How to Play Pokémon Black/White on the Computer


Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots

  1. Download No$GBA from one of the following links.

    (I recommend downloading it here rather than elsewhere because the following links point to pack­ages that I have put together with all the necessary files. If you’re worried about getting a virus, wear rubber gloves first.)

    Notice: All of these links will show you an advertisement before letting you download the file. This is how I make money and keep this website running. Please click the gold “Skip Ad” button in the top right corner to proceed to your download.—dropbox (Primary) (Mirror) (Mirror)

  2. If you get prompted for a password at any of the above links, it is

  3. Download the Pokémon Black and White ROMs by searching for them on the Internet.

    (I am not providing links here because possessing these ROMs without meeting certain cir­cum­stances are a violation of US copyright laws, and I neither support nor aid in the com­mis­sion of illegal activity.)

  4. Extract the NO$GBA.ZIP archive that you just downloaded.

  5. Drag the ROMs that you downloaded into the BATTERY folder.

  6. Return to the main NO$GBA folder and open NO$Zoomer.exe. When prompted, find and select the ROM that you wish to play.

  7. Open the PKMNBW.TXT file and copy the code under the game version that you wish to play.

  8. Press F2 or go to Options → Cheats to open the Cheats interface. Paste the code you just copied into the text box, give it a name, select Action Replay DS, then click OK. After it appears in your cheat list, double-click it to enable it.

  9. Reset the cartridge by clicking on File → Reset or hitting the * key on your numpad.

  10. Begin playing. Hit F11 if you need to adjust the emulator settings.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why am I unable to run the NO$Zoomer.exe file on my Mac?

    Executable (.exe) files are not compatible with Mac operating systems. This emulator software works for Windows operating systems only.

    If you want to play Nintendo DS games on your Mac, search for a compatible emulator on Google.

  2. Why is my ROM not working?

    Make sure you downloaded the original English version of the ROM, rather than a translated or patched Japanese version. The English versions are usually labeled (U) for USA or (E) for English.

    If that didn’t work, try downloading it from a different source, as the one you are attempting to use may be corrupted.

  3. How do I save the game?

    Open the in-game menu by pressing the Q key on your keyboard (or, if you changed the controls, whichever key corresponds with the X button on the Nintendo DS). Click on the Save button.

    If this doesn’t work, make sure that you unarchived the No$GBA folder to a freely writable directory. For example, your My Documents folder is a freely writable directory, while your Program Files folder is not (it requires administrator authorization).

    If you user profile is set as an administrator, you can also try running NO$Zoomer as an administrator. To do this, right-click on the file and click “Run as administrator.”

  4. What are other Codebreaker or Action Replay codes I can use to cheat?

    I don’t know any; search for them on Google.

  5. Why is wifi not working?

    As far as I know, the wifi built into No$GBA is not compatible with the wifi used with the ROMs. I’ve seen some work-arounds, though, and some other emulators may have wifi compatibility with Pokémon games. If you want wifi, you will have to search on Google and experiment with emulators and software yourself.

  6. Why is the No$GBA crashing, malfunctioning, or not working?

    I did not make it, so I don’t know. For more information about No$GBA, visit its official website at


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