Video: [LoL] “Why I always ban Kat” & “How not to tank baron”

Hi humans.

Here are my epic highlight clips from today’s stream broadcast.

The first clip is when I was playing Cho’Gath. Normally, when I’m first pick, my first ban is always Katarina. People say that she’s really easy to shut down and she has an awful laning phase, but for whatever reason, I tend to always get destroyed by her.

People claim that champions like Ryze and Fiddlesticks counter her, but I still manage to always lose. I literally remember only one time I’ve ever won in lane against her in my entire life.

And even when she does lose her lane, she ends up always dominating after laning phase. As long as her allies can feed her one or two easy kills during team fights, she’ll end up cleaning up the rest of the enemy team by herself.

(Embedded player not working? Try this link.

So what happened there?

We basically dominated the opponents in that team fight. We were about to end up with a zero-for-five exchange in our favor. As I was chasing down Dr. Mundo to secure the second to last kill, Katarina walked right past me. She didn’t seem that threatening, so I let her go, assuming that my four allies would be able to take care of her.

After securing the kill on Dr. Mundo with Ignite, I looked back and noticed that Katarina was going to work on my team.

Within seconds, I noticed she had gotten a quadra kill before dying to Kog’Maw’s passive.

I decided then would be a great time to build some magic resist.

The second clip is later in the same game when Hao and I decided we would two-man Baron. The only problem was that Hao had barely over a sliver of health left. He thought he would be fine, as long as I tank Baron.

But Baron had other plans for him.

Yes. As I stated multiple times in the video, BARON CAN KNOCK YOU BACK.