Surprise, I’m going to ESL for the Summer 2016 NA Regional

Despite not liking traveling that much, I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately … and I’ve got another “surprise!” post. I spent the day today traveling to Burbank, California to attend the ESL Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, Summer 2016 Season, NA Regional.

My morning started off with a flight from ORD to LAX, with my preferred airline, American Airlines. I don’t think American Airlines is particularly better or worse than any other airline, they’re just preferred because I’m trying to get more miles in their frequent flyer plan so I can get more benefits.

After a copious amount of delays, I finally made it to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I was on a standby list for a different flight than for what I had originally been scheduled, so I wasn’t able to get a window seat and get any photos during the flight.

A shuttle came to pick me up and transport me to the hotel, which was supposed to be about 40-50 minutes away. Unfortunately, due to the notorious Los Angeles traffic, we ended up taking over 2.5 hours to get to our destination, because we were driving 8 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.

After finally making it to the hotel, Tempo Storm’s HotS team, an early bird from Naventic, and I went to Olive Garden. I don’t like eating on travel days because I don’t want to risk vomiting on the plane due to airsickness, so this was essentially my breakfast.

One of the players ordered a drink that came with a massive orange. If a single slice is that huge, imagine how big the full orange was. He held up a strawberry for scale.

And of course, it wouldn’t have been an Olive Garden trip without the breadsticks.

So far, it seems like the schedule is going to be tomorrow for practice and media day, Friday for off-stage group stage, Saturday for the first day of the event, and Sunday for the semifinals and grand final.