Stream VOD: Completing daily tasks and challenges in RuneScape


In this stream session, I complete daily tasks and challenges by managing my port, making flatpack ma­hog­any toy boxes, chopping elder trees, balancing on a serenity post, crafting death runes, superheating iron ore, gathering from divine locations, creating teleport tablets, and burning maple logs.


Rapidly approaching skill mastery in Woodcutting on RuneScape


In this stream session, I train my Woodcutting skill by chopping roots in the clan citadel and shattering crystal tree shards near the Observatory.

This VOD is literally footage of me cutting trees down, so if you were actually interested in watching the whole thing, you probably want to reconsider.


Keumgang Martial Arts receives Diversity Award from Mundelein

Earlier today, Keumgang Martial Arts Academy, which is where I train taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, received the 2015 Diversity Award from the Village of Mundelein.

I went with the owners today to the reception and ceremony and shot video of the owner’s speech. That video is available on their YouTube channel:


I also have a few photos from the event as well. The one I decided to post is of the owners holding the award with village staff, along with parents and students.

The framing of the photo looks a little strange and tight because I cropped out the young students who were sitting on the ground in front of the adults. (I removed them from the photo because there are some liabilities that go along with publishing photos of children that I prefer not to deal with.)

If you’d like to congratulate them, feel free to do so in the comments section of that video.


Starting my Hoenn adventure on PokéMMO

Something I’m pretty excited about is a new expansion to PokéMMO that was included in a patch released not long ago. Since January 13, it is now possible to play the storyline of Pokémon Emerald in PokéMMO.

In this part of the stream session, I go through the first few gyms of Hoenn and make it to Slateport City. I am then able to travel freely between Kanto and Hoenn, and at the end of the stream, use my VS Seeker to find battles and train my Pidgey into a Pidgeot.


After playing the expansion for a little over an hour, so far, I’m pretty satisfied.

I’ve actually never played through the Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald storylines properly. Back when I was a second year student in high school (around 2007-2008), I played Pokémon Emerald on an emu­la­tor, but used a walk-through-walls hack because I was more interested in exploring than I was playing the game.

This is my chance to actually play through the game now, and I’m eager to find out what the full Hoenn storyline is.


Snowflake-shaped ice crystals on my window

I live in the Chicagoland area, and as you may suspect, it gets pretty cold around here during this time of year.

I had my car parked at our family business’ outdoor parking lot, and when I went back out, I noticed that snowflake-shaped ice crystals had formed on my window.

You can sort of see them in the photo above, but I recommend clicking on it to view it in its full 2048 by 1152 pixel high-definition glory (you might have to click to enlarge it once again after you open the larger file, because some browsers resize images too big to fit on your screen).

It’s actually pretty interesting, and I’ve never seen something with such detail form on a car window before.


Stream VOD: Trying to figure out how to play Town of Salem


Ed introduced me to a game called Town of Salem a few days ago, and since then, we’ve been playing it quite a bit.

The main concept of the game is that everyone gets assigned a team and a role, and you need to work together with your team to eliminate every other member of any other team. The difficulty of the game is that each person’s roles are not revealed to anyone else, and you may die without notice if you reveal yourself to be on a team opposing a killer.

There are quite a few roles, so I’m still in the process of learning the nuances of each role, and how each role interacts with every other role. In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of trolling to keep the game fun while I try to learn the strategy behind winning.


Arbiter Vel’Koz – Unreleased skin preview on League of Legends PBE


Arbiter Vel’Koz is a new, un­re­leased skin only available on the beta server (PBE). Check out this video of gameplay if you want to see what it looks like in-game before it’s released!

In this game, I end up laning against a Nidalee, who was using the Warring Kingdoms skin, another unreleased skin from this patch. I do well against her 1v1, but once my allies and my enemies start moving around the map, I begin to fall behind.

To avoid getting baited by my own allies, I spend some time split pushing to get solo experience and farm. Once I’m sufficiently strong enough, I start semi-grouping with my allies to push against the enemies and secure objectives around the map.