Grow a bear and become a man!

Hi humans.

Back on December 1, I tweeted, “Men, it is no longer November. Time to shave those rugs off your faces.”

That, of course, was a reference to no-shave November, where a bunch of strange people decide it would be a great idea to forgo an important part of personal hygiene for a duration of 30 days.

Seeing as the time period for this “event” was over, I went ahead and reminded these people to go ahead and go back to their daily routine of keeping themselves presentable to the public.

Then, all of a sudden, Ben Chow (who you might remember as being one of my buddies since high school) comes along on Twitter (for the first time in like two years, I think) and tweets at me at 3 AM, saying this:

@Parkzer Maybe you should grow a bear and become a man!

That was probably one of the most random things that had happened to be in a long time (and it doesn’t surprise me that Ben Chow was the one who said it), so I decided to post it on my website.

Apparently, if you grow a bear, you become a man. Better use high-quality potting soil and water it well so it grows to be very big.

(Yes, I know he meant to say “beard,” but I like making fun of Ben Chow.)