Video: [LoL] “MISS EVERYTHING” & “50 HP? Better use my ult.”

Hi humans.

Here are a few more highlight clips from my stream a few days ago.

The first one, descriptively titled “MISS EVERYTHING,” is a clip where I’m playing Ahri and at­tempt­ing to kill the enemy Ryze while proceeding to miss all of my skillshots.

I somehow manage to still get the kill on him, but then something disappointing happens several seconds later.

Also, in case you were curious, when I say “Ed, you didn’t see that,” it was because Ed was watching my stream, which is on about an eight-second delay.

(Embedded player not working? Try this link.

In the words of Hao: “I told you Master Yi was MIA.”

If you have a sharp eye, you might have noticed that Skarner used his ultimate to finish off Shen. The interesting thing about him was that, throughout the entire game, he tended to use his ultimate to finish off enemies, rather than initiating.

In this next clip, Hao initiates a 2v4 team fight when Jax was nearby but wasn’t paying attention, and Skarner was relatively far away. At the end of the team fight, I barely manage to survive and pick up a few kills.

Skarner notices something is going on and comes a little late to the fight. He has the opportunity to finish off the enemy Cho’Gath with a single auto attack, but he instead chooses to use something else.

(Embedded player not working? Try this link.

In the words of Hao: “OH MY GOD HE ULTED THAT”