I’m really bad at vlogging now

Somewhere around 5-8 years ago, I used to vlog a massive portion of my life. A lot of those videos made me cringe so hard that I hid them from the Internet, but I would regularly film sit-down vlogs, or just bring my camera around and film stuff in my everyday life. This was around the time I was an undergraduate university student, and vlogging and producing videos was just a hobby of mine that I did while studying.

Fast forward several years and I have a job in the esports industry as someone who literally gets paid a full-time salary to professional create things… and somehow, I think I’ve become a worse vlogger.

Now of course, the stuff I create for my job (thankfully) isn’t just exclusively vlogs, but I realized that I missed my days of vlogging. Back then, I worried too much about view counts and getting my video in front of as many people as possible, but recently, my interest in vlogging has been rekindled due to approaching it from a different perspective.

My dad enjoyed filming stuff on his camcorder when I was young, and this gave me an opportunity to watch footage and see what life was like when I was too young to retain long-term memories. I think this should be the true spirit of vlogging – not trying to be as popular of a vlogger as possible, but just creating memoirs of the present day upon which to look back when you’re older.

So, as I mentioned before, unfortunately, since the time I stopped vlogging, I believe I’ve gotten substantially worse at vlogging… not because I’m more shy or unnatural on camera – in fact, I believe I’m exponentially better on camera now than I was before – but because I literally forget to record footage.

I’m going to work on that, but until then, here is a disjointed vlog of my recent one-week visit to Southern California.

In case you’re curious, the rental vehicle I’m driving in that video is a Nissan Frontier. It’s pretty bad. Don’t buy one.