Hi, I'm Adam.

Adam Parkzer   •   25   •   SoCal, USA   •   5'10" (178 cm)   •   142 lbs (65 kg)   •   Korean American

Most people nowadays know me as the Creative Director of Tempo Storm or have seen my work as a king-of-all-trades in the online en­ter­tain­ment industry. I've been a multimedia producer, play-by-play shoutcaster, event host, broadcast journalist, web developer, graphic designer, and con­sultant; I apply my vast foun­da­tion of experience to my current position at one of the world's most influential and decorated professional esports franchises.

When I was younger, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in sociology, psychology, and criminal justice from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I started working on a Master of Science degree in the secondary education of social sciences from Northwestern University, but never finished. I plan to complete my degree one day in either applied psychology or media/broadcast.

My hobbies and interests include the Internet, computers and technology, writing, martial arts, the fourth dimension, and Avril Lavigne.

Check out my social media profiles and channels – @Parkzer on Twitter, Parkzer on Twitch, and Adam Parkzer on YouTube. You can also browse my Amazon wish list if you want to treat me to a gift.

Below, you can find my (not up-to-date) blog.




Today, I met a peacock

I brought Mango to the veterinarian’s office today for his routine puppy vaccinations, and was met with an interesting surprise when I got to the vet:


Yes, that is a peacock. Apparently people keep them as pets. Yes, that is the first time I’ve ever seen a peacock in-person.




My second Blizzard campus tour

Ed’s days in California for his vacation are slowly coming to an end, so I’m trying to show him as much California-exclusive things as possible before he goes back to Illinois. One of these California-exclusive things is the Blizzard Entertainment campus, so we stopped by Irvine today for another tour. (Mango the Yorkshire Terrier went too.)

Blizzard Entertainment - Irvine, CA Campus Tour

This is the gigantic Gorehowl, the prop that was used in the marketing event in New York City, where Gorehowl was splitting through a yellow taxi cab to promote the release of Warlords of Draenor.

Blizzard Entertainment - Irvine, CA Campus Tour

This was a framed graphic in the Overwatch museum – I found it interesting to see the steps that led towards the final product of the iconic Overwatch heroes wallpaper/background, especially how rough of a draft the first photo is, yet you can tell from the distinct characteristics who all the heroes are.

Blizzard Entertainment - Irvine, CA Campus Tour

Blizzard got a Starbucks relatively recently, so part-way through our tour, we tried out some of the campus-exclusive drinks. I guess, in theory, no drinks are “exclusive,” because you can technically put in a special order and request pretty much any location to mix together specific ingredients to make your customized drink, as long as the location has the ingredients you want. But, these were some of the recipes that Blizzard carried on their menu.

Blizzard Entertainment - Irvine, CA Campus Tour

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Frostside Gathering

Mango the Yorkshire Terrier went on an adventure yesterday to the Tempo Storm Hearthstone Frostside Gathering, a rebranded Fireside Gathering in San Diego, CA in celebration of the new, upcoming Hearthstone expansion involving the Lich King.

Because I am part of Tempo Storm, we got there a little earlier than everyone else so we could get settled and help set up when needed. reynad, the founder and CEO of Tempo Storm, and his girlfriend Michaela were there as well; Michaela wanted to put sunglasses on Mango.

Tempo Storm Hearthstone Frostside Gathering

Frodan, one of the co-founders of Tempo Storm and currently a Hearthstone caster and broadcast personality, dressed up as Gul’dan. Here he is calmly petting Mango as he gazes off into the distance, plotting his next world takeover and domination.

Tempo Storm Hearthstone Frostside Gathering

Jessica Nigri, world-famous cosplayer and personality, was also at the event. She absolutely adored Mango and held him for about half an hour or so.

Jessica Nigri and Mango the Yorkshire Terrier

FakeNerdBoy, Jessica Nigri’s boyfriend and a broadcaster, also held Mango for a little while.

FakeNerdBoy and Mango the Yorkshire Terrier

The event itself wasn’t really that great for me, seeing as I don’t really like parties, but Ed is still over in California visiting from Illinois, and he seemed to enjoy it. I don’t drink alcohol, but Ed does, so he got some free drinks and roamed around enjoying the event. We stayed for around six hours; this photo of Ed is from shortly before we were about to leave:

Tempo Storm Hearthstone Frostside Gathering

I was the one who ended up driving from Riverside County to San Diego. It’s right around a hundred miles in each direction, and I thought the drive there would be awful (because I hate driving), but it actually wasn’t that bad. What was bad, however, was trying to find parking in San Diego.

After proceeding to fail at finding an open spot for a good 20 minutes or so, we finally made our way into a parking garage and found a spot. On our way out, I discovered that parking cost … US$60.00. I guess owning a multi-floor parking structure in San Diego is good business.




Ed met Dave

Continuing our adventures in California for Ed’s vacation, we went to a pet store today to play with some dogs. The dogs in pet stores are generally kept in tiny compartments and don’t really get to move around and play much, so all the dogs we looked at were overjoyed at being let out into the open.

This particular one, which I believe is a Maltese, decided she wanted to untie Ed’s shoelace, then proceed to attempt to eat Ed’s entire shoe while he was re-tying his laces.

This dog untied Ed's shoelaces, then tried to eat his shoe

After seeing a few other dogs, including a dachshund and a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix (commonly referred to as a “Pomchi”), we went a few doors down and tried Peruvian food for the first time. I’m not sure if we were either given the wrong menu or if they actually just didn’t really have much of a selection, but we wanted to try as many different items as possible, so we got a family platter that had a lot of different meats and vegetables.

A Peruvian dish

After lunch, we stopped by eSports Arena so Ed could meet the all-famous dog, Dave. Dave is a Corgi and acts as the mascot of the eSports Arena headquarters in Santa Ana, California. Although I’ve known about Dave for a long time, this was actually the first time I had met him in-person too. The photo shows Dave about to kiss Karen, while Ed pats Dave on the butt.

Ed met Dave

There happened to have been an Overwatch event at eSports Arena today – Overwatch Contenders, if I remember correctly – so there were some cardboard cut-outs of Overwatch characters. We found one of D.Va, so I took advantage of this photo opportunity and snapped one of Ed and the Korean mech pilot.

Ed and D.Va at eSports Arena




Ed’s first time at In-N-Out Burger

A few days ago, my friend Ed Lam (better known as “Grainyrice” online) came to California to visit me. He’s one of my childhood friends who I’ve known since before kindergarten, and we’ve lived close to each other pretty much our entire lives, until I moved to California back in November 2016 to pursue having my gaming hobby as a full-time job.

Because it’s the summer in the United States, he’s on break from his academics (he’s studying towards earning a Master’s degree in public health). He took this opportunity to come visit me in California for vacation.

Back in Illinois where he lives (and where I used to live), there are no In-N-Out Burger restaurants, as the chain is only in the southwest and Pacific coast. However, In-N-Out has a reputation for being one of the best burger restaurants due to their affordable prices, great taste, and relatively healthy ingredients.

I obviously wouldn’t be a real friend if I didn’t take him to In-N-Out while he was here, so today, Ed got to try his very first Double-Double.

Ed's first time at In-N-Out Burger

Ed's first time at In-N-Out Burger

Yes, he is wearing a Sriracha hat.




Unboxing the Massdrop Jessica GMK Plum Custom Keycap Set & GMK Carbon Add-On Keycap Kit

I haven’t posted a video on my YouTube channel in an extraordinarily long time – over three years, to be exact. Back in early 2015, I actually made my final “annual Buffalo Wild Wings winter trip” vlog, but for whatever reason forgot to upload it, and still haven’t since then (I sort of feel like it’s not really that relevant of a video anymore).

One of my promotional obligations at my workplace involved me unboxing and reviewing a product from one of our sponsors, so I decided to take this opportunity to “revive” my channel by turning this into a video for my channel.

… No, my channel is not actually “revived,” because I won’t be doing this on a regular basis. But here’s the video.

As I mention in the video, the story behind this product is that I wanted Massdrop to send me one keycap with their logo on it, so if my keyboard were to ever appear in a video or a stream, it would essentially act as next-level product placement. But, instead of one keycap, Massdrop decided to send me 186 keycaps.

In the video, I unpackage the keycaps and show what they look like, investigate the double-shot plastic and explain how that ensures quality and longevity, then proceed to install the Massdrop logo keycap onto my Escape key (after filing down the sharp edges off-camera, because that matters on a bezelless keyboard).