Re: “Daily Prompt: Study Abroad”

Hi humans.

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?


If I were asked to study abroad for a year, I would actually decline the offer because I’m not very interested in going abroad (at least for right now). I’m comfortable where I am now, and I feel as if taking a random year off to go abroad and study would disrupt my plans quite a bit, especially seeing as this is a pretty important transition period in my life.

If I were asked to study abroad and had no choice but to accept (meaning, I couldn’t decline the offer), I would probably go to South Korea. Not only am I South Korean and know the Korean language fluently, so I would be able to live fine, but I also want to experience the South Korean education style.

Most people probably already know how hardcore Asian education is compared to American education, and I’m interested in experiencing it myself. I feel as if surviving it would enhance my overall work ethic and focus, and will help me with other aspects of my life as well.