Video: [LoL] Roaming Caitlyn Wins Games

Hi humans.

Earlier today, I played a handful of games of League of Legends with my friends, but one of them stuck out in particular.

If you’re familiar with my League of Legends play style, you know that I go either middle or top lane as a solo laner. Some people might think that this is because I’m a bad AD carry or support, but that’s actually not true at all. The reason I can’t play in bottom lane is because the curvature of the lane completely throws me off. If I’m on the purple side in bottom lane, it’s even worse – the angle at which I have to play makes it so I miss a majority of my skill shots. I’m just a really bad bottom laner.

But, I still sometimes want to play AD carry. How do you solve that? By making me a roaming AD carry, of course.

I played Caitlyn and started in top lane with Ed, who was on Vladimir. We pushed the top turret and destroyed it at four minutes, and I roamed mid to take down the mid turret at six minutes.

I plan on possibly eventually making a better highlights video with this replay, but for now, I cut out the entire game from the rest of the stream replay as an on-demand replay video. It has been embedded below.

(Embedded player not working? Try this link.

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