Reactions to HotS PTR Patch Notes for September 24, 2015

There was a problem with today’s PTR launch and the patch is being delayed until the beginning of next week. But, luckily, that doesn’t delay this article – here are my thoughts on the changes being trailed on the pub­lic test realm.

Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes - September 24, 2015

Source: Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes – September 24, 2015 (via

  • New maximum graphic settings for 32-bit operating systems

    You’ll be surprised at how bad a lot of people are at using computers.

    With the trend going towards convenience and usability, fewer people need to actually know how computers work nowadays because they’re so easy to use. Something goes wrong? A few decades ago, you needed to retrace your steps on your own and find out where the problem happened. To­day? Just run the troubleshooter, and it will automatically solve it for you.

    With a remarkable number of people not knowing how processors, graphics cards, and screen res­o­lu­tion can affect frames per second, frame skip, and other in-game performance issues, it’s clear that the easy way out is to just do it for them, rather than trying to leave settings in their hands.

    I can visualize a young teenage boy, loading up Heroes of the Storm for the first time on his eight-year-old laptop, and projecting his (soon-to-be) masculinity into his game settings by selecting Ex­treme for every option.

    He then proceeds to queue into a game and play at 3 frames per second, mentioning every several seconds how much this game sucks, not realizing that it’s actually because his laptop probably can’t handle anything above Low.

    I like that it seems like Blizzard is taking a step towards expanding their playerbase and trying to improve retention rates. Hopefully, not even giving the option for people to screw over their own gaming experience will make Heroes of the Storm more user-friendly.

  • Lt. Morales

    Although Lt. Morales’ traits and specific damage numbers have not yet been published, it’s clear that she does very little damage. According to information released so far, her only sources of dam­age output are through basic attacks and her Displacement Grenade, with everything else being a heal, buff to an ally, or utility spell.

    This new hero sort of reminds me of the zDPS Witch Doctor from a while back in Diablo III (zDPS stands for zero damage per second, the build was named as such because it has very little damage output compared to other conventional builds). The zDPS Witch Doctor would use Haunt, paired with the legendary affix on Tiklandian Visage, to permanently crowd control enemies.

    It’s interesting to see that, in a similar manner, a hero with almost no damage output can be in­clu­ded in a team composition simply because she provides such good utility.

    The way Lt. Morales is designed also continues Blizzard’s trend towards giving each hero a unique identity.

    A problem that a lot of League of Legends players face is feeling restricted to a small set of cham­pi­ons that are in-meta. These champions are considered the most powerful because they do what oth­er champions do, but better.

    For example, for a period of time, Hecarim was the best top laner because he could basically do what all other top laners could do, but better, and all-in-one (tankiness, mobility, dueling, as­sas­si­na­tion potential, sustained damage output, etc.).

    League of Legends addressed this problem by releasing the juggernaut patch, where a bunch of cham­pi­ons were reworked and given “gimmicks” to make them unique from one another. Even then, there are still situations where you see a champion and think, “why play this champion when you can play this other champion instead, fill the same role, and do it better?”

    For Blizzard, although this is likely attributed to the fact that there aren’t many heroes yet, each new hero already has a unique set that will allow them to fill a role no other hero can fill.

    For Lt. Morales, that role is a support/utility-only role, which will likely work well with teams that have a lot of high-risk high-reward hypercarry heroes (heroes deal a lot of damage and pose a huge threat to the enemies, but die easily without help from allies).

  • Clarity changes to buffs, debuffs, and visual effects

    There are a handful of changes to improve clarity in-game, some of them including a structure tar­geting indicator, an egg overlay for Murky, art for Lamb to the Slaughter victims, and stack in­di­ca­tors for some talents.

    This is a step in the right direction, but something that really needs to be added back into the game at a high priority are all buff and debuff indicators, not just the few from this patch.

    A handful of patches ago, these indicators were removed from the game for reworking. With this change, we lost a lot of information about our heroes’ statuses.

    The number one thing that sets apart a better player from a worse player is how many things they can keep track of at the same time. A very new player might only have the capacity to focus on the one-on-one in lane, while a professional player will be keeping track of every single one of his/her opponents.

    However, to expect someone to memorize the duration of all enemy crowd control and count the number of seconds for the Block trait to max out is a little unrealistic. There needs to be a good middle-ground for information being provided so the player can work with what (s)he has.

    It’s fine if buffs and debuffs get cluttered. They’re off in the corner, and their icons are small enough that they are not going to cover up important areas of gameplay, even when a hero might be under the effects of 15 things at once.

    New players probably won’t even notice them anyway because they’re tunnel visioning on the fight. Seasoned players will appreciate the fact that they can now see their hero’s power swings (when am I crowd controlled vs. when am I ready to fight with max stacks of a passive). Professional players will use this to distinguish themselves between regional champions and world champions.

  • Other changes

    I really like the implementation of end-of-game surveys. I obviously have no clue what kinds of questions they’ll be asking, but research is always one of the keys to improvement, and polling play­ers is a good way to gather information. I also like how the question will be asked right after a game – this will help gauge end-of-game emotions (because players will not have had a chance to “cool down”), and avoid skewed answers from poor memory.

    The loading screen will now contain more information about the upcoming game. For more serious players who are playing as a group, this is a good opportunity to strategize before the game. Always remember that the game starts at hero select, not when minions spawn, and continues until one core explodes.

    Branching off the last point, group replay viewing is another way for serious players to come to­gether and analyze play. This will probably be an extraordinarily effective tool for professional teams that haven’t transitioned into a gaming house yet, and can’t just huddle around one com­pu­ter to watch replays.

    And finally, Garden of Terror is about to become a lot more annoying, as if the Terror wasn’t ir­ri­tat­ing enough. Overgrowth can now disable the Core, and has scaling health based on game time. One thing I really liked about Heroes of the Storm is how the Core can defend itself (unlike how the Nexus in League of Legends is just an inactive structure when its double turrets are down). I sure hope that this Overgrowth change brings some unexpectedly good results, because as of right now, I’m not too excited for it.


I’m not unlucky, I’m cursed

I’m pretty sure that, in return for everything bad I’ve said about League of Legends and how much better Heroes of the Storm is, Riot has basically applied some sort of curse onto me so every game of League of Legends I play becomes the newest worst experience of my life.

Out of my last five ranked games:

  • 3 have had at least one person disconnect or ragequit
  • 2 have had two people disconnect or ragequit
  • 2 have had allies who have typed out very elaborate death threats (more detailed than the standard “go kill yourself” that you see every game)

During one of the games, after being called a homosexual during champion select for a reason I wasn’t able to catch, we went in game with a Draven who is also an aspiring comedian.

After our Leona accidentally uses her Flash and announces it in chat, Draven intentionally uses it, and re­plies, “same.”

League of Legends - Draven intentionally wastes Flash

Four minutes later, he leaves the game.

League of Legends - Draven ragequits after blaming his support

Not that it would’ve mattered anyway, seeing as now both our jungler and marksman were disconnected, but the enemy jungle Trundle then proceeds to run figure-8s around my lane, avoiding my wards and thrusting his club up my anus.

(Also, notice how in the second screenshot, my ping has mysteriously gone up to 47ms when it used to be 18ms at the start of the game. I basically live next door to the new Chicago servers.)

I can’t wait for Heroes of the Storm to become more popular so I can just quit this game entirely, instead of being forced to play LoL anyway in order to be a well-rounded caster for the world’s most popular game.

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The HotS Americas Championship broadcast was amazing

The Heroes of the Storm American Championship concluded today, with Cloud 9 defeating Tempo/Storm in the finals to claim first place in the region.

My tweets from during the event:

Twitter - @Parkzer - Tweets from Heroes of the Storm Americas Championship

(This screenshot was taken from my feed, so the oldest tweets are at the bottom and the newest tweets are at the top.)

As you can tell, I was a bit disappointed at Tempo/Storm’s defeat, and was sad that Zuna and the team were having a tough time on the day of the finals.

Some of it might have had to do with the fact that the point of the tournament was to qualify for BlizzCon, which Tempo/Storm did, and about which I’m happy. But, that extra prize money would’ve been nice to go to the team I support the most.

Overall, the broadcast was amazing. I have a more in-depth article being planned out right now about why the broadcast was so successful.

In summary, the interface, camera control, audio balance, and usage of down time all contributed pos­i­tive­ly to making the broadcast a success.

Even though Heroes of the Storm is probably the smallest out of the big eSports right now, I’m glad that the producers and directors behind the scenes are working on things that make watching Heroes of the Storm better than even the seasoned productions like League of Legends’ League Championship Series.

On the 19th, the event opened up with a bit of an error in the interface, with the team names being in­verted (it’s possible that it could be attributed to a seating mix-up?):

Heroes of the Storm Americas Championship - Team names reversed

This error was temporarily patched up by just removing the team names two minutes into the game, and was fixed later on into the game.

Heroes of the Storm Americas Championship - Team names removed to fix error

Apart from this, I didn’t really see any problems over the weekend-long broadcast.

Stay tuned for my in-depth article – if it’s not posted directly on my website, then it probably means it was posted elsewhere. Even in that case, I will still include excerpts and a link here soon.


Level capping w/ Demon Hunter, finishing Season 4 journey, and more

I’ve had a Demon Hunter that I started months upon months ago, but never really got around to leveling it up because playing on my main wizard character was much more interesting.

However, with my relatively recent rise in completing Greater Rifts and leveling up legendary gems, I managed to get myself a Rank 25 Gem of Ease, which I socketed into a Level 70 weapon for my Demon Hunter.

After a few hours, I managed to clear enough Nephalem Rifts on Torment difficulty to get me to the level cap.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Level 70 Demon Hunter

I like having different portraits for all my characters. Seeing as my Wizard is my main, I decided to use my highest available standard portrait on it (which is, at this point, the golden one with two stars surrounding the numbers representing my paragon level). My Witch Doctor will have the Heroes of the Storm portrait, seeing as the reason I made it was to get Malthael’s Phantom in Heroes of the Storm.

For Demon Hunter, I decided to use the Season 4 portrait that you earn for completing the Season Journey. I thought it was fitting, seeing as I reached the level cap with Demon Hunter during Season 4. That meant that I had to grind through the chapters of the journey, which I did.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Season 4 Season Journey

After completing the fourth chapter of the season journey, I got my portrait and pet rewards, and also got the option to accept the challenge of Slayer, the next part of the journey. Even though I accepted the challenge, I most likely won’t actually follow through on it, because I’m not really too interested in up­grading my portrait (I’m satisfied with the base design).

Finally, as I mentioned above, I’ve been doing a lot more Greater Rifts to level up my legendary gems. I have my Bane of the Trapped and Zei’s Stone of Vengeance at Rank 30, and my Gem of Efficacious Toxin trailing closely behind at Rank 28.

At the same time as leveling gems, I’m also slowly pushing myself to achieve higher levels in Greater Rifts, and most recently managed to clear Level 40 to set a new personal record.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Greater Rift Level 40 Complete

At this point, I feel as if I have plenty of damage to get through higher levels, but the problem now is how squishy I am. I can gather up a lot of monsters to kill them all at once and make quick progress, but I can only do this if I don’t die part-way through gathering the enemies.

The easiest way to solve this is to get another Unity, a legendary ring that splits damage across all wearers of the ring, and equip it on my Templar (who is invulnerable because of the legendary affix on his relic). And, of course, I can work on improving my own skill by learning more monster attack animations, timing my Teleport better, and shortening reaction time.


Ironside Malphite – New skin preview on LoL PBE, full game highlights


Ironside Malphite is a new, unreleased skin only available on the League of Legends beta server (PBE). I cut up some highlights from a game I played with him earlier today.

Apparently the Kindred on the enemy team was Pawnce, a well-known entertainer who produces a lot of PBE content. I didn’t realize it until after the game, but when I went to his channel to watch a VOD of the live stream, I discovered that apparently the Rengar against which I laned was a mega troll.

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Temporarily disabled … should be permanent

Our prayers have been answered, at least temporarily.

League of Legends - Riven disabled

Riven, the most overpowered champion in League of Legends, and one of two champions that does not be­long in the game (the other being Yasuo), has been temporarily disabled. It should obviously be per­ma­nent, but I guess the world isn’t perfect.

With four gap closers, two forms of hard crowd control, a defensive ability that scales off of an offensive stat, a basic attack modifier with every skill, a mechanic called animation canceling that makes her look buggy and isn’t described in any tooltip, burst damage equivalent to an assassin, and unlimited sustain­ability at no strength reduction after purchasing life steal due to no resource limitations – it is as stupid as it sounds.

Xypherous, the designer responsible for giving birth to Riven, seems to really enjoy making changes to the game that piss people off (or at the very least, me).

He’s the creator of Nautilus, the tank with four forms of crowd control and an ultimate that basically crowd controls someone for several seconds as they watch in terror at the advancing depth charge that’s about to throw them airborne. Not to mention most people running away, behind their allies, and screwing over their entire team in the process.

He’s the creator of Lulu, the wildly underrated support that’s just as good as Janna at denying the ene­mies, but also deals several times more damage than her.

And of course, he’s responsible for reworking Heimerdinger and changing the champion that I loved.

I miss you, pre-rework Heimerdinger.

(This post isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or any­one officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trade­marks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.)


The price of not reading patch notes in Diablo

Apparently, Kanai’s Cube is now a thing in Diablo III.

Although I religiously read Heroes of the Storm patch notes (and used to read League of Legends’ patch notes religiously as well), I generally only do this for the main games I play, and not the games I play ca­su­ally.

Diablo III is one of those games I play casually.

In late August, Patch 2.3 was released with Kanai’s Cube, an item designed to help make the transition into end-game content a bit easier and smoother. It has a bunch of different features, such as extracting legendary powers from items, converting gems into different types, upgrading rares into random legend­ar­ies, and opening portals.

In my excitement in figuring this out, I did absolutely no research on Kanai’s Cube and just dove in. I was short of topaz for my wizard so I decided to upgrade a bunch of my other gems and turn them into topaz.

I failed to realize that all nine gems that you insert into the machine have to be the same type and quality. I decided to save money on the crafting reagent from Squirt the Peddler by upgrading my gems as high as possible, then using only 500,000 gold for the conversion process (instead of spending millions going through the process multiple times).

So now I have 9 Flawless Royal Gems of random types that I can’t upgrade into topaz because I don’t have nine of the same type of gem.

Luckily, this didn’t matter after a few hours because I managed to find a Puzzle Ring and open a portal to the Vault, making me filthy rich and granting me enough gems to fill all my remaining sockets with Flaw­less Royal Topaz.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - The Vault - Inner Sanctum - Greed

In my Vault run, I also managed to get a pair of Firebird’s Tarsi, an item from the Firebird’s Finery set that I already had. The one I picked up wasn’t better than the ones I already had on, so I salvaged them.

Then, shortly afterwards, I realized that you can reroll set items using Kanai’s Cube, so if I had kept those boots, I could’ve possibly turned them into a Firebird’s Finery item that I didn’t already have.

Luckily, after a few hours, this didn’t matter as well, because I extracted the property from my Ring of Royal Grandeur, lowering the number of set items required for set effects by 1. While I was at it, I also extracted attributes from my Cindercoat and The Furnace, filling up all three Kanai’s Cube passive slots.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Kanai's Cube Powers

With this new build and setup, I went into a Greater Rift and managed to clear Level 36.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Greater Rift Level 36 Completed

Apparently, before today, my previous record was Level 19 … so I guess this is a pretty huge improvement.

So, what’s the true price of not reading patch notes in Diablo III? You suffer for a bit, while thinking about all the stuff you missed out on because you didn’t know particular features existed … then after several hours, you make up for the shortcut that you lost, and everything is okay again.


Reactions to HotS Patch Notes for September 8, 2015

Version 13.3 of Heroes of the Storm is here, and Blizzard posted all the changes in the latest patch notes:

Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes (Image)

Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – September 8, 2015 (via

There are nowhere near as many changes in this patch as there were in the last one.

  • No more Treasure Goblins

    I honestly didn’t really like the Treasure Goblins. I hate things that act cowardly, can’t really do any­thing, and just run around being a nuisance. I’m sure you can agree that Treasure Goblins are ex­act­ly that.

    But, the actual concept of earning an extra 100 gold one time each day is something that I did like. If you’re looking to unlock all the heroes and a good number of master skins, the gold cost is astronomically high if you don’t spend real money on the game.

    Not only did this 100 gold help quicken that process, it also encouraged people to sign in and play, even if it was just for one Versus A.I. game to get the daily gold bonus.

    Heroes of the Storm is more-or-less my favorite game right now, so I almost always find time to play every­day. But, on days when I’m too busy to play even a single game, during the Treasure Gob­lin event, I would literally delay my sleeping time by 15 minutes so I can sign in to play a bot game and get my 100 gold.

    Now that this promotion is over, I have no external motivation to play every single day, because daily quests can stack up to three at a time. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels this way, so I’m guess­ing that the end of this event will mark a slight drop in play.

    Although the Treasure Goblins themselves were annoying, integrating this win-of-the-day concept into a treasure hunt was innovative and well done. I’m just hoping that it will come back soon for the next event in a similar fashion, because a win-of-the-day mechanic is present in a lot of dif­fer­ent games, and their presence is well-justified.

  • Rexxar

    Unfortunately, the new hero wasn’t available for play on the PTR before he was released this time, so I wasn’t able to get a chance to preview the hero and see how he is played.

    Based on the descriptions, he seems like an innovative character, as “tank” and “ranged” generally don’t go together.

    After watching the videos, I wonder if Rexxar himself will act like a tank, or if Misha will fill that role and Rexxar himself will act more like a support/utility character.

    When we think about warriors and tanks, we normally think about bulky melee characters who either stand in the way of their damage dealers to protect them, or dive into the opponent’s back­line and disrupt the enemy damage dealers.

    I wonder if Rexxar will fill the second role of tanks and use his kit to disrupt assassins and spe­cial­ists. He would particularly excel at this because of his range, as the enemy’s tanks would have a slightly harder time peeling off Rexxar because he can abuse his spacing advantage.

  • Ranked mode restricted to parties of one and two

    I initially found it very strange when people were able to play ranked in groups of three and four.

    A critical element of MOBAs is a player’s ability to work together as a team. Your rank is the av­er­age of all of your skills, and teamwork is one of them. Thus, if you have Rank 1 mechanics but you’re absolute trash at working with your allies, you’ll obviously be ranked a lot lower.

    I was upset that someone would be able to completely bypass this requirement of teamwork by grouping together as a party of four and ranking up the ladder. This person, who deserves to be lower than Rank 1 due to their poor teamwork, is able to nearly eliminate that element of gameplay simply because they’re playing with a large group of people with whom they’re already familiar.

    Now that ranked play can only be solo or duo queued, it puts the appropriate importance back on adapting to allies, being flexible in playstyle and strategies, and working together as a team.

    Although I love playing MMOs and RPGs, and I’ve been playing them for longer than I’ve even known about the existence of MOBAs, I find games like Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends particularly interesting due to the facet of ally interaction.

    Being a human psychology enthusiast, I find enjoyment in learning about different kinds of people I meet in-game, manipulating their emotions, and making them go on reverse tilt – basically, figuring out how to make them feel great and more motivated to perform. I’m glad that the effort I put in this will pay off even more now in Heroes of the Storm ranked games.

  • Player reports and silence penalty

    I’m pretty much indifferent about the silence penalty. I actually prefer people getting suspensions and bans instead of chat restrictions. If anything, a chat restriction will make people start to think that verbal harassment isn’t that huge of a deal, because all you’ll get is a silence penalty instead of a ban.

    But, regardless of the punishment used, the one thing I’m still waiting for is report feedback.

    League of Legends sort of had something like this through their tribunal system, where people would vote on cases as to whether or not the culprit should be punished. After a final decision was processed by a Riot staff member, the voter would be notified as to whether or not (s)he voted with the majority. Unfortunately, the tribunal rework became a complete, disastrous pile of trash of a failure, and there is now no longer community involvement in the decision-making process of be­hav­ior­al punishments. (If you’re not familiar, the tribunal went down for a “rework” and never came back.)

    Finding out that you contributed to making the community a better place is extraordinarily re­ward­ing, and in one case, I decided to give myself my own satisfaction.

    If you’ve been following my gaming for a long time, you might know that I have issues with League of Legends where it feels extremely unfun and counterintuitive to the purposes of gaming. Re­gardless, I still occasionally go back to play a game here and there to make sure I’m caught up with the changing meta (which is helpful for casting).

    On one of my first games back after a long break, there was one person whose name was some­thing along the lines of “I Never Roam” and they pretty much single-handedly made the gaming experience terrible for the other nine players on the battlefield (because he had a particular liking to using all-chat).

    At the end of the game, I reported him, and put a pretty detailed description in the report box as to what he did to make me never want to play League of Legends ever again.

    I then proceeded to forget about this person for several weeks, until I was looking through my ranked game history and recognized his username. I decided to click on his profile to see if my report made a difference.

    At first, it seemed like he was still playing like normal – he must be an addicted League of Legends player, because he plays just as much as a professional player would (but is still somehow stuck in low gold). But then, as I scrolled down his match history, I noticed something.

    For a duration of exactly seven days, he did not play any games. At the end of this seven-day period, he started playing several games every day again.

    I’d like to think that the reason for this was because he received a seven-day suspension as a consequence for his behavior. I wasn’t able to figure out for sure (maybe he was out of the country for seven days because karma decided it was time for his grandmother to die in his native country). But it’s still satisfying that such a thing could’ve happened as a result of me clicking the Report button.

    It would be pretty amazing if Blizzard could implement some kind of system like this where they can notify their players for sure whether or not their report made a difference.

    Sure, it might be difficult to add this feature to the report system, but I think the time spent on it would be worth it, as it would be an overall boost to playerbase morale, and a deterring effect for people who think it’s okay to cause problems in game.

That’s all I have to say for these patch notes. One last notable change is with Kael’thas’ Chain Bomb, but I’m not good enough with that hero to immediately know what kind of gameplay changes it will introduce. Even though my Kael’thas has been leveled up to 9, I actually only play him during free week … and I still don’t know what I’m doing with him.


Foiling Teams Aqua/Magma and recruiting Rayquaza in PokéMMO

Way at the beginning of this calendar year, PokéMMO implemented Emerald version support and expanded their storyline to include both Kanto and Hoenn.

Although I’ve been a Pokémon fan ever since I got my first Game Boy Color and Pokémon Yellow cartridge back when I was an elementary schooler, I’ve never actually fully played through the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald storylines. When I was a second-year high school student, I played the third generation games a bit, but I used a wall hack so I didn’t really get to experience it fully.

I was excited at this opportunity to play through Pokémon Emerald through PokéMMO, but never really got around to doing it until now.

I’ve been playing the new expansion little-by-little throughout the year, but in the past week or so, I’ve been playing it a lot more with the intention to actually make progress.

I’ve managed to get through the entire main storyline so far, and all I have left now is getting through the Hoenn Victory Road and defeating the Elite Four.

As I got deeper into the storyline, I took some screenshots along the way.

PokéMMO - Groudon

PokéMMO - Kyogre

PokéMMO - Groudon and Kyogre

PokéMMO - Rayquaza

After saving the Hoenn region from the two legendary Pokémon by recruiting the help of Rayquaza from Sky Pillar, I proceeded to Surf to Ever Grande City to finish my journey.

PokéMMO - Ever Grande City Waterfall

PokéMMO - Ever Grande City


Jester Wins!

I’ve been pretty busy with a lot of other stuff lately – I’ve been committing really hard on a few small projects, rather than spreading myself out across a ton of projects and not really focusing hard on any of them.

As a result, I’ve had a lot less time for casual gaming.

But, I’ve still had a bit of time lately to get in a few games of Town of Salem here and there.

Today’s first screenshot shows how selfish of a doctor I apparently am. I decided to self heal on a night where someone confirmed I was the doctor and I felt like I would be murdered overnight.

Town of Salem - Doctor Achievements

I was correct in predicting that I would be attacked, and I got two achievements from it – one for self-healing successfully for the first time, and one … for healing someone successfully in general.

My second screenshot was an interesting game where I was the serial killer. On the final day, I was left standing with two other people – the jester and lookout. I somehow convinced the lookout that the jester was the serial killer, and we voted him up for lynching.

I didn’t want to be seen as suspicious, so I initially voted guilty, but planned on removing my vote so I couldn’t get haunted the following night for lynching the jester. Unfortunately, my vote removal didn’t go through in time.

That night, I obviously killed the lookout, and the jester killed me. This resulted in there being nobody left standing as the game ended, and a sign popping up that said “Jester Wins.”

Town of Salem - Jester Wins

Also, if you notice from the screenshots, my name was “Not So Gramp,” and there was another person named “Not So Grump.” I copy other people’s names and change one letter to throw people off and cause more confusion in my games (which makes them a lot more fun and interesting).

I think that, in this particular game, this name trickery saved my life.

Within the first few days, I was accused of being the serial killer, but “Not So Grump” was the one who ended up getting voted up for lynching. After the town realized they had lynched the framer, they seemed satisfied and appeared to have forgotten that they were actually trying to vote up the serial killer.