Protecting the supermarket…

… with a fly swatter

Protecting the supermarket...

Some of my relatives from California are over in Illinois to visit, and while we showed them around our area, we stopped by a Korean supermarket after lunch. Upon entering, I saw a security guard protecting the entrance and keeping an eye out on the people entering … then I looked at his hand and found out that his weapon of choice was a fly swatter.

Obviously, these security guards aren’t sworn police officers, so they’re not allowed to open carry firearms in Illinois. Also, this guy was obviously just after a pest that might’ve found its way into the store (rather than regularly wielding the fly swatter during his watch). But, I can’t help but visualize the funny scenario in which a security guard combats shoplifters and troublemakers by chasing them down and battering them with a fly swatter.

After the shopping trip, we stopped by a bakery. My parents and relatives spent a lot of time browsing through pastries, so I took that opportunity to photograph some of the items that I thought were best designed.

Carrot cupcakes

"Banana" brownies

"Cherry Bomb"