Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods release day

Whispers of the Old Gods is finally out, and I opened my massive pile of packs. I already had 50 packs wait­ing for me from my pre-order; I grabbed another 60 from the shop, earned 13 free packs by logging in and com­plet­ing the two new legendary quests, and bought 1 with 100 gold.

After my long card opening spree, I am proud to announce that I am now the owner of all four Warlock golden legendaries, two of which I also have non-golden versions.

I didn’t open Cho’gall from my 124 packs, but I had enough duplicates that I was able to disenchant a ton of cards and have way more than enough dust to craft golden Cho’gall, and even go back and get myself a golden Wilfred Fizzlebang while I was at it.

I don’t think I’m going to be using Wilfred Fizzlebang in a deck, seeing as Emperor Thaurissan seems to serve the same purpose, but work a little bit better. But, with the release of Standard mode, there might be room to sneak in Wilfred Fizzlebang into a deck as a substitution for a card that was rotated out.

If you’re interested in watching my full stream session with my pack opening and playing, I’ve uploaded the VOD to my archive YouTube channel where I dump all my random unedited gaming footage:

Source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1FzNt-Ex7OU&list=PLyWU14LEGfKc3tumOMu3TMxf7BRw0R6Xu


Tempo Storm’s first ever Heroes of the Storm Meta Snapshot is now live!

A large project in the making for a pretty long time, Tempo Storm’s first Heroes of the Storm Meta Snapshot is finally done and live on the website.


Although it’s still not perfect to my own standards, most of you probably already know that I have nearly unrealistically high standards. Overall, it’s a pretty good final product, consider it was a collaborative project, and I’m more-or-less satisfied with it.

I will be continuing to tweak the snapshot throughout the next few days, and will be updating it occasionally until the next big patch. Once Patch 17.3 comes out (or whatever the next big patch is going to be), we will archive the current 17.2 snapshot, then take and release a new snapshot.

Until then, I will be adding in more guides, moving heroes around as needed, and updating talent builds if I or the professional players find builds that are more optimal.

I got a reddit thread started in the Heroes of the Storm subreddit so we can harvest that delicious traffic (and to share with the community, of course).

Although I don’t personally read or respond to reddit discussions, I noticed that Zoia and Zixz are having conversations with posters and posting a lot of replies. So, if you’re interested in some professional player insight, check out the thread to see if there’s anything of value you can take away from it:


Also, something to note about the snapshot … all the purple bars with hero names are expandable. There are hours upon hours of my own written work being hid by the collapsable modules. We added a hover effect last-minute because some of our testers weren’t picking up on the fact that you can click on them to see a talent build and find more information about the hero.

If you’re not interested in participating in the reddit thread or want to ask me questions / give me feedback directly, feel free to leave a comment to this blog post. I monitor my website much more closely than any public forum, so this would be the best way to get your suggestions heard (and implemented, if they’re good suggestions).


I went to the J.K. Lee Taekwondo Great Midwest Championships yesterday

… as a coach, not as a competitor, of course.

I went with my good buddy Ed Lam, who you might know as Grainyrice. We both took photos and videos throughout the tournament, and I posted some of the highlights on Keumgang Martial Arts Academy’s Face­book page.

The guy holding the biggest trophy is Elias.

He originally wouldn’t have been able to make it to the tourna­ment due to not having a ride, but he came along with me instead – seeing as I was going to go to the tournament anyway, and he might as well – and he ended up literally winning the whole thing. The huge trophy is the grand championship award.


Heroes of the Storm Psychology: Confirmation Bias

Source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=pkGsqlIOrXc&list=PLRz2JWFFHXPe0dE7zosqHLbxgrppwgeeg

Today’s episode of Storm Psychology, a series written by Corey Tincher exclusively available on Tempo Storm’s website and YouTube channel, is on confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the tendency for people to search for and interpret information in a way that favors their pre-existing beliefs, while not giving proportional consideration to alternative and conflicting possibilities.

If you’ve ever seen an ally do something, even though there was clear evidence that they shouldn’t, they were most likely suffering from this phenomenon. This video goes over how it affects Heroes of the Storm, and what you can do to avoid falling victim to it.

Screencap of "Storm Psychology: Confirmation Bias"


Emissary of War and The Very Best

Another two weeks have passed in Azeroth, which means another two weekly special event quests com­pleted.

Last week’s event was Emissary of War, which involved completing four mythic dungeons. The last time this event came around, it was very difficult to find a group with which to run the dungeon because my guild is inactive and I had a pretty low item level. If you’re not familiar with the recruitment interface, it shows the party leader a list of applicants sorted by their item level, so because mine was around 700, nobody wanted me.

This time, because I upgraded my gear quite a bit since then, it was easy for me to find groups. I also wanted to continue upgrading gear with mythic dungeon drops, so I ended up doing more than I needed. Out of the ones I completed, three of them were for the first time – Grimrail Depot, Upper Blackrock Spire, and the Everbloom.

Mythic: Grimrail Depot

Mythic: Upper Blackrock Spire

Mythic: The Everbloom

The last time I had to do four mythic dungeons, it was pretty difficult because not everyone in the group knew what they were doing. If I remember correctly, I think there might’ve actually even been one instance where everyone else gave up and quit, and I had no other choice but to leave because nobody ever joins a group through the custom group finder with only one DPS player sitting inside it.

This time, it seemed marginally easier, possibly because everyone’s item levels are slowly going up due to the fact that they’ve had a longer time to play, and any errors they might make during the boss fights become less punishing.

This week’s event was pet battling. I have a full team of tanky, area-of-effect pets that do decently well against any composition, so I ended up defeating five opponents and finishing the quest pretty easily. I only suffered two losses – the first because the opponent both had a better composition than me and outplayed me, and the second because I was the unluckiest person alive and missed three attacks in a row with a 90% hit chance.

Merciless Pet Brawler

While I was in the spirit of pet battling, I also got my Overstuffed achievement, which you earn by leveling an Elekk Plushie to 25.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor - Overstuffed

The tricky part about this is that the Elekk Plushie can’t actually battle. All of its moves do nothing, so you can’t train it without swapping out to another pet and having them win instead.

Fortunately, I’m decently wealthy (not in the sense that I have piles of gold, but in the sense that I already have everything that I want and need, so I can spend gold at my leisure on whatever comes up). I went on the auction house and found a level 24 rare Elekk Plushie, most likely designed that way specifically to sell to someone who wanted the Overstuffed achievement. I bought it for a few thousand gold, and finished the last level with a stone.

I was planning on naming my Elekk Plushie “Mammoth” and using it as my companion pet, but apparently, it doesn’t actually move either. When you put it down, it stays in the same spot, and when you walk too far away, it just despawns.


Heroes of the Storm Psychology: Diffusion of Responsibility

I finally made another video for Tempo Storm, this time about the diffusion of responsibility.

If you’re not familiar with the Storm Psychology videos, it’s a series originally written in article form by Corey Tincher for Tempo Storm, where he picks out a psychological concept, connects it to Heroes of the Storm, then explains how you can either take advantage of or avoid falling victim to the topic.

Diffusion of responsibility is a phenomenon where people are less likely to take action when in a group.

(This video also features a guest appearance by my sleepy dog at the end.)

Source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1MihYpMhNww&list=PLRz2JWFFHXPe0dE7zosqHLbxgrppwgeeg


It’s snowing sideways

Literally two days ago, I posted that it was finally warm enough to go outside and not feel chilly.

Today, it snowed sideways.

In what seemed like the strangest weather I’ve ever seen, possibly as a one-day-late April Fools’ joke by nature, it proceeded to snow sideways (not literally, of course … it was snowing normally, but the wind was so strong that it looked like it was falling sideways and upwards), then cleared up and became really sunny about an hour later.

After another hour, it poured rain, and about another hour or so later, it cleared up and went back to being sunny.

Then, with absolutely no clouds in the sky, it hailed.

And now we have a clear night sky.



Why I made an important announcement for Tempo Storm on April 1

The Internet has an excess of information.

There’s so much content you can consume online that you could spend an hour browsing, and decades’ worth of new content will already be available during that time.

This much information being dumped on the Internet inevitably means that some of it is going to be mis­leading. It can either be a blatant lie, or be suspiciously close to being real, but not entirely true.

Because of this, everyone should try their best to think critically about everything they read – not only be­cause the extra thinking will make you smarter, but also because it will help you identify stories that are false, and not fall victim to the wrong information. Unfortunately, most people don’t do this…

… except for on one day of the year. April Fools’ day.

On April 1, most people on the Internet read things so cautiously, carefully, and critically that most jokes, and even false things that weren’t intended as jokes, are caught. This type of attention to detail is what people need in their everyday lives, but unfortunately, it’s only done on a day dedicated to pranking others.

Of course, I’m not implying that everyone should be checking sources on everything, and doing extra re­search to ensure that everything is true. Instead, I’m suggesting that people should stop reading something with a bold statement (like a lot of the stuff on those clickbait websites), and instantly believe it 100% with­out a single doubt.

In this vein, I decided to post an important news announcement on behalf of Tempo Storm, today, April 1, April Fools’ day.

A lot of people were wondering why we would post a serious announcement on April Fools’ day, and ques­tioned the sanity of the administration for doing such a thing. I’m here to clear this up and let everyone know that I single-handedly made the decision to do so, without being prompted by anyone else. Although I work together closely with many other people, I’m usually the one that comes up with the particularly bold and audacious plans, such as this.

So, if you missed it, here’s the announcement – one of the original players on our professional Heroes of the Storm team, back from our very first competitive roster, is deciding to step down from the starting lineup.

Source: https://tempostorm.com/articles/tempo-storm-so1dier-steps-down-from-the-competitive-roster

This is my passive and implicit way of telling people that the level at which they thought about this news post – wondering if it was legitimate or not – is the kind of critical thinking everyone should apply to their everyday lives. Because of technology, we are inevitably becoming more automated and less alert in our lives.

Don’t let your mind decay.

And yes, So1dier really did step down from the roster.


The Outdoors

Today was more-or-less the first day of the year where it was warm enough to go outside and not feel a bit chilled.

Our family business wasn’t very busy today (probably because most people were out enjoying the weather), and the martial arts academy next door didn’t have any students attend the first class of the day, so we went to a nearby field and played with a frisbee.

Playing frisbee in a field

I was obviously taking a picture, because I rarely head to this place called the Outdoors, as I am usually an indoors building dweller.

I guess Chris didn’t realize I was taking a photo, and just threw the frisbee at me anyway.