisp, and clean. I feel like I’m always in full control of my character’s actions and movements, and after playing games like World of Warcraft and RuneScape, it’s nice and refreshing to see an RPG play as responsively as a game like League of Legends.

I decided to play a wizard; this is my character so far.

I’m not sure if I will unlock the full version right away after finishing the Starter Edition, but Diablo III feels like a game I would definitely go back to in the future when I have more time.


WoW: Power leveling and other random screenshots

Hi humans.

While in Stormwind City, Lecktrah used the mighty power of her Death Knight to smash an umbrella into the stone ground so we could have a picnic. (Then some random third uninvited person joined us.)

We then started power leveling my character by running it through dungeons. Lecktrah told me to stay back so I wouldn’t get one-shot by all the monsters she was aggroing, so I decided to take a nap on top of this pile of skulls.

After leveling, Lecktrah and I returned to Stormwind City, where she somehow spawned bunny ears on me.

We then visited Pandaria. At this point I was lagging really hard because AT&T DSL Internet is terrible, so the mount on which we were flying didn’t render and it looked like we were just floating through the air.

What better way to end the day than to fish while laying down, right?


Top lane jungle Nocturne

Hi humans.

There’s a new League of Legends strategy going around. It’s to have your random top lane Fiora go AFK and get your jungler to play two roles.

It works, I swear.

Told you.

So basically, the enemy Teemo wasn’t that smart and pushed all the way under the allied top lane turret, so I got an easy kill on him at level 3 when I had double buffs. I used that lead, as well as the ability to farm both my jungle and a solo lane, to snowball my strength into mid game, where I was 8/1 at one point.

I continued to apply extreme pressure everywhere on the map and allowed my two carries, Twisted Fate and Caitlyn, to farm up and get kills. By late game, the enemy team was so used to me being a terrifying threat that everyone focused me down, which allowed my two carries, as well as my support, to stay alive and deal heavy damage to the enemy team.

So we ended up winning most of the team fights, then pushed into their base to win the game.